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November 26, 2006

On Misunderstanding Our Enemy

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives
In face of the worst threat America has faced in her history, all the parts of the political and intellectual spectrum of the US must reassess the Great Ideals upon which America was founded, and in their light view the present threat at a global level. America's hour is now. Tomorrow will be very late. (Source)

If a real, free, and honest debate does not take place within Islam (I mean Muslims, so this involves the US, Europe, Australia, almost the entire world), very few chances are there for the world to avoid a major and fatal confrontation. (Source)

Debbie has a post up at In the Bullpen (originally posted at Right Truth) that refers to an article by Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis - Orientalist, Assyriologist, Egyptologist, Iranologist, Islamologist, Historian, Political Scientist, author of 12 books, dozens of scholarly articles, hundreds of encyclopedia entries, thousands of articles, and one who speaks, reads and writes more than 15, modern and ancient, languages.

Given Dr. Megalommatis' significant qualifications on a plethora of topics relating to issues that are pertinent to the Middle East, its people, and cultures, it's fairly safe to call Dr. Megalommatis - an expert on such matters (assuming he's not some kind of "megalomaniac" - sorry, couldn't pass that one up). So when this guy speaks or writes, one would think that we should give some credence to what he has to say. After now having read a reasonable sampling of what he has written, I believe that the West should indeed be listening. Two articles of his that I found most applicable to the most immediate problems we in the West are facing are the piece discussed by Debbie titled, Hanging Saddam Hussein: the Aurora for a New Middle East! and an article titled, Plead for a Debate within Islam. Collectively the two pieces point to a premise which could be juxtaposed to say that in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East (and arguably perhaps elsewhere in the Muslim world), what the US and its allies have been fighting in its battle against Islamic Terrorism is century-old disastrous developments that have taken place within Islam, namely Pan-Arabism, and the Hanbali-zation, Taimiya-zation, and Wahhabi-zation of today's Islam.

[...] Against the Islamic Terrorism, the US and their allies have been fighting against

a) century-old disastrous developments that had taken place within Islam, namely

1. Hanbali's Arab reductionism and barbarism was diffused in the beginning of the 3rd Islamic century, between 820 and 855 CE

2. Ibn Taimiya's obscurantist, racist, and discriminatory theological system - emanating out of Hanbalism - was diffused in the aftermath of Islam's victory over the Crusades, in the beginning of the 14th c. CE, and gradually infiltrated the entire Islamic World, until it became a threat against the Sultan Murat III with the destruction of the Observatory of Istanbul in 1580, and

3. Abdel Wahhab's Satanic and Antihuman dogmas and nomadic barbaric practices that all consist in a critical aggravation of the two earlier systems, and spread throughout the Middle East at the end of the Ottoman times and during the 20th c.) and

b) colonial machinations of no less than 208 years that contributed to definite worsening of the overall situation throughout the earlier Ottoman territories (from Algeria to Egypt, from Sudan to Syria, and from Somalia to Iraq), and

c) murderous and inhuman policies of local uneducated and barbaric dictators who rule over a great number of different peoples, by applying the false dogma of Pan-Arabism, a viciously erroneous and provocatively anti-historic bogus theory created by the colonial French and British Orientalists, who taught it to students originating from former Ottoman territories, as 'bon pour l' Orient' false merchandise, so that they spread it out throughout their countries. The ultimate result was the most bestial cultural disfiguration and the most execrable national transfiguration of the local - all non Arabic - peoples into communities of illiterate, ignorant, miserable and humiliated Unter-Menschen, having no real and historical identity, and therefore can express only paranoia, hysteria, and hatred.

America's lethal enemy: Pan-Arabism

[...] European appeasement functions against the US

The European tactics of appeasement (and debate prevention) is not ensuing from fear, it is rather the traditional colonial policy of keeping people ignorant and undeveloped instead of seeing them emancipated and educated. In this regard, Europe is at this moment the major obstacle for the US, if we assume that there are forces in Washington that would truly push towards the beginning of the debate. Of course, the local, royal and presidential dictators will try to avoid this debate (and this is the reason they rather side with Europe, and try to gain time and to avert the issue) because they are committed to the terrorist sheikhs who are hidden behind them.

Hanbali-zation, Taimiya-zation, Wahhabi-zation of today's Islam

It is an illusion to think that people like the late Shaarawi (minister of Sadat), Qaradawi, Fethullah Gulen, Amr Khaled, and Tareq Ramadan are not close to the terrorist front.

Despite theoretical variations (that only help them play the politics of their choice), they all emanate from a line that ultimately comes from Hanbal - Ibn Taimiya - Abdel Wahhab: the nomadic, anti-Aramaean, anti-Persian, anti-Coptic and anti-Berberic interpretation of a fictional Islam of Hedjaz, of a nomadic Islam necessary for people of low behavioural system, indifferent for Arts, Letters, Sciences, and Philosophy.

It is wrong to ask today whether a Muslim sheikh and intellectual (who can be truly called like that?) comes from this or that country, and then try to check whether the local tradition if Maliki, Shafei or Hanafi. After Ibn Taimiya (non instantly (of course) and long before Abdel Wahhab the three other schools had been hanbal-ized.

Don't miss reading all of both pieces - here and here.

In Megalommatis' second piece, there's an important take home message for Western leaders. For our purposes here, let's just call it an important post script that needs to be passed around:

... The worst failure of America is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and/or the perpetuation of the Palestinian problem. The worst failure is the impossibility to identify the enemy.

[...] The secret enemy of the Americans are their ..... interlocutors.

1. The terrorist is just the hand that commits the criminal act.

2. The extremist sheikh is the owner of the factory that produces terrorists

3. The bogus-university that prepares sheikhs belongs to the state, the supposedly US-friendly administration that strives to help solve all problems with ..... Israel (what a laugh!), while controlling the anti-Zionist local populations !!!!!

4. The state belongs to the upper middle classes, a small portion of the society, the businesspeople, the managers and the directors, the professors and the generals, a class that does not represent more than 2 to 3% of the entire population of the country-factory of Islamic Terrorism.

These people are the businesspeople who meet the experts of Microsoft and Intel, Vodafone and France Telecom, the traders who contact Toyota and Ford, the professors who denounce Ossama Bin Laden, the generals who want to buy military aircraft spare parts, the actors who are dressed like average people in the streets of San Francisco, Napoli, Sydney and Amsterdam.

These guys are all saying lies to the Americans and the Europeans; they behave like westerners when dealing with Westerners but when back at home
- they express a total hatred against the West
- they articulate the most extremist and terrorist proposals
- they behave in a mean, miserable and dejected way.

Important as this message is, so far we've seen plenty of evidence that no one's been listening, and if they ever did, there's little chance they'll "get it" before it's too late. That is, unless the rest of us help them by helping to get the word out, and around.

Another post script - make sure you read both of Megalommatis' articles - they're that important.

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Posted by Richard at November 26, 2006 9:07 PM

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