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December 5, 2006

Veiled Muslim Woman To Deliver This Year's 'Alternative Christmas' speech on Channel 4 In UK

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Nijab.jpgGee, it would really be nice to give generating "a debate about multiculturalism, secularism and integration" a big heave in the trash dump and just have a nice the Queen deliver a nice traditional Christmas speech without some some fundamentalist Islamic, or some nutcase representative of some offshoot of Christianity, with the help of the media, using the occasion to demonstrate a damned ideological/socio-political agenda (and yes, that includes Sharon Osbourne, Ali G, The Simpsons, the Rev Jesse Jackson and the late Quentin Crisp - mentioned in the linked BBC article).

And what the hell is an "alternative Christmas speech" for, anyway? Is some media outlet going to come up with an "alternative Ramadan speech"? I doubt it!

Whatever happened to the old respect for Christmas traditions?

Must have something to do with that multiculturalism, secularism and integration stuff we keep hearing about!

I have to admit that I'm getting close to having zero-tolerance for the outright disrespect of and disregard for Christians celebrating the birth of Christ, the holiest time of the year for us, and what has in the past been the most beautiful time of year for me and my family, for what amounts to almost a lifetime.

Hat tip - Riehl World View

Posted by Richard at December 5, 2006 8:43 PM

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