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January 29, 2007

Iraq Watch

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For a quick roundup of Iraq news, you can't beat Greg Hoadley's piece at IraqSlogger today:

The big East Coast dailies lead their Iraq coverage with the story of the big battle near Najaf in which 250 militants were killed. However, accounts still differ as to the identity of the combatants. It's clear that Iraqi ground forces and US aircraft were involved. The identity of the militant group is reported differently in different papers, and the USAT suggests that US ground forces may have participated in the battle. Several articles gear up for Senate debates this week, and the Times gets a scoop with a long-awaited interview with the Iranian ambassador to Iraq.
And be sure to catch the NYT story on the 15-hour battle that raged between gunmen and Iraqi government forces near the village of Zarqaa, in the Najaf area, in what is described as "One of the deadliest battles in years." The "fighters," that were fought by Iraqi and American forces are thought to be nutcases who call themselves the "Soldiers of the Sky," who are driven by an apocalyptic vision of clearing the Earth of the depraved in preparation for the second coming of Muhammad al-Mahdi, a Shiite imam who disappeared in the 9th century. Not surprisingly, mortar shells bore markings indicating they were manufactured in Iran, which U.S. officials have accused of supporting Shiite militias.


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