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October 10, 2006

Post Graduate Level Al-Taqiyya: 'Iran Condemns Atomic Weapons After North Korea Test'

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Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?

There are those that attempt to deceive, and then there are experts at it. The Iranian regime is of the latter, and never hesitate to apply al-Taqiyya to hide their true feelings, intentions, and actions:

... The word "al-Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury." A one-word translation would be "Dissimulation."

... "al-Taqiyya is with the tongue only; he who has been COERCED into saying that which angers Allah (SWT), and his heart is comfortable (i.e., his TRUE faith has NOT been shaken.), then (saying that which he has been coerced to say) will NOT harm him (at all); (because) al-Taqiyya is with the tongue only, (NOT the heart)."

This is from "al-Taqiyya/Dissimulation (Part I)," by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui, a Sunni Islamic scholar who translated the Sahih Muslim into english. According to Siddiqui, the concept of "al-Taqiyya" is an integral part of Islam, and it is NOT a Shi'ite concoction, and offers perspectives for both Sunnis and Shia in his piece.

Posted by Richard at October 10, 2006 6:00 PM

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