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January 25, 2007

Would Iran Actually Use The Bomb?

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"The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein (HT - Amil Imani)


In his article Insanity and the Mistake Trap, Amil Imani reminds us that Iraq is at present an inferno, the Palestinian Territory is ready to ignite, the Syrians are busy with their machinations, the Lebanese' Hezbollah is stirring, the Taliban in Afghanistan is resurging, and the Iranian Mullahs are working overtime fanning any and all fires while furiously racing to make the bomb.

Just think for a moment about the people that we're talking about. Iranians, historically among the most civilized and tolerant of mankind's peoples, are now viewed, in Amani's words, "as the base recruits of a primitive seventh century barbaric campaign of Islamofascism." Under the "stranglehold and machinations of the Mullahs," having been transformed in less than three decades "to the lead perpetrator of all that is abhorrent to humanity," Iran is far more likely to use the bomb then not.

And with the Mullah's Iran "furiously racing to make the bomb," what sane person would want to take a chance to wait and see if the mad Mullahs, once they have the bomb, would use it or not? In his Would Iran's Mullahs Use the Bomb?, Amani gives us a stunningly gloomy scenario that shouts out in no uncertain terms that Iran indeed would use the bomb if they get it:

[... ] It is Carterisque (foolish risk-taking a la Jimmy Carter's throwing the nation's lot with the Mullahs during the 1979 Iranian Revolution) to overlook the fact that it is Islam, irrespective of any and all considerations, that poses a deadly threat to the world. Choosing one faction over another is no choice at all.

What is the likelihood that the ruling Mullahs will actually use the bomb? If they remain in power long enough to have it, they are very likely to use it, in one form or another. At the very least, they use the bomb for blackmail and intimidation in the region. Not even the all-out nuclear exchange can be ruled out. Islam is a religion centered on death with the faithful eyes fixed on the afterlife and its promised eternal pleasures. If the faithful kills, he goes to Allah's paradise; if he gets killed, he goes to Allah's paradise.

The Mullahs' claim that they are pursuing the nuclear program to meet the country's energy need could only fool the most gullible-denial type. Why is it that the Mullahs invest nothing at all in stopping the leak of more than six percent of the precious oil they pump out? For every 100 barrels, six barrels of Iran's irreplaceable national treasure dissipates at the wellhead. Yet, they spend billions of dollars to harness nuclear energy. Just as troubling is the fact that Iran sits on one of the world's most dangerous earthquake fault lines. Building nuclear plants on sites such as the one in Bushehr is absolute insanity.

Speaking of insanity, Ahmadinejad, the Monkey, comes to mind. He is dismissed as being a zany fanatic who shouldn't be taken seriously for his bomb-rattling threats. But this type of dismissiveness can prove deadly. Recall that even a multi-billionaire former president of Iran Rafsanjani, a man seen by many as moderate and a shrewd live-let-live type, has publicly announced that a single bomb would finish off Israel while the Muslims would suffer a setback from which it can easily recover.

The Mullahs are proven vicious mass killers. They summarily executed tens of thousands of Iranian dissidents. They had no qualms at sending thousands of children to clear the minefields ahead of their tanks during the 80-89 war with Iraq; and, they have thousands of "martyrs" brainwashed and prepared to serve as bomb mules to be dispatched to any place in the world.

Sadly, once again it is the peak of "Me First" time with American politicians. Like sharks, they are circling the "bleeding" lame President, busily snipping at him and hoping to take his place. In the meantime the real enemy, Islamofascism is forging ahead toward its goal of dominating the world.

Imani tells us in another piece that the people of Iran themselves are the best solution for the present Iranian conundrum, that the "valiant Iranians" need some help, and that "the last thing they need is appeasing negotiators to give the Mullahs a new lease on life, or invasion by the Marines, or a shower of bombs from the skies." So, is this our answer to the "'Iranian nuclear problem'? Is helping the Iranian people and their opposition groups the solution?

Although I'm inclined to agree with most of what Amani has to say in the pieces I've sourced here, the idea of trusting the Iranian people and their opposition groups to "remove the cancer of Islamism from their country" in a timely manner consistent with the timing of Iran's development of the bomb makes me think of something else Amani himself has said: "What sane person would want to take a chance to wait and see if the mad Mullahs, once they have the bomb, would use it or not?

With this question in mind I can't help but think of another one: 'What sane person would want to take a chance to wait and see of the Iranian people will rise up and overturn the mullahs insane pursuit of nuclear weapons in time to stop the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad from completing the development of nuclear weapons - and using them?

Or giving them to Chavez and his friends, or Hezbollah, or Hamas!

Posted by Richard at January 25, 2007 9:06 PM

To All:,2933,250196,00.html

Report: Iranian Nuclear Scientist 'Assassinated'

WASHINGTON â€" A prize-winning Iranian nuclear scientist has died in mysterious circumstances, according to Radio Farda, which is funded by the U.S. State Department and broadcasts to Iran.

An intelligence source suggested that Ardeshire Hassanpour, 44, a nuclear physicist, had been assassinated by Mossad, the Israeli security service.

Hassanpour worked at a plant in Isfahan where uranium hexafluoride gas is produced. The gas is needed to enrich uranium in another plant at Natanz which has become the focus of concerns that Iran may be developing nuclear weapons.

According to Radio Farda, Iranian reports of Hassanpour’s death emerged on Jan. 21 after a delay of six days, giving the cause as “gas poisoning”. The Iranian reports did not say how or where Hassanpour was poisoned but his death was said to have been announced at a conference on nuclear safety.

Rheva Bhalla of Stratfor, the U.S. intelligence company, claimed on Friday that Hassanpour had been targeted by Mossad and that there was “very strong intelligence” to suggest that he had been assassinated by the Israelis, who have repeatedly threatened to prevent Iran acquiring the bomb.

Hassanpour won Iran’s leading military research prize in 2004 and was awarded top prize at the Kharazmi international science festival in Iran last year.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to announce next Sunday â€" the 28th anniversary of the Islamic revolution â€" that 3,000 centrifuges have been installed at Natanz, enabling Iran to move closer to industrial scale uranium enrichment.

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency say that hundreds of technicians and laborers have been “working feverishly” to assemble equipment at the plant.

Comment: Mossad takes matters into their own hands!

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Posted by: harry at February 4, 2007 5:07 PM

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