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November 20, 2006

Does Seymour Hersh Have A "Protect Iran' Anti-U.S. Agenda?

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One would think so, after all, his recent "big scoop" about the "leaked highly classified draft assessment by the Central Intelligence Agency" challenging the White House's assumptions about how close Iran might be to building a nuclear bomb is, for Hersh, an old story - as proven by this video from July of this year:

New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh talks about bombing iran, why he thinks it's not necessarily a good idea and how people at the pentagon agree with him because they don't have evidence that iran is doing anything else than what it says it's doing - making electricity.
More recently Hersh quotes CIA "leaks", but back in July it he was quoting Pentagon "leaks".

Iran's just making electricity - with 60,000 centrifuges that would greatly accelerate Iran's production of highly enriched uranium? What about the plutonium found in Iranian nuclear waste sites? Is that for electricity? And with all that oil? Is Iran's recent meetings with N. Korea simple happenstance? Even the naive Mr. Hans Blix says that N. Korea will indeed have an atomic bomb, and if N. Korea has it, are we to pretend that Iran will not also, even if it has to buy technology and weapons grade uranium from N. Korea?

Come now, Mr. Hersh and your left-wing Democrat-supporting, bureaucratic friends in the CIA and Pentagon - have you taken complete leave of your senses?

Are Hersh and the CIA in complete denial of the realities of the world today and Iran's stated objective of destroying Israel, America, and the West - in that order?

As we pointed to in our previous post on Hersh, Jules Crittenden says you have to ask yourself, is Seymour Hersh fighting the last war?

That may go for the CIA, as well. If in fact the CIA believes Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, did the CIA arrive at this conclusion in the same manner in which it determined that Saddam's agents were not seeking to buy yellowcake in Niger? And as we learned on Sept. 11, 2001, that a dearth of intelligence doesn't necessarily mean nothing is happening.
Jules last phrase here deserves noting again: "As we learned on Sept. 11, 2001, that a dearth of intelligence doesn't necessarily mean nothing is happening."

Apparently Hersh and the CIA still don't get it. However, can you imagine a nuclear 9/11?

And if you have any doubt as to Hersh having an agenda - check out this October 18 video of Hersh and Scot Ritter: Love Iran and the Arab world - hate America and Israel.

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Posted by Richard at November 20, 2006 9:23 AM

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