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October 10, 2006

Tribute to a great woman

Topics: Liberty

politkovskaya.jpgOn Oct. 7, intrepid Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, 48, mother of two children, was assassinated in her home in Moscow, and Maya's Corner doesn't feel that the international community cared about her death so as to offer more coverage. She refers to the BBC obituary as being far too short and cold, although she points to the Bulgarian media as providing better coverage, with more detail about Politkovskaya's life and death.

Maya has a translation from the Netinfo page that offers much more information about the Russian journalist - it was originally published by her newspaper "Novaya gazeta":

"Anna Politkovskaya, called "The victims' voice", is known worldwide mainly for her uncompromising publications about the war in Chechnya and North Caucasia and her criticism of President Vladimir Putin's policies... She received many death threats... Her colleagues from "Novaya gazeta" wrote that it was absolutely impossible for her to be intimidated or bribed into silence...
Continue reading, " Tribute to a great woman."

A commenter at Maya's site offered that it is people like Anna Politkovskaya who deserve candles lit in their memory, not pseudoheroes like Princess Diana (who get more international attention than they or they're contributions to the world, deserve). I couldn't agree more.

Although the international media certainly didn't give Anna's death "Princess Di" coverage, there were some media that did provide reasonable coverage, among them, the HELSINGIN SANOMAT that had, "More than 1,000 attend vigil for murdered Russian journalist."

Posted by Richard at October 10, 2006 10:05 AM

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