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January 31, 2007

On Giving The Mullahs Too Many Passes And When Is Letting Iranians Get Away With Murdering 'Handcuffed' American Troops Too Much Of A Freebie?

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Fox News and other media outlets report that the plan by the Bush administration to release detailed and possibly damning specific evidence linking the Iranian government to efforts to destabilize Iraq have been put on hold. If your response is that this is nothing new, the administration's decision follows a pattern of minimizing the involvement of Iran in killing and maiming U.S. forces in Iraq for years - you're right.

Indeed, Iran has been meddling in Iraq and involved in the killing of U.S. troops for years and we've done absolutely nothing about it. Even he CBS Evening News reported that the US "has repeatedly warned Iran against meddling in Iraq," and that Bush "has accused Iran of supplying insurgents with weapons that have killed nearly 200 servicemen and women and wounded nearly 600 since the war began" Recently:

Raids on Iranian offices in Iraq have turned up computer discs which contain inventories of small arms Iran has provided to Shiite militias and records of payments made to key militia members.
One would think that the U.S. would have made it clear to Iran long ago that its hand in any acts that resulted in the death of U.S. personnel would result in a military response - and then carried out. However, that hasn't happened and by what we're seeing from todays Fox News report it's not likely to happen now. Worse, the administration plans to withhold information from the public that potentially confirms Iran's hand in the kidnap and murder of five U.S. soldiers at Karbala, supposedly because of "concerns over the reaction from Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the inevitable follow-up questions that would be raised over what the U.S. should do about it." Does any of this make any sense? Is the U.S. once again giving the Mullahs a freebie for murdering U.S. troops?

Dan Riehl posits that the administration's withholding of the expected evidence is likely a form of open diplomatic communication to Iran's Supreme Leader, in other words, telling the mullahs, " What are you going to about Ahmadinejad, now that we have his number"? He offers support to the idea by pointing out that the Saudis have started making noise about elevating Oil prices, again - a must have for Iran, given that their budget surplus is gone due to recent low prices driven by OPEC's increased production. Supposedly, the Saudis are holding out a carrot and Bush is holding a stick.

Dan's view is as likely close to being the truth as another, and it does sound plausible. However, if the scenario he offers works out to be the case, the administration will have failed to address an important issue in a timely manner that needs immediate attention. If American sons and daughters are being killed by Iranian agents, personnel, and weapons, American parents damned well deserve to know about it and the United States Government had better damned well do something about it. And giving the mullahs more time to kill more American forces isn't an acceptable response from the Commander in Chief nor the U.S. Congress.

So what does address the issue and could be a reason for the administration doing a little "buying of time"? I'm open to ideas on this one. Oh, by the way, I understand that a U.S. naval carrier battle group left on the way to the Persian Gulf on Jan. 20, and once this battle force arrives in the Persian Gulf region in February, the United States will have the largest concentration of naval power projection in that region since the start of the Persian Gulf war in 2003. No point here, just an observation.

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Posted by Richard at January 31, 2007 12:19 PM

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