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October 6, 2006

The "Governator" Once Again In "Hot Water" For Comments He Just Made! (More Like In "Hot Chili Peppers" Instead of "Hot Water"!)

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

This just in ("tongue-in cheek"):

According to the Spanish language network "Univision" (the "Al Jazeera" of the illegal Mexican "Jihad"), Illegal Mexican aliens in the U.S. (aren't they illegal in the first place?!?!) are all up in arms, and deeply offended, by some remarks made by California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger, who reportedly said that "Mexicans in the U.S. should leave behind their allegiances to Mexico and to the past, become good American citizens, and become part of the American Melting Pot." My God! What an outrage from Schwartzenegger!!!

Now, imagine that! That Governor Schwartzenegger, should have had the "temerity" of suggesting to Mexican immigrants, and Mexican "wet-backs" insistent on remaining here illegally, at all costs, that their allegiances now, as "new Americans," should no longer be "to Mexico and the past, but to the United States of America, their new home, and not to Mexico"!!! Simply outrageous of the Governor!!!!!!!!!!

The ACLU is presently looking to see if they can bring forth any legal action to punish the Governor for his "insensitive" statements, which have traumatized the Mexican community in the U.S., while the Mexican Lobbying groups are already up in arms in Washington, and telling their puppet, President Bush, to chastise the Governator for his "foul statement," while Mexican President Vicente Fox is said to have called the White House personally, and reprimanded Bush on his lack of "Mexican Patriotism"!!

Personally, I say good for the "Mexican Illegal Immigration Terminator"! It's about time!!!

If Mexicans feel so "Patriotic" about Mexico, why in the hell are they pouring in droves like "cucarachas" over the border?!?! To exploit our jobs, our health care, our schools and social services at the expense of Americans, while their allegiance remains with a foreign nation?!?!

I say to Arnold, "the hell with them," as Conan the Barbarian would have said, and kick them all back to their beloved Mexico to "eat dirt," instead of coming here to take everything we have, even our "National Identity," from under our very noses, and then on top, get offended when we tell them to join the "Melting Pot" and become true "Americans"!!!

It is so unbelievably unrealistic, that it would be funny if it weren't true!

Posted by Althor at October 6, 2006 6:13 PM

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