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February 12, 2007

From 'Getting It' In Iraq To The 'Just Don't Get It' In The U.S.

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[ Mortar fragments ... A handout prepared by the US to back claims of "a growing body" of evidence that Iranian weapons are being used to kill American soldiers in Iraq / Reuters / Reuters

As the media is learning more about Iranian weapons 'used in Iraq'...

LAND_M1114_HMMWV_IEDed_lg.jpgWhile we are really getting it in Iraq:

[...] The armor-piercing bombs have killed at least 170 American and allied troops in Iraq, defense officials told reporters in Baghdad, where the report was released.

"More than 170 U.S. and coalition troops have been killed by these things, and 620 wounded. There was a significant increase in their use over the past six months," one defense official said.

"The weapons had characteristics unique to being manufactured in Iran. ... Iran is the only country in the region that produces these weapons," said a defense official who briefed reporters in Baghdad, adding that Tehran was using Shi'ite cleric Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army as a surrogate in Iraq.

The report stated that the Iranians involved in supporting Iraqi extremists are members of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, Tehran's Islamist paramilitary shock troops. The Qods Force is known to back terrorists throughout the Middle East, according to the 16-page report.

A senior defense official said the Iranian terrorist support is "coming from the highest levels of the Iranian government."

And Defense Secretary Robert Gates gets it:
Serial numbers and other markings on bombs suggest that Iranians are linked to deadly explosives used by Iraqi militants, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday in some of the administration's first public assertions on evidence the military has collected.
deaf_dumb_blind.jpgAs usual, the deaf, dumb, and blind Democrats and their tin hat-wearing media friends don't get it:
... congressional Democrats on yesterday's political talk shows were immediately skeptical on many points. "Explosives seem to be flowing into Iraq from Iran, but does it stem from a deliberate government policy or rogue elements within the Iranian government?" asked Sen. Jack Reed, Rhode Island Democrat and Armed Services Committee member, on Fox News.

Both Democratic Sens. Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Ron Wyden of Oregon said they feared the Bush administration had doctored the intelligence to support a belligerent policy against Iran.

Funny thing though, the Iranians definitely get it, as they continue to play the media and the Democrats like puppets - feeding them the same al-taqiyya they've been feeding all of the West for the last 20 years:
"There is no truth whatsoever in the allegations that Iran has been supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgents," said Mohammad Mir Ali Mohammadi, a spokesman for the Iranian mission to the United Nations.
This, while the Iranians' friends on the U.S. Left work hard to relate the mounting evidence of Iran's involvement in killing us in Iraq to not finding WMDs in Iraq.

My guess is that this will continue until the mullahs' puppet Ahmadinejad and his Islamic radicals are ready to destroy the West - and do it.

All while America sleeps and those damned Iranian weapons and money keep flowing into Iraq, killing more and more Americans who are doing the fighting for the ones that are sleeping at home. Skepticism is healthy, and Americans should demand that the government support its charges against Iran, and our government should damned well provide it - and stop holding back what we have against Iran. But don't keep your heads buried in the sand while Iran continues its war against the U.S. undeterred.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at February 12, 2007 6:04 AM

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