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December 2006

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December 31, 2006

Our 'Next Order of Business'
U.S. Agencies missing links between illegal immigration and terrorism
Full Video Of Saddam Hussein's Execution

December 30, 2006

Saddam Is Now With 72 Virgins

December 29, 2006

A Fitting Reward

December 28, 2006

Close Adviser to Shiite Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Dies in U.S.-Iraqi Raid
On 'Lessons Learned' From The Ethiopian Army
An 'Indecent Interval'
US State Dept. Admits Long-Held Secret: Arafat Directly Responsible For 1973 Murders of US Diplomats
Mr. Bush, Build That Wall

December 27, 2006

Profiling Of Cancer Genes May Lead To Better And Earlier Detection
Islamic Supremism Reigns In Iraq And Christians Are Being Exterminated - Meanwhile The UN And The West, Along With The Iraqi Government, Ignores Their Ruthless Persecution
On 'Great Powers Getting Involved In The Politics (and ideology) Of Small Tribes'
Former President Gerald Ford - May He Rest In Peace
Iran In The Crosshairs

December 26, 2006

On 'Sending the Mullahs to Bed Without Supper'
Is America's First Muslim Congressman A Closet Radical?

December 25, 2006

If Only It Could Be So - Zawahiri Christmas Greeting
Merry Christmas

December 24, 2006

Early Signs Washington And London May Be Waking Up To Iran's War Against Us
On 'Democrats, terrorists and 'brotherly way''
For The Democrats That Refuse To Recognize The Fact That Islamists Are ecstatic Over The Dem's Election Victory

December 23, 2006

White Christmas
Unwanted Answers
U.S. Commanders In Iraq Set for 'Surge' In Forces?
Light Posting

December 22, 2006

Advances in Ethical Stem Cell Research

December 21, 2006

Islamists Plan 'Kaboom' Christmas For Britain
Muhammed Abdul Bari Plays The "Muslims Are Victims Card" And Ignores Islamic Fascism
Why Are We Having To Deal With Radical Islam, And Why Now?
Freedom Journal Iraq #547
Islamic Teacher Dismissed Over Failure To Shake Hands With Men

December 20, 2006

Was It Syria That Attacked The U.S. Embassy In Damascus?
The Dictator and the Democrats
Ahmadinejad Says Britain, Israel, US To 'Vanish Like The Pharaohs'
First Matter? If So, Where Did It Come From?

December 19, 2006

Revisionism Revisited
More Media-inspired Misplaced Blame: Framing Muslims As Victims For Their Actions And Inactions
On 'Art Bollocks Revisited'

December 18, 2006

On The Holocaust...
Send More Troops?
The AP's Very Likely 'Unlikely' Peace Activist
Partial Election Results Indicate Setback For Ahmadinejad
The Calls For Bush's Impeachment From The Loons On The Left, And Kerry's On-going Treasonous Behavior (A brief rant)
Top 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2006
Tsunami Disaster Aid Money Used To Enforce Sharia Law

December 17, 2006

Holocaust Denial Update

December 16, 2006

The "Godhood" Of Senator Obama And The Problem It Poses To His Presidential / Vice Presidential Aspirations (Revised)
John Kerry's Trail Of Treason Hasn't Ended

December 15, 2006

Hit Iran Where It Hurts - Strike Their Oil Production
The Irrelevant Senator Herman Munster
CAIR Shuts Down Blog
Democrats Putting America At Risk
Pope and Archbishop issue joint declaration
Obama - The 'Man From Nowhere' - Brings Nothing New
Gay Unions OKay In New Jersey

December 14, 2006

Pacifist San Francisco Turns "Anti-Pacifier"
Are You Telling Me St. Barrack Obama Isn't Perfect ?
Censorship, Violence, Hate, And Persecution - In The Name of Islam
McCain Wants To Regulate Internet

December 13, 2006

Flying While Muslim Or Flying While Stupid ?
The 'Rat's Ass' Syndrome - An Indictment Of The Arab Street
Charlie Sheen Denounced For Obscene Song
Iraq: 'A Paradigm Shift of 1,000 Years To A New Order'
On The Holocaust Denial Conference In Tehran: Their Words And Deeds Say It All

December 12, 2006

Revisionists Delight In Iranian-sponsored Forum For Holocaust Denying Enthusiasts
Flying Imams Want Money To Settle
Our Soldiers Speak Up From Iraq. If Only America Would Listen!

December 11, 2006

Even More On The Flying Imams And Their Not-Very-Well Hidden Agenda (Updated)
Even More Good News: Gulf Arabs Want Nukes.
Iraqi Baker Study Group Ignores All Facts
Iranian Students Get It: Freedom isn't free!
'Worse Than Plagiarism'
Now Comes The Good News
Media And Liberal Progressives "Heart" Barack Obama
Palestinian Prime Minister: Jhad Will Continue Until Jerusalem Is 'liberated'

December 10, 2006

New Electoral Debacle And Pelosi's "New Direction" Of Democratic "Transparency" And "Accountability." What A Joke!
Found: Source Of Poison Used Against Russian Spy
Anti-war Movement's Big Moment Arrives
U.S. Troops Using Low-Tech Weapon Against Trip-Wired Bombs In Iraq
If Congress Is Serious About Reform, Here's What It Looks Like

December 9, 2006

Has "Democracy" Gone Mad?
Environmental Thuggery Returning To Congress

December 8, 2006

Eurovision In Eurospeak
University Of Chicago Study: Cart Goes Before Horse - Newspapers Bias Blamed On Subscribers
FAQ's About The Irag Study Group's Report
Hard Left Kos Argues Against Bush Impeachment?
Iranian Ambassador Makes Inflammatory Remarks About Holocaust, FOX News at Columbia University
A Little Culturally Insensitive Wrongness

December 7, 2006

Capture of Terrorist Emirs Gives al-Qaida in Iraq Nowhere to Turn
ISG Report Seen By Arab World As Evidence Of American Weakness
Wierd Video
Is Iran's Dictator, Supreme Leader Ayatollah ali Khamenei Near Death?
Some Pearl Harbor Day Wisdom
It Has Begun
First Muslim Member Of Congress Linked To Radical Islamic Ideology That Requires Loyalty To Quran Over U.S. Constitution
Daily Star: US Rout Is Iran's Condition To Talk To Washington

December 6, 2006

Pope put into action in Turkey his words at Regensburg, that Western secularization and Islamic intolerance are both to be avoided
Study Disputes Case in Libyan AIDS Trial
Chemo Drugs Linked to Brain Damage
Ahmadinejad Responds To ISG Report For Diplomatic Kumbaya With Iran
The Iraq Study Group Report - How Much Help Did It Get From Iran?
God Favors the Bold
Why We 'Should' Perservere In Iraq
Ahmadinejad Flirts With 'Unvieled Private Dancers' While U.S. Flirts With Disaster

December 5, 2006

Second Study Confirms Diabetes Drug Rimonabant Controls Blood Sugar And Body Weight
Veiled Muslim Woman To Deliver This Year's 'Alternative Christmas' speech on Channel 4 In UK Banned In Iran
American Among Terror Plotters Arrested In Egypt
On 'Realists' Getting Real On Iran
On 'A Dream Of Mature Nations'

December 4, 2006

Light Posting
Bolton Withdraws From UN Nomination Amid Opposition

December 3, 2006

Jihad Franchises In Our Back Yard
On 'Flying While Stupid': The Strange Story Of The Praying Imams
Indeed, It's A Brave New World And Conservative Bloggers 'Have Arrived'

December 2, 2006

King of Saudia Arabia funds nanotechnology personally
Marching To The CAIR Agenda: From 'Praying Imams' To Muslims Having Their Own 'Prayer Room' At Airports
Saudi Government-Funded Executioner (Beheader) 'On A Mission'

December 1, 2006

On Placing Responsibility Where It Belongs
Let's Get Real - Iran and Syria Won't Be Riding To Our Rescue!
On The Arab-Iranian Hostility Toward Israel
Justifying Murder
The Hillary Show