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February 13, 2007

Democrats Speak: Al-Qaeda Listens

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Hat tip - Harry Owens

Posted by Richard at February 13, 2007 10:40 PM

It is utterly revolting to see how driven by a proven failed Marxist ideology, for petty partisan vengefulness, and out of sheer hatred of Bush, so many in America, Democrats, lefties, anarchists, and most all who identify themselves with the Democratic Party, have such a sick symbiosis with Al Qaeda, the terrorists (who they call "Freedom Fighters against Bush's imperialism"), and the Islamist Jihadists who have sworn to kill us all - Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and lefty loons - alike!

You would think that the similarity of their positions and of their rhetoric would send a red flag to the rest of us, but apparently not.

The old maxim that "The enemy of my enemy is my ally" seems lost on most Americans, and they have handed these Democrat allies of Al Qaeda (who sound so much like them and want us out of Iraq immediately just as Iranian nuclear madman Ahmadinejad wants)and the terrorists the reins of power in November because of infamous Mark Foley, out of spite for their Republican congressmen, apathy, or some other stupid, petty, fickleness!

One thing is for sure, while the rest of us here in America are too busy to vote, or to take a stance for our conservative traditional values, or are stupefied watching 24/7 on every news network the unfolding melodrama of the demise of the late Anna Nicole Smith, the methadone in her refrigerator, and the "One Hundred Men and a Little Lady" line of men who could have possibly sired her child (Howard K. Stern her lawyer, Larry Birkhead her former boyfriend, Zsa Zsa Gabor's naughty husband, Leslie Nielsen her co-star of the Naked Gun, her bodyguard, her trainer, her pharmacist,the man who walked her pooch, the Mexican landscaper, the milk delivery man, the pizza delivery boy, the Bahamian Parliament, a Cuban refugee who happened to be floating on a raft in the waters off her mansion, and on, and on.....), the Democrats and far-left activists in this country, and Al Qaeda and the Islamist radicals amongst us and overseas, do not waste their time drooling in front of their TV sets mesmerized by such incredible banalities, but are out there doing everything in their combined power, focused on destroying our traditional way of life, in overtaking us societally, defeating us, and in killing us!

I wonder if the chant "Death to America" is the only one that the Democrats and the Islamists do not share; or is it perhaps because for obvious reasons the Dems and the lefties do not publicly proclaim it though they secretly sympathize with the concept, as with evey other position they share with Al Qaeda and the terrorists!

Isn't it time we all wake up from our stupor before it is too late?


Posted by: Althor at February 14, 2007 11:24 AM

Good rant, right on!

Posted by: Richard at February 14, 2007 5:47 PM

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