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November 27, 2006

Rangel And Democrats Fail To Understand America's Military

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It's exasperating to hear these people talk, but nothing is more repulsive to me than Rangel's views on our military?

Bryan at Hot Air nails it:

Like most secularists of the left, Rangel only understands material motivations to personal action-money, prestige, position, that sort of thing. It's completely alien to him that young Americans could actually volunteer to join the military in the middle of what is to him an obviously "illegitimate" war. He just doesn't understand it, and never will. Hence, his incoherence on the subject. For him, re-instating the draft would reset the world to the way he understands it, with the poor again actually shouldering more of the burden of national defense, and giving him his precious class warfare angle of attack against the war. And against America itself, which is usually the end game of any liberal political gambit.
Watch the video and read more commentary at Captain Ed's, who has this to say about Rangel and the Left:
I guess it's just to feed the Left's bigotry about the military. Bingo! This is just another method of infantilizing soldiers and sailors. Their efforts to cast them as children pushed into the service by their parents didn't work, so now Rangel wants to pick up Kerry's notion that they have little choice but to join the military through lack of other economic options, a fallacy that has been repeatedly disproved. It's all part of the Left's overarching philosophy that choice really doesn't exist for individuals, and therefore government exists to make all the choices for the citizenry. It's another form of victimology, and a rather offensive form at that.

I hope Rangel keeps appearing on television for the next two years. It'll make it easier for the Republicans to recapture the majority and the White House in 2008.

Shame on you Charlie Rangel, and all or your leftist anti-military Democratic friends.

Posted by Richard at November 27, 2006 8:03 AM

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