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February 27, 2007

Illegal immigrants and violent crime.

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

'Tommy' sent this in following our post yesterday titled, "Kidnapper Of 13 Year-old Florida Boy Is A Previously Deported Illegal Alien." Since Tommy's comments also complement our earlier post of the Roy Beck video on the numbers behind immigration, I'm posting them here and linking from the previous posts:

For the record, Edwin Rubenstein of VDARE, estimates a far lower number of murders committed by illegals (edit - referring to the number of Americans murdered daily in the U.S.). His more conservative estimate still comes out to approximately the equivalent loss of life from a 9/11-sized terrorist attack every three years or so due to our immigration policies. I suspect his informal estimate is closer to the mark. Many illegal immigrants come in past the peak age for criminality among males (the 18-24 year old range). That only means that we are in for the real crime wave in another generation as the children of illegal immigrants grow up in the United States.

The Hispanic incarceration rates for most classes of violent crime, including murder rates, are about triple those of white non-Hispanics: puts a human face on the illegal alien crime problem, with:

While legal immigrants and illegal aliens come to America for an improved standard of living, those millions of foreigners are decidedly harming the quality of life for many in this nation -- from those who have been displaced in their jobs by cheap immigrant workers to taxpayers paying for endless infrastructure and services, students getting a worse education in radically "diverse" classrooms and crime victims who have suffered at the hands of criminal aliens in this country. (see victims of criminal aliens flyer)
You are also right about the disproportionate involvement of illegals in drunk driving accidents (edit - refers to previous post).

I recommend everyone read Immigrants Do Not Improve Academically In Later Generations and reflect seriously upon concerns the abysmal rate of academic achievement among even 4th generation Mexican-Americans.

This country cannot expect to remain a First World nation at those levels of educational attainment.

Posted by Richard at February 27, 2007 5:09 PM

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