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October 16, 2006

Venezuela can be the most important buyer of weapons of the decade

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As Venezuela has defeated Guatemala in the race for a seat at UN Security Council, we are informed now that:

According to a report of Forecast International, consulting firm of the militar industry and global intelligence, the self-named "revitalization plan" of the three components of FAN (Venezuelan National Force in Spanish), could cost around $30,700 millions during the period 2006-2012. The cost can double itself if it continues till 2020 and Chávez is still on power, according to a study by Brazilian newspaper O Estado. This way Venezuela would lead the list of countries buying weapons in this decade.
Among all the equipment, Chávez is searching for, there are 150 supersonic airplanes, between 10/15 missile-launchers's submarines, 138 ships, radars, defense systems and around 600.000 bombs, both commons and intelligent, guided by lasers and GPS.
This is not quite consistent with the campaign ad, Chávez has presented.
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Posted by Eurabian at October 16, 2006 4:55 AM

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