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November 28, 2006

HBO's "Comic Relief"? Not Funny! (Updated)

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

I know this is a bit of a rant, but I just had to get this off my chest! I have also updated some more details of this bizarre experience:

A couple of nights ago, I just had the misfortune to be surfing channels, when I happened upon a "Comic Relief" re-run playing on HBO.

I wasn't sure if this was the new one with Robin Williams for our soldiers in Iraq, or one of their previous ones that run like those infernal infomercials late night on TV every night.

Bill Maher was on, and I was aghast to see, that the only Comic Relief about it, was one more Democratic, left-wing joke on America; which I felt reflected on the Democratic wins of earlier this month in November - which will not amount to much, or will be severely curtailed when the Democrats are forced to leave their Hate-Bush agenda behind, and come up, for a change, with real "answers"! Even now Nancy Pelosi is struggling with that. Or when we are next attacked on our own soil again - due to their politically motivated "defeatist" negligence! This is supposed to be about the victims of Katrina, or our soldiers in Iraq, but it seems that the folks at "Comic Relief" could care less for the victims of New Orleans devastation, or for our soldiers and or our military, for that matter. It's all about left-wing propaganda and raking-in the money! "Show me the money!" Tom Cruise would have been proud.

As I previously mentioned, I had the misfortune to tune in when none other than that abomination of a human being, Bill Maher was on with one of his famous diatribes bashing Bush, our troops, and everything our young men and women in the military are sacrificing their lives for in Iraq! I was so appalled that this embittered, S.O.B., of a failed actor could go and smoke a joint in the comfort of his Penthouse while those he critiques are laying their lives down for us! That's America for you! Isn't it wonderful? Perhaps some Jihadist should take it upon himself to see the denigrating, subhuman way Mr. Maher categorizes them in his " Patronizing Liberal Wisdom" and do us all a favor and take him off the air permanently; if for nothing else, for his bad jokes gone sour!

But what do we have here? Here you have this ner'do well, who all of a sudden made of himself a name by denigrating and bashing others, who under the guises of "comedy" has launched one of the most propagandistic campaigns in the history of television against our Commander in Chief, his policies, and our military, in this time of war. Tokyo Rose would have been proud of him indeed!

He has unrelentingly riled against the Bush Administration, and our young men and women in the military in Iraq, in everyone of his programs! He has ridiculed them, belittled them, and mock them at every turn, feeling, along with Kerry, Rangel, and their ilk, that they are dolts and losers, better off here in America... doing drugs like him!

I saw his diatribe in mounting anger, as I realized how much, as the Jesters of old, this clown "Wormtongue" had seeped into us, the public, his venom, whispering in the ear of the "King," the American people, night after night his negative message full of defeatism, which he has been doing uninterruptedly all throughout the War in Iraq, spewing at every chance all his venomous propaganda against Bush, the Administration, its policies, our country, and against the Christians and Religion, which he so openly hates! And we laugh at that, and give him a podium to spill his hatred and his venom, by watching HBO, and paying a premium on our cable bills to see the likes of him ?

It is disgusting, that under the pretenses of "comedy" such acerbic clowns as this arse Maher, are allowed to make the traitorous, and undermining remarks, that have only comforted and abetted our enemies while our sons and daughters die in Iraq!

As far as I have seen, and from most of those participating in this farce of a "Comic Relief," it has accomplished little; nor will it help the victims of Katrina much, nor a similar project going on now supposedly for our soldiers fighting in Iraq do much for them; except it being a platform for the virulent left to spew its venom!

I felt so outraged that I called their 1-800 number on the screen to voice to my displeasure.

First, when you dial their number, you'll hear an automated request for MONEY: "For Visa press 1, for Mastercard press 2, for American Express press 3, for Discover press 4, if you wish to send your donation by mail press 5 (I suppose given the leftist trend of these people, that to donate to Saudi-Jihadist terrorist funds we should press 6)"! They didn't even have the decency of having a live operator bilking you out of your well earned money as at PBS when you call! Then when I stayed on the line and insisted,finally, an operator with an accent answered.

When just to test her I asked what it was that "Comic Relief" was collecting monies for, the operator told me to please hold, and went off line, when she came back, she told me that if I wanted that information I had to call back in the morning at 1-800-481-6221 between 7:AM and 5:PM. She said that she was simply an operator and did not know what it was they were raising money for! Can you imagine?!?!

Smelling rotten fish, I asked her about where in the U.S. was she was located. I should have suspected the answer. She was working out of the Philippines, just another one of those famous "outsourced" answering services! And these are the people taking our money for Katrina victims?!?!

So much for the "leftists"using Comic Relief to advance their secularist agenda! You would have thought that they at least would have made an effort to man the phone banks with victims from Katrina who first hand knew the plight, and who could use the employment! But no. It seems that "outsourcing," even that most menial of job of jotting down credit card numbers for their damn fundraising, was cheaper overseas! Eat crow Lou Dobbs; you and your CNN, who so blatantly open, and vehemently, worked for this Democratic "victory" whose fruits we must all now enjoy!!!

So obviously, this "great event" on Cable TV, with so many celebrities and comedians participating, is ultimately nothing but another sham, a scam, into which well meaning Americans pour their hard earned money for naught, thinking they are helping the victims of Katrina, while all they are doing in lining up the pockets of a few "Elitist" leftists, and paying the salaries of Philippine slave laborers!

Wake up America! Don't let the likes of "Comic Relief," Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg (the jew she took the name from must be turning in his grave), and their Hollywood ilk and leftists accomplices take you to the cleaners, taking advantage of your compassion and generosity! Comic Relief, on HBO, is a scam and should be denounced for what it is! We'd be better off watching Oreck vacuum cleaner least they are made in America!

Posted by Althor at November 28, 2006 5:46 AM

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