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January 8, 2007

CBS 'Blame America First' Story Long On PC - Short On Facts

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

This story really gets me; it's another example of media bias against the government doing its best to protect us from another terrorist attack.

middle eastern men_truck.jpgYesterday, Riehl World View pointed to a CBS headline for the Miami port scare story and notes that it's difficult to conclude CBS is doing anything other than appearing to blame America's Homeland Security professionals first: Miami Port Scare 'Comedy Of Errors' - Security Scare Due To Miscommunication...

The individuals in the vehicle apparently don't speak English very well. But with all the talk from Democrats on how our ports are so vulnerable, you'd think CBS could give the America bashing a rest and acknowledge that for better or worse, when concerns arose, all reports I've seen suggest the security professionals in charge acted appropriately.

Given the CBS headline, one wonders what constitutes a port threat gone right - one where some number of terrorists succeed in detonating a device? The only comedy here is the black comedy of CBS that, like some other MSM outlets, seems to want to downplay every potential terrorist incident within the United States.

Let's think about this for a moment. The driver of the semi-truck attempting to make a delivery at the Port of Miami was of Iraqi nationality and was unable to satisfy security officials who questioned discrepancies between his manifest and his cargo. He initially tells the officials that he was alone but two other Middle Eastern men were found in the truck who were not suppose to have been there in the first place - another Iraqi and a Lebanese national. Remember, the paper work was "flawed." Oh yes, one more little matter - the additional two men were found "hiding in the sleeper cab" of the 18-wheeler.

So all three men were detained for questioning. Officials then decide it was all a misunderstanding based on language and cultural differences (according to the media who love to play up such matters - after all, it's a very PC thing to do). It turns out that all three men were legal residents of the U.S.

The Miami Herald reported that 'suspicious' 55-gallon drums were found in the back of the truck, and that while the driver's paperwork claimed he was carrying auto parts, no such cargo was found on the truck, according to authorities. The drums and the discrepancy raised suspicions, and prompted the search. All three of the men are non-permanent aliens and they work for a company in Dearborn, Michigan (a hotbed of Wahhabist mosques).
So, pray tell, where has the government committed a "comedy of errors"? Isn't this more a case of CBS making a mockery of officials doing there jobs? Had the officials not detained and questioned the men, wouldn't they have been negligent in their jobs? What if they had not acted accordingly, the "Middle Eastern men" were terrorists, and a hell of a lot of people had been killed? Would that then have been a "comedy of errors"? I'd think not and neither would you?

Now, I have a couple of questions for CBS, who failed to name the "Middle Eastern men" in its story - other than an F.B.I. official, only the name of a passenger on a cruise ship was named, and then only to further criticize the government officials' actions, saying that the passenger was "freaked out." What are the names of these men? Where do they live? What mosque(s) do they attend and do the mosques have any links to terrorists or wahabbist mosques? Has CBS followed up on the men's stories and if not, why not? We know from the AP via Gateway Pundit that the men were in the country legally and do not appear on any terrorist watch list, but what are they doing in this country and what else do we know or should we know about these men?

Tell us, CBS, where's the beef and where's the 'comedy'?

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Posted by Richard at January 8, 2007 5:51 AM

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