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November 13, 2006

Iran Paid Huge Bribes To European Governments For Their Cooperation

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Haven't you wondered why it is that the Europeans have been so soft on deterring Iran's nuclear ambitions? Guess no more - it's been all about money. Iran Press News has translated Iranian press reports that have admitted that major bribes had been paid by the Iranian government to European countries, for the purpose of attracting their support and cooperation with Tehran's regime:

The regime-run newspaper Jomhuri'yeh Islami in an article entitled "We ought to be the ones who start the sanctions", admitted to major bribes paid to European countries to attract their support and cooperation with Tehran's regime, writing: "Mr. Chirac cannot dance with our enemies and at the same time wink in our direction and all the while pillage from the share of all Iranians."

This newspaper added: "There are new development in the action against the case of the Islamic republic's peaceful nuclear activities. Britain, France and Germany's "fact-finding committees" would visit Iran with various excuses, in order to find a proper solution for interaction with the Islamic Republic; later as mediators, they tried to wangle unilateral concessions from us and in return made baseless commitments and now they not only threaten us but they bellow louder than the United States. No one has forgotten Jacques Chirac's nuclear threatens [against us] in those hot summer days. France which has not yet corrected it's position, never did explain that situation and never did apologize and has taken up an attitude with Iran that so far not even America has dared to take, in addressing us. Today France is on the list of countries that has a direct role in the draft resolution against us and in order to resolve it's issues with the U.S. during recent years has tried to make Iran the scapegoat."
The newspaper continued: "The importance of emphasis on this point is to know that France, in recent years has most benefited from the lucrative Iranian market and they are still trying to grab the biggest share of the delicious Iranian economic cake for themselves.

Read the full text here ...

We can see that France is once again up to its old tricks. News of Europe's back door dealings with the Iranians is particularly interesting in the light of what's been going on in Iraq, and this:

The quagmire (emphasis added) in Iraq is not just sectarian violence, or a clash between the Muslim world and the west as the media has spent years depicting it, but Iraq is really the first anti-US conflict being waged, in proxy, by France, Belgium, Germany and Russia against the United States and the UK. This translates into anti-Republican drives by the foreign owned media, in an effort to secure Democrats into power in Congress and expedite US withdrawal from Iraq. Many on the political left succumb to anti-US propaganda and fail to recognize who really stands to gain if the US stands down. Democrat politicians simply exploit the foreign media, Iraq-quagmire propaganda push for their own power grab. Which is a disservice to both US citizens and Iraqis.
More here.

For the Europeans, and because of them, the U.S., the financial fruits have been accompanied by an increasing Islamist influence throughout the world, and an increasing problem with terrorism in Europe, particularly, bought and paid for by the Iranian regime. In a sense, the Europeans deserve what they are getting, but they're corruption has brought about deadly consequences to the world - and its getting worse.

Posted by Richard at November 13, 2006 7:31 AM

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