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February 4, 2007

Iraqi Policeman Dies Tackling Suicide Bomber

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Too many politicians in Washington, both Democrat and Republican, are far too quick to join the mainstream media's agenda in saying the Iraqis just want to kill each other and are unwilling to make sacrifices.

For those politicians to digest, here's news of an Iraqi policeman whose purposeful and willing sacrifice not only saved lives, but says volumes about the willingness of those peace-loving Iraqis that lay down their lives FOR others rather than to kill others like the suicide bombers we hear so much about:

AN IRAQI police officer was the hero of a suicide bomb attack in a crowded market street when his brave action perhaps saved dozens of lives in the southern city of Hillah. Even so the death toll was put at 60.

Mohammed Raad and his friends, Ali and Abdullah Sami, had just left a nearby gym when the first explosion ripped through the market overturning carts and blowing out shop windows.

Over the chaos, Mr Raad clearly heard a police officer shout "suicide bomber".

He saw the officer run towards a man who had opened his jacket to reveal a belt of explosives. With a last heroic gesture, the policeman threw his arms around the bomber, shielding others with his own body from the force of the second blast, according to Mr Raad and other witnesses. "He hugged him and the explosives tore apart both bodies," Mr Raad said.

On the city's main street, families had been walking among the market stalls, finishing their weekend shopping. Mr Raad, a 19-year-old high school student, and his friends were heading towards a stationery shop.

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Posted by Richard at February 4, 2007 8:36 AM

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