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December 5, 2006 Banned In Iran

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In yet another sign that regime change in Iran is not out of the question (damned good read), the AP reports that Iran has blocked access to, and a press rights group warned on Tuesday that Internet censorship in the Islamic state is on the rise:

Internet users who tried to call up the YouTube site on Tuesday were met with the message, "On the basis of the Islamic Republic of Iran laws, access to this website is not authorized" - which appears on the numerous opposition and pornographic Web sites that the government blocks.

It was not known how long the site had been on Iran's Web blacklist. The Paris-based press rights group Reporters Without Borders said YouTube had been blocked for the past five days.

It also said the New York Times Web page was also blocked since Friday and that the English site of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia was blocked from Friday to Sunday.

Hyscience reader Guido notes that it's almost certain that Psiphon and other censorship circumventing software will make the block totally useless, it was nice of Iran to try and free up that bandwidth for the rest of us.

Be sure to read Amir Taheri's "Getting Serious About Iran:For Regime Change," and learn what he has to say on what to do about Iran, as well as other signs that regime change is indeed possible. Amir Taheri, whose work appears regularly in the New York Post, is formerly the executive editor of Kayhan, Iran's largest daily newspaper, the author of ten books and a frequent contributor to numerous publications in the Middle East and Europe.

Posted by Richard at December 5, 2006 8:02 PM

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