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October 12, 2006

Natalee Holloway "Readers" Ask For More

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At the request of many readers who continue to follow and remain interested in the Natalee Holloway mystery (who doesn't love a good mystery?), we're posting an update of sorts by the real-life mystery writer, HarryTho:

(Received via email from Harry)
After exploring a number of avenues of possibility into Natalee Holloway's disappearance, it seems that immolation has more promise than I had originally conceived. As it turns out, a strange, noxious odor was reported on the Riehl World View blog in the early weeks of the investigation. At the time, the odor was categorized as a gas leak. No further reports on the odor were posted. As with most gas leak odors, as soon as they dissipate, they are forgotten. Nonetheless, a strange odor was reported. If someone were to research the early Riehl World View commentary threads, one could identify the area of Aruba where the odor was reported. I won't, because the commentaries are endless.

OK, even if we can reduce our probing of Natalee's disappearance to immolation, we still have the manner of how she exited the Marriott Beach. I have postured that Natalee required assistance, because by the time that Joran left her she would have been overcome by the lethal amounts of alcohol that she ingested throughout the day. I could be wrong. Her classmates who made statements to the FBI may have been lying. But, I do not think so. Those statements were made early on, before the Twitty-Holloway machine swung their legal threats into action. Natalee was drunk ... quite drunk. I believe the Aruban police have concluded similarly.

In exploring Natalee's exit from the Marriott Beach, a number of possible actors take the stage. However, only Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe knew Natalee was sleeping on the Marriott Beach. All the other actors were required to discover Natalee, either sleeping or as she made her way back to the Holiday Inn. Now, these new actors would have no knowledge of Natalee's prior drinking behavior. They would just be encountering a drunk, young lady.

Would they take advantage of her?

No, they would not. Tourists are important to Aruba. If any local discovered Natalee in an inebriated state, they would have assisted her back to her hotel. Otherwise, we have the fallout that we have experienced over the last 16 months.

If Natalee had expired on the Marriott Beach, there would be no reason for anyone not to inform the police or the authorities in the area. If she was discovered, dead or alive, by the roaming security patrol, she would have been reported. If dead, the police would have been called. If alive, emergency medical assistance would have been summoned. These are common actions by hotel management and security personnel. There exists no reason for any hotel management and/or security personnel to hide Natalee's body.

From the foregoing, it seems to follow that only Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe could have assisted Natalee Hollowly off the Marriott Beach. But, from the data released, Joran van der Sloot's general whereabouts has been confirmed. Deepak and Satish could have returned to the scene, despite their soft alibis of being at home. Deepak & Satish could be the two people reported assisting a drunk woman on the beach that evening. Yet, the Aruban police have not released any confirmation of this report. Accordingly, they must have deemed that the woman being assisted was not Natalee Holloway.

So, how could have Deepak & Satish have removed Natalee from the Marriott Beach without being noticed by the roaming security patrol or any other security personnel? I suspect that they could not have.

We must recall that the footprint of surveillance cameras covers some of the areas where one could exit from the Marriott Beach. Apparently, no surveillance cameras detected Natalee exiting the Marriott Beach.

What does this mean?

Well, it seems that Police Chief Dompig has an insight into Natalee's disappearance: Natalee was never on the Marriott Beach. I tend to conclude similarly.

So, what happened?

Well, in reviewing the statements of Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, one comment repeats over and over: Natalee fell asleep. Early statements reveal that Natalee feel asleep in Deepak's car while later reports have her asleep on the Marriott Beach. However, the one certain thing is that she fell asleep.

In my experience with alcohol poisoning, victims act normally ... well, a little tipsy ... then, all of a sudden, they just collapse. If they are standing, then they just fold up and fall to the ground. In GHB terminology, this is referred to as carpeting. I found the symptoms of alcohol and date-drug (GHB) poisoning to be equivalent; although, I have not observed anyone vomiting from alcohol poisoning. They just shutdown and become imperceptible to deep pain.

Could this have happened to Natalee?

In Deepak's statement of 9 June 2005, Deepak makes a comment after being informed by Joran that Natalee fell asleep "How that was possible?" To me, this is a telling question. Why would Deepak use those words, if Natalee had just fallen asleep? Deepak would have just laughed. Yet, he asks: "How that was possible?" I get the impression that Natalee had collapsed, as discussed, as a reaction from either alcohol or a date-drug poisoning.

Now, with a date-drug concoction, a collapse would trigger a dangerous situation in which Natalee required immediate medical attention. I suppose the same holds true for alcohol poisoning ... they pump your stomach out. Without immediate medical attention, death becomes a possibility.

From the statements, Natalee could have only drank one or two cocktails while in Joran's company. Joran would have no knowledge of her prior intake which, given the statements of Natalee's classmates, could have been a considerable amount of alcohol. