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January 10, 2007

Dear Iran

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Jules Crittenden has a few words for Iran:

The Mahdi Army is engaged and destroyed. Without mercy, without ceasefire, without deals this time. Moqtada al-Sadr may be smart enough not to create a convenient provocation. That's OK. He is the criminal head of an armed criminal force. We create the provocation. He may be killed, or if it is deemed inadvisable to martyr him like his old man, he can be thrown into Saddam's old cell.

"Iran. We are speaking to you... Do you hear us?"

The aircraft carrier group Eisenhower has been diverted to Somalia, but that is temporary. Soon the carrier group Stennis will join Eisenhower in the Persian Gulf. Two decks, two fleets. ... So many aircraft, so many cruise missiles.

"Iran, we have more that we would like to say to you... Do you hear us?"

You'll find more from Jules here. Meanwhile, I have a few words of my own to offer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:
Dear Mahmoud,
I understand that you're a committed devotee of the guy who you believe lives in a well and is going to help you force the world to follow your version of Islam. I also understand that you're willing to see the world destroyed in the process, and that you envision the world under sharia law.

But think again, particularly about Saddam's fate.

And though you'll continue to rant and rave, create havoc and mayhem, and support radical Islamic terrorists all over the world, you're time is coming. Sooner or later you'll make that one mistake that brings the Democrats in the U.S. to their senses. And then we're going to see you hang - likely by the hand of your own people, who are tiring of your rhetoric and shenanigans.

Our carriers are already beginning to gather nearby, and aircraft are still in the region at multiple locations throughout the Persian Gulf, including Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Diego Garcia. Furthermore, the nation that you desire to see be wiped off the map is not sitting idly by, and has plans of its own. You see, Mahmoud, some are beginning to realize that the whole world is heading for war, with Iran and radical Islam being the likely provocateur. After all, Mahmoud, the free world knows that a nuclear Iran would sell weapons to terrorists, and that a clash to prevent this is inevitable.

Are you listening, Mahmoud?

As Jules noted in his piece:

The ISG called for a phased withdrawal from Iraq. Agreed. This is an important goal. The ISG's has-beens, as they called themselves, just forgot to mention Phase One. The victory part.
The one thing that Jules doesn't hammer home though is that the victory in Iraq that he speaks of must also include destroying Iran's military and nuclear capabilities - and Mahmoud with it. Sooner or later, this is going to happen, else the whole world will become embroiled in a war for its survival. Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamists will of course remain, but destroying Iran's military, nuclear, and industrial capabilities will suck the life out of much of it's fire.


The Democrats need to recall Senator Kennedy's Vietnam, and the results of weakness and the desertion of those who we once sought to defend. All of Washington needs to understand that we can't defend Iraq successfully, until we bring a halt to Iran's intervention there.

The Big Pharaoh's advice on Iraq:

A word of advice to Democrats and Republicans: fight over anything, fight over taxes, gay marriage, abortion, but don't fight over Iraq. Iraq is too serious for your politics. America needs to stand united and find a way out. A way out that definitely does not include Saigon 1975.

Posted by Richard at January 10, 2007 8:07 AM

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