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January 2007

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January 31, 2007

The Islamic Mein Kampf (Video)
A Queer Decision Mocks Immigration Law
Obama Messiah Watch: Is Obama Jesus Christ?
More Questions About The Battle At Najaf
On Giving The Mullahs Too Many Passes And When Is Letting Iranians Get Away With Murdering 'Handcuffed' American Troops Too Much Of A Freebie?
John Kerry Making Headlines Again... In Iran!
Staff Sargeant In Afghanistan: 'It is only possible to defeat an enemy who kills indiscriminately by utterly destroying him.'
Eight Arrested In Plot To Kidnap And Behead British Muslim Soldier (Updated)
Multiculturalism's Anti-Assimilation Is Killing Our Nationhood

January 30, 2007

Saying You Support The Troops But Not Their Mission Is Saying You Don't Support The Troops
Thou Shalt Kill
Calling All Human Shields
Iran Watch: North Korea And Iran Working Together To Develop 'Killer Missile'
Churches Across U.S. Adopting Disturbing New Fad - 'Intro To Islam' Classes
Alan Colmes And Chuck Norris Must Live In A Cave
Eiliat Homicide Bomber's Mother Is 'Proud Of Him' (Updated)

January 29, 2007

Bernard Lewis: 'Muslims 'about to take over Europe'
Surge Plan Doomed To Failure - To Have Split Command Structure
For Those 72 Virgins, Heaven May Have A Whole Different Meaning
Iran Planning To Expand Role In Iraq
Iraq Watch (Updated)
Debunking The Top 10 Myths Of The Iraq War
Obama , Truth, And The Race Card

January 28, 2007

The Anti-War Crowd Defined
24 PC As Ever
Palestinians Doing What They Do Best
John Kerry - American Traitor

January 26, 2007

Four U.S. Soldiers Abducted, Killed In Iraq attack
'CNN Airhead' Chats With Radical Islamist
Autopsy Confirms Downed Blackwater Helicopter Crews In Iraq Were Not Killed By 'Shot To The Head'
Iraq: One Front In A Regional War
More Davospeak
Senate Democrats Quash Proposal To Increase Civil Fines On Employers Who Hire Illegal Aliens
Iran Caught In Another Lie - Revolutionary Guards Quds Force Director Of Operations Arrested In Iraq By U.S. Forces
On The West's Cowardess In The Face Of The Islamists: Henryk Broder's 'Hurray We're Capitulating'

January 25, 2007

Would Iran Actually Use The Bomb?
Bethlehem Christians In Fear Of Muslim Neighbors
New Surveillance Video Of Fleeing 7/27 Bomber
The 'Quiting' Resolution
The Top 100 Facts You Need To Know About 24's Jack Bauer
Egyptian Blogger Faces 9 Year Sentence For Critisizing Islam
Has The Turnaround in Baghdad Already Begun?
Poll Numbers

January 24, 2007

Are Bin Laden And Zawahri Now Divided ?
We need to kill Sadr
Dems' James Webb Creates New Military Tactic
The 8-Million Muslim Lie
What Will Muslims Demand Next?
Duke Non-Rape Prosecutor Nifong Now Facing More Problems
New Iraq Commander: Mission Is 'Hard, Not Hopeless'
Fiber 'lowers breast cancer risk'
Pelosi's crew and Osama bin Laden share common goal
Retailer Who Insulted Troops Associated With Islamic Groups In Wisconsin (Updated)
How Many Tibetans In Beijing And Darfurians In Khartoum Are Blowing Themselves Up?
N. Korea to help Iran with nuclear test
Iran: US And Israel Will Soon Die
'To Win The War On Terror We Must Take The Fight To The Enemy'! (Updated)

January 23, 2007

Terror free gasoline
Hezbollah Myths Shattered
What To Do About Iraq? Target Iran - The 'Central Bank Of Terrorism In The Mideast'
The Islamists' Assault Against Free Speech: 'The Next Battleground In The War On Terror
'Biased' Bush Poll Oversampled Democrats
Today's Must Read: 'The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration'
Junk Sciencespeak - Muslim Scientist Says Forget Greenwhich Mean Time - World Must Accept 'Mecca Time'
The Speech George Bush Should Make Tonight
So Hillary Wants To Be Presented As A Thatcher?
Taqiyya-Talking Mullahs Speak With Forked Tongue
American G.I In Iraq Gets 'Sand Kicked In Face' From 'American Muslim-Owned' Website: Owner Subsequently Threatens Blogger With Retaliation For Complaint

January 22, 2007

Dear Dems, Hagel, Snow, And Warner: Try To Remember That Radical Islam Is Not Our Friend And They Want To Kill Us
On Rosie O'Donnell And James Joyce
Details Emerge About Possible Terror Attack On American Soil
Saturday Night Live's Take On Hillary - Spot On (Video)
Please Mayor Giuliani, Quick! Call The Ghost Busters! The Hillary "Juggernaut" Is Coming!
'Facing the Islamist Menace' A Welcome Wake-up Call
The Vietnam History You Haven't Heard But Need To Know Before You Swallow The Dems' Analogy To Iraq
Maliki 'Turn Around' Good Sign For Iraq - Maybe

January 21, 2007

Hillary's 'Oprahesq' Listening Tour
'The President Shall Be The Commander In Chief
We Can Fight This War Against Radical Islam Or We Can Die!

January 20, 2007

This Weekend's Terror TV

January 19, 2007

An Interesting Discussion With A Somali Muslim Cab Driver
Day One Of Starwars: China Conducts First Test Of Antisatellite Weapon
Muqtada al-Sadr's Mouthpiece Arrested In Baghdad: Are We Finally Getting Real About Winning In Iraq?
The Immortal Words of 2LT Mark Daily
Did they really say that?

January 18, 2007

Hillary Is A Hoot?
Iraq's Shi'ite-led Government: 'Give Us More Guns Now And We'll Wipe Out Our Opposition Sooner So You Infidels Can Go Home'!
About Those Arab 'Values'
CAIR Going After '24' - Again
Northwest Dhimmi Airlines Offers Apology And Money To Muslim Hajji Whiners
More 'Mosques Uncovered' - Again

January 17, 2007

About That Democrat Fear And Anger
Militant Attacks 'Surging' In Afghanistan
Jules Crittenden's Change Of Venue And Makeover
Iran War Watch: Iran Shoots Down U.S. Spy Drone
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund Calls For Moratorium On Workplace Immigration Raids
Iraq Edges Ever Closer To Iran
Nebraska Bill Would Curtail Religious Freedom

January 16, 2007

More Videos On 'UK Mosques 'Uncovered''
Chemotherapy After Surgery Delays Pancreatic Cancer Recurrence
Blowing Our Last Chance In Iraq
On The Insanity Of the Democrats, Their Topsy-Turvy World-View, And Some Recent Solemn Celebrations.
UK Mosques 'Uncovered'
On Circular Surging And Going There In A Handbasket

January 15, 2007

British girl banned from wearing cross at school
Hussein's Half-brother And Co-defendant Hanged
''24'' More PC BS Than Before
What Do You Call A $40M School For 152 Girls?
So, What Happens If We Walk Away?

January 14, 2007

The War In Iraq And The Traitors In Our Midst

January 13, 2007

U.S. And Iran Are At War' - Iraq Only Current Battlefront In Larger War Against Islamic Totalitarianism

January 12, 2007

The 'Anti-Profiling' Agenda And Its Dangerous Effects On Our Security
'Grandstanding Dems' Set New Low In American Politics By 'Pimping' For Terrorists
A 'Microcosm' Of Sunni-Shi'ite Hate

January 11, 2007

Is Islam A Culture Of Hatred?

January 10, 2007

Quote Of The Day On The Difference Between War And Defeat
Dear 'Peace-loving' Imams
Dear Iran

January 9, 2007

John McCain On Iraq
U.S. Finds Evidence Of Iran Training Al-Qaida
Sunni-Shi'ite Jihad Comes To Detroit
F.B.I.: CAIR Death Threat 'Not Credible'
Senator Kennedy Calls Iraq 'Bush's Vietnam' And Some Sobering Thoughts About The Consequences Of November 7th
NEW Saddam Execution Video
About That Democratic War Plan

January 8, 2007

Democrats Push For New Iraq Strategy: Demand We Send Care Bears™
Iraq Watch: 'On Patrol with Team Gator'
Some 'Immigrants' (Read Illegal Aliens) Are Re-arrested 6 Tmes
More Multiculturalism Run Amuck
Muslim Worshippers Urged By Radical Clerics To Ignore British law
Sac Bee Pimps For CAIR
On 'The Islamification of Europe's Cathedrals'
Dearbornistan: Heart of 'Islamist' America
CBS 'Blame America First' Story Long On PC - Short On Facts

January 7, 2007

The Democrats Seek To Leave America With Catastrophic Choices

January 6, 2007

Fight Radical Islam With - Pig Races?

January 5, 2007

The Iranian Who Seeks An Apocalypse
Finally an explanation for the 2006 election
Promising Genetic Test for Non-small-cell Lung Cancer

January 4, 2007

At War With Iran
Media Outrage Over Pat Robertson's Latest Comments: His Recent Prophecy Of Impending Terrorist Doom For America

January 3, 2007

Anti-Qaeda: The Right Way To Fight Al-Qaeda
Jesus And The Mahdi - Ahmadinejad's Delusions Continue
What Has This Lady Been 'Smokin' ?

January 2, 2007

Jesus and Imam Mahdi returning together
Did You Know That Hitler Was A Jew?
Bad News From Iraq
More 'Gandhi Think' - Flight Attendant Removed For Carrying Bible
Democrats Don't Need No Stinkin' Republicans
An Epiphany For Nato On Iran
Jimmy Carter - The Traitor President
CAIR: Whores for Radical Islam
Civilization Is Calling - Wake Up America!

January 1, 2007

U.S. Tried To Delay Saddam Hanging
Where We Stand In The Long War On Terror
Islamic Republic Of Iran Increasingly Vulnerable?
ABC Attacks Fallen Soldier's Belief In The Afterlife
Lost And Brainless
Iraqi Blogosphere Reactions to Saddam's Execution (Updated)
More On Saddam
More Than 1,000 Wounded During Muslim Animal Sacrifice in Turkey