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December 8, 2006

Iranian Ambassador Makes Inflammatory Remarks About Holocaust, FOX News at Columbia University

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This guy even looks inflamatory!


From my viewpoint, Columbia University's choice of speakers is making them, well, can we say infamous (FrontPage Magazine once called them Unpatriotic U)?

This time its Iran's UNdiplomatic Ambassador Javad Zarif who "sparked a furor" by saying in a speech that Palestinians are suffering today because of "atrocities" that happened in World War II, specifically against the Jews. His implication that a 'crime' was committed against the Palestinians by the so-called imposition of a Jewish state were met with" animated protests" from some of the students in the audience. Interestingly, the talk was sponsored by an international studies group called "Toward Reconciliation," and the comments by Iran's UN Ambassador were obviously intended to accomplish something other than "reconciliation."

... Comments made by Javad Zarif about the Holocaust at Columbia University were met with animated protests from some students in the audience.

...Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly denied that the Holocaust happened and has also called for the destruction of Israel.

When asked whether he believed six million Jews died in the Holocaust, Zarif answered, "I believe a great atrocity was committed in the Second World War. The question that needs to be asked is what crime was committed by Palestinians in that atrocity?"

A number of students attending his talk, hosted Wednesday evening on campus by a Columbia University international studies group called Toward Reconciliation, loudly voiced their disagreement with his statements.

... He went on to say that "a large number of people were murdered" during World War II and "a large number of them were Jews. That's a crime ... Genocide is a major crime, and we reject it ... But what was the role of the Palestinians in that? ... Palestinians have been suffering because of that without having any role in it."

...Columbia University did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

That Unpatriotic U continues to provide a forum for the likes of Javid Zarif is telling of the climate on our college campuses (including the teachings of radical Islam), but specifically that of Columbia University. As for Zarif's speech, its just what one should expect from a man that lives in a culture where a group like Hezbollah is the most popular movement, not only in Lebanon, but in the Arab world.

Posted by Richard at December 8, 2006 6:36 AM

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