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January 4, 2007

Media Outrage Over Pat Robertson's Latest Comments: His Recent Prophecy Of Impending Terrorist Doom For America

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Well, once again Tele-Evangelist Pat Robertson has raised the hackles of our so called "Elite" media with one of his comments.

This time around Rev. Robertson (why not? Don't we call such shysters as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whose only "Divine Inspiration" is to use the church pulpit as a bully-pulpit from which to advance their "Welfare Pimp" political careers, euphemistically, "Reverends" too?) was not advocating for the assassination of any leftist, "Castro wanna-be," tin-pot dictator, like Hugo Chávez; or chastising Israeli leaders with "Divine Retribution" as he did Sharon, such as would be the case now with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the dismal and emasculated way in which his government conducted the recent Israeli incursion into Lebanon (perhaps because he did not have approval from his pro-Palestinian secularist wife, who votes for the political opposition); but because of a dire prediction of doom and gloom that Robertson recently made public.

Robertson warned that God had told him during a recent prayer retreat (I wonder if he was using the Ark of the Covenant prop from "Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark" to communicate with God? Gotta ask George Lucas if he lent it to Pat recently) , that a massive terrorist attack, which will kill hundreds of thousands and affect millions of Americans and will probably wipe out one of our major cities, was imminent. He predicts that it will take place some time this year after September.

Now, I'm no particular fan of Pat Robertson, and personally consider him part Evangelist / part Snake Oil Salesman, but I have to admit that his views are not as far off-the-wall, on the right, as are those of most of the rabid secularist progressive loons, on the left, conversely, and that he has occasionally made a couple of good points here and there, if not out of "Divine Inspiration," perhaps just out of common sense (like taking out Chávez), and by adding two and two together - duh - which usually addles the leftists' minds, and that they simply seem incapable of doing, more often than not.

The media may be outraged at Robertson's unseemly prediction of doom (especially after the Democratic victory they so assiduously helped make a reality with all their anti-war, anti-Bush propaganda and, ironically enough, all their "predictions of doom" about the war in Iraq), and were quick to point out how many times Robertson has been wrong before in the past when donning his Delphic mantle (which albeit is more innocuous than other "Reverends" donning their "Gay Apparel") and prophesying, but you have to admit that it doesn't take a Sibyl or a Nostradamus to foresee that now that the American electorate in its idiocy has seen fit to place the "loaded gun" of Congressional power on the lap of the Democrats, that if indeed they live up to all their rhetoric of the past few years: in opposition of the Patriot Act, of the NSA Surveillance Program, of the coercive interrogation of terrorists - even if they are holding back information that will thwart an imminent terrorist attack, all of their hand-wringing over the "Constitutional" rights of captured Jihadist combatants (as if they had any!), all the heart-rending concern of theirs about Guantanamo and the "creature comforts" (rooms at Guantanamo, where the Jihadist prisoners are kept, must be "Goldilocked" according to concerned Democrats: "they must not be too cold, they must not be too hot, but just right", like Goldilocks' porridge!) of the terrorists; that if indeed the Democrats live-up to all of the above "hooplah," and their alleged positions on the War on Terror, then we are in for a heap of trouble.

It doesn't take a seer or a genius to figure that one out. But, oh well! That is what the American people have chosen (talk about the blunders of the democratic process, similar to the election of Hamas by the Palestinians!). Let us hope, for the good of us all, that it was all just a lot of hot air and partisan bravado on the part of the Democrats, and that now that they have the reins of the "stagecoach," they won't drive it over the cliff!

The reality, though, is that inevitably we will once again be hit by the terrorists, here, on our own soil. It is not a matter of if, but of when and of how severely - all the terrorists have to do is to keep on trying, while all we have to do is to fail but once to stop them, for it to happen! And the only thing that has kept America safe from having been attacked again since 9/11, has been all the surveillance and the aggressive way in which the Bush Administration and its allies oversea have gone after the terrorists and their plots.

It is only reasonable to expect that if the Democrats, now in power, pursue any rollback of the present security and surveillance measures in place by the Administration (on account of their petty scruples and political mendacity), and or rescind or severely dismantle the provisions of the Patriot Act (lest the government violates your "right to privacy" for having found out from your local library that you checked out a book on how to build bombs), or expand the rights of terrorists (have you read the new Democrat reader: "Terrorists are People Too" ?), that the consequences of such suicidal, asinine, actions could not but result in other than an exponential increment on the probability that the terrorists will indeed hit us again... and soon!

At any rate, with the Democrats at the helm, and the radical loony left out of control - as happened today on Capitol Hill, where a press conference by the new Democratic Leadership was rudely interrupted by Cindy Sheehan and her angry mob of chanting anti-war protesters (isn't it sarcastic that all these "Peaceniks" always seem to have so much pent-up anger and rage inside of them, and are so virulently "violent" in their alleged pursuit of "Peace"?) who shouted-out, intimidated, and ran the elected Democrat officials away from the microphones and out of the room (so much for civility even within their own ranks!), and then Cindy Sheehan actually commandeered the microphones, with the cameras rolling (is that to be interpreted as a victory of the "anti-war" Democrats over the "cut-and-run" Democrats?), and began her now redundant Banshee wail of "Peacemongering," to advance the agenda of Isolationism of her group, and to spew their hateful leftist propaganda of defeatism and surrender in Iraq, all before the adoring cameras! - it is more than likely that, unless as Charles Dickens wrote: "if the shade of things to come does not alter", we will indeed suffer such an attack as Pat Robertson predicts, inevitably, and very soon at that! And not, mind you, because of much prophetic prowess on Robertson's part, as because in our banality we chose the Democrats to lead us in these most perilous times we live in; and now, as a result, we just have it coming!

Posted by Althor at January 4, 2007 4:45 AM

You are way off my buddy

Posted by: mark at April 10, 2007 2:17 AM

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