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February 7, 2007

America Be Damned - Let The Illegals Flood Across Our Borders. Hell, Political Power Is All That Matters!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Kos at the Daily Kos and Matt at MyDD are all out of joint over Terry McAuliffe's exchange on NPR about immigration:

CALLER: I'm one of those Republicans who helped change the political arrangement by sitting on the sidelines, and if you want to get 10 percent of the Republicans, right now, to vote for Hillary Clinton -- and I would be one of them, and I've been a Republican for 40 years -- you do the following things. You eliminate your support for NAFTA, that was Bill Clinton. Eliminate your support for amnesty and wide-open borders -- Bill Clinton, I've heard him say it many times, and I believe I've heard Hillary say it also -- and you start getting self-deportation of the 20 million illegal aliens here that are taking the jobs, the wages, and the working conditions, and destroying them for working Americans, which I always thought Democrats supported.

TERRY MCAULIFFE: I couldn't agree more. We've got to shut these borders down. These people shouldn't be coming in this country. We need to enforce our border protections. We have to do something for the people who have been here for years and have paid taxes -- you know, we're for the people who have been in this country and paying taxes and raising their family. But for the people who have not been here, who have been here illegally and have taken advantage of the situation, we need to have a plan to get them back to the countries they came from, and more important, which is the first thing John talks about, we have gotta shut these borders down. I couldn't agree more.

... I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, we all agree you've gotta shut the borders down. People who are coming into this nation taking our jobs.

Okay, so McAuliffe isn't following the liberal line that the tsunami of 500,000 illegal aliens coming into the country ever year and adding to the 11 to 12 million already here that are overwhelming our schools, hospitals, and welfare system, dramatically increasing our population, and costing US taxpayers about $55,000 each, over and above their tax contributions - is actually good for America. That's the obvious beef, right?

Well, actually Kos and Matt don't appear to be all bent out of shape over McAuliffe's drift from the party line; the issue seems to be all about the Hispanic vote. In other words, power politics trumps what's in the interest of America. Matt at MyDD even drags out the race card to make his point.

Regardless, Hispanics moved dramatically to Democrats this election cycle, and every political strategist worth his or her salt knows that the party that captures this block of voters realigns the country to their advantage. I hope that comments like these coming from campaign will see a quick disavowal from the Clinton campaign, and failing that, appropriate scolding from progressives and Hispanic leaders. Racism and xenophobia from Hillary's campaign Chair are not ok.
For our liberal Democratic friends, it's always the political agenda and political power that matters. God forbid that we should put the interests of the nation and its citizens first.

Posted by Richard at February 7, 2007 12:54 AM

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