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February 2007

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February 28, 2007

Political Powers Ignore Immigration Invasion
There Are 'Good' Reasons For Talks With Iran And Syria?
Terror Supporter Teaching at Kent State
Taliban beheads US "spy," carves message into his forehead
A Muslim Declaration for Freedom
More Evidence Surge Is Working
Leading Archaeologists Call Discovery Channel's 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' Claim A Publicity Stunt
Navy, Marine bases blocking And Other Conservative Sites
Surge Surging Ahead In Sadr City
We're Still Deluding Ourselves On Iran's Intentions
Saudi Author Laments Conditions in the Arab World

February 27, 2007

Tell Me, Why Are So Many On The Right Pulling For Giuliani?
Scientists Report A Breath Test To Detect Lung Cancer
Is Obama Racist? A Politically Incorrect Rant On Obama's Embrace Of Dr. Byrd's "The Black Value System" And Its Significance
Seize Upon This Opportunity To Mess With The Bad Guys!
Illegal immigrants and violent crime.
Understanding Immigration 'By The Numbers' Will Make You Angry At Public Officials
Nancy Pelosi's Hiring Of George Soro's Right Hand Man Is Telling Of The Extent Of Her Leftist Agenda
Are The Democrats Imploding? - Part 2
Are The Democrats Loosing Their Enthusiasm For Retreat And Defeat?
Seymor Hersh - Bulls**t Artist 'Extraordinaire'

February 26, 2007

Kidnapper Of 13 Year-old Florida Boy Is A Previously Deported Illegal Alien

February 25, 2007

Holland shows its backbone

February 23, 2007

Karen Armstrong: Radical Islam's Hagiographer And Shill
Study Shows More Americans Killed By Illegal Aliens Than Iraq War
Code Breakers Say Osama Targeting Prince Harry
Top Nine Reasons A Democratic President Can't Handle the War on Terrorism
Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin - The Strange Weepy Judge That's 'Lost In The Strange Land' Of What To Do With Anna Nicole Smith's Body

February 22, 2007

Is Multiculturalism to blame for Muslim extremism in Britain? What about America?
Is Obama A Racist?
British Ad: 'Imagine A World Without America'
Campus Anti-war Attack On College Republican At University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg

February 21, 2007

About That Clinton-Obama Skirmish
Are The Democrats Imploding?
Pregnancy Hormone Thought To Be Key To Repairing Nerve Cell Damage In MS And Other Neurological Disorders
Sexy Model Bares It All On Runway
Va. Rep. Virgil Goode Warns of 'In Muhammad We Trust'
What's The 'Real News" Behind The Surge In Iraq?
More On That Sudden Jihad Syndrome in SLC: Muslim Forum in Utah lied about shooter's background - policeman's killing of Talovic "Youthful Islamic Chivalry"
On Anna Nicole Smith, The Iranian Threats To Destroy The West, Defeating The Terrorists In Iraq, Saving The World From The Terror Of Radical Islam, And Feeding The World's Hungry And Poor
'I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning': It Smells Like Victory!
Michael Oren On 'Power, Faith, and Fantasy in the Middle East'
World's Youngest Baby Leaves Hospital In Miami
SCOTUS Okays Discrimination Against Christians?

February 20, 2007

Democrat's Brand Of Loyalty
'Radical Islam And Leftism - The Black Red Alliance: Part One'
Radical Islam Is Not An Ideology - It's A Mental Ilness!
Video Of Incredible Interview Of Imam Abdul Alim Musa on Hannity and Colmes
Justin Raimondo Of Smears U.S. Troops
Are We Winning In Iraq?

February 19, 2007

'The best American combat writer in Iraq'
Do We Really Want John Murtha In Charge Of Our Iraq Policy?
Amil Imani: 'Political Correctness is the Incubator of Islamism'
Racist Radio In Tampa, Florida
Beware Of Messeges Of Peace From Islamists
'Pelosi's America Exists. It Is Called Europe'
About That Confusion On Capital Hill
'The List': A Song About Liberals We Can't Stand
Number Of Catholics Surpass Anglicans In UK As Plans Are Revealed For Anglicans To Reunite With The Roman Catholic Church
Nashville Cab Driver Mows Down Passsengers After Religious Argument (Updated)
Dore Gold On 'Temple Denial' And 'The Fight For Jerusalem'

February 18, 2007

Investors ''We'd have to go back to Benedict Arnold to find Americans as eager as Murtha & Co. to see an American defeat on the battlefield''

February 17, 2007

Venezuela to Al-Qaeda: Do not menace us, we are anti-imperialists!!
John Murtha Is A Disgusting MINO That Gives
About Those Steyr-Mannlicher Sniper Rifles That Showed Up In Iraq! Smoking Gun From The Alps?
'In The Name Of Patriotism'

February 16, 2007

Giuliani - 'A Candidate Worth Considering'
Intel Officer: Al-Masri Still At Large. 'No DNA Match'
If Iran Isn't Involved In The Iraq Fighting ....
New World Inhabitants Ate Chili Peppers And Taco Chips 6,100 Years Ago
Report: 'Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions'

February 15, 2007

A Hard Look At Anti-Americanism
'Bomb Mecca' Countered By Attack On Cigar
5000 Years Of Turmoil, Conflict, And Change In 90 Seconds
Blogger John Hawkins Joins Duncan Hunter Campaign

February 14, 2007

Where's Osama?
More On Edwards' Potty-Mouthed Bloggers
Obama's Excuses No Apology For 'Wasted lives'

February 13, 2007

Was The Trolley Square Attack A Case Of Terrorism in Salt Lake City? (Updated)
Skeptics Doubting U.S. Evidence on Iran Action in Iraq Need ''Big Bugs Bunny-style 'Here's the Wabbit' sign pointed at A'jad''
Al-Sadr Likely To Have Fled Iraq For Iran
Democrats Speak: Al-Qaeda Listens
Secularists of Islamic Societies Gather for Summit In St Petersburg, Florida
If Our Soldiers Would Ever Come To Have Died In Vain In Iraq It Is Thanks To Vermin Like You, Senator Obama!
Iraqi Insurgents Using Austrian Rifles From Iran
Refusing To Be Outdone By CAIR - CAMS Protests Use of White Male Villains in '24'
Obama To Supporters: 'Soldiers Lives Were Wasted'
Amanda Marcotte Resigns As John Edwards' Blogger. Next Stop - Anger Management?

February 12, 2007

Failed 7/21 London Bombing Trial (Video)
Advertisement: For Our Radical Islamic Friends - BurqaBarn Products Will Dress Your Woman In Style
And You Thought Barack Obama Defined: "Far-Left of Center"?
Barry Obama: Call Me Barrack - My Grandfather Was A Muslim - 'It Means Blessed In Arabic'
Iran Dances While Americans Die
The Plan To Destroy America Is Moving Along Nicely
'White People Are Immune From Being Shot' And Other Obama-related Nonsense
Obama Just Demonstrated That He's Not Ready For Presidency
On Denying The Holocaust, While Desiring Another One: Iran's Obsession with the Jews
Politics 101: Dimwited Liberal Hollywood Ditwits Award Dixie Dits With Big Win At Grammys
From 'Getting It' In Iraq To The 'Just Don't Get It' In The U.S.

February 11, 2007

DNC's Imam Al-Husainy Has Melt Down On The Air
Does Google-Owned YouTube Have A Different Standard For Anti-Islamist Videos?
Is The Left Allowing What Was Once A Christian Europe to Fall to Islam? Has It Also Begun In America?
What UK Muslims Say They Want
"Presidential Vanity Fair"

February 10, 2007

Iranian Textbooks Urge Global Martyrdom
San Francisco 'Values'?
It's Time For Muslims To 'Fish Or Cut Bait' (Updated)
That Phoney Balony Unity Accord Didn't Last Long

February 9, 2007

General Petraeus' Real Problem Isn't Iraq
Anna Nicole, The Palestinians And The Media
Bush Was Right (Video)
British Muslim Woman Living Near Suspected Beheaders: 'Our mosques are importing jihad'
(AP) 'Report Says Pentagon Manipulated Intel' - Did It Really Say That?
When Dogs Vote - Hillary Looses
Video of Glenn Beck Interview With Ayaan Hirsi Ali
"Amenities International" Provides Video Smackdown Of Disgusting NBC Miltary 'Non-Analyst' Bill Arkin
Watada's Revolt-ing Mistrial
"...And Thank You For Flying Pelosi Air."
Peaceful Iran? Clips From Iranian TV Tell A Story Of Intended War On America And The West
Major Surgery Required On AP Stories To Remove Anti-American Pro-Iranian Bias

February 8, 2007

What's Being Taught In Islamic Schools?
Anna Nicole Smith Dead At 39
Lebanese And Israeli Troops Exchange Fire On Border
Netrooters 'Non-reality based payback' For Marcotte Is Telling
Iraqi Health Ministry Gets 'Surged'
Top Iranian And Russian Security Envoys To Meet In Moscow

February 7, 2007

Bad Faith And The Phantom Guilt Syndrome
An Arab American Defends '24'
Right-wing Blogosphere Scores: Edwards Campaign Dumps Marcotte
Government Admits Lying About Imprisoned Border Patrol Agents
'When Angry German Boy Met Angry John Edwards For President Blogger'
Toxin From Sea Creature Could Lead To Promising Cancer Treatment
The Watada Doctrine
Muslim Students Flocking To Jewish School In UK
Is The U.S. Playing Harball In The Abduction Of An Iranian Diplomat?
Edwards' 'Anti-Catholic, Vulgar, Trash-talking, Bigoted' Bloggers Slammed By Catholics (Updated)
America Be Damned - Let The Illegals Flood Across Our Borders. Hell, Political Power Is All That Matters!
Proponents Of Same Sex Marriage Propose Measure To Require Heterosexual Couples To Have A Child Within Three Years Or Have Their Marriages Annulled
Hackers Attack At Least 3 Of 13 Computers That Help Manage Global Compurter Traffic
Clueless 'Gets Punked'! (Updated)

February 6, 2007

Learning About The Candidate: 'Giuliani on Hannity'
'Londonistan': Monster Mega Mosque Planned For London
NYT And WaPo Distort News With Headlines
Five Years After Mexifornia - The Problem Is Bigger And Wider
Understanding Political Islam
Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos Viciously Assaulted By Illegal Aliens In Prison
Israel Isn't The Problem In The Middle East

February 5, 2007

Global Warming, As We Think We Know It, Doesn't Exist.
Brain's Reward Circuit Activity Ebbs And Flows With A Woman's Hormonal Cycle
Giuliani and the Pro-Life Vote
Muslim On Muslim Violence And 'The Curse Of The Jew' (Updated)
Tampa Bay's Loss Was A Win For Indianapolis
Muslim Student Union At UC Irvine Calls For Israel To Be Wiped Out
About That 'Dhimmicratic Party'
Amadinejad Claims 'Giant Achievements' Coming On Feb. 11 When 'Nuclear Rights' Will Be Established (Updated)
This Global Warming Is Freezing My Ass Off
Palestinian Mother: 'We are telling the world that we don't deserve a state'
A Western-Shifting Battlefield Meets Up With The Naivite Of The Multiculturalists And The Secular Progressives

February 4, 2007

Iraqi Government Says 50% Of Homicide Bombers Come Through Syria
Iraqi Policeman Dies Tackling Suicide Bomber

February 3, 2007

Invocation At Democratic National Committee Meeting By Pro-Hezbollah Anti-Semitic Imam Prays For End Of 'Occupation' And Dupes Dems
UK Muslims React to Beheading Plot Busts Like They Live In A Totally Different Civilization
Lt. General Odierno To New York Times: 'This soldier and his family deserved better'

February 2, 2007

Who's to Blame for The Killing In Iraq?
Two More On Iran
Steven Emerson & Walid Phares Featured in New Documentary on Radical Islam
Global Warming Alert: Punxsutawney Phil Fails to His See Shadow
Those 'Scientists' Are Saying Global Warming Is Man Made And Will Continue: So What The Hell Am I Suppose To Do About It?
Iraq Not A Religious War - Integral Part Of WOT
Muslim Students Disrupt Daniel Pipes Speech at UC Irvine (Video): Is UC Irvine A Hotbed of Radical Islam?
More Ahmadinejad: News Chirac Must Have Missed

February 1, 2007

Casey: U.S. Troops Will be Stationed In Sadr City
Researchers Creat Blood-Cell-Sized Memory Circuit
Breaking: 2 Iraqi Generals Suspected Of Involvement Of Kidnapping And Murder Of U.S. Soldiers At Karbala (Updated)
A Must Read By All: 'A hearty F*** You to William Arkin' (Updated)
For Jacques Chirac, Nuclear Iran Is No Problem At All
Beheading Plot In Britain Updated: Ninth Suspect Arrested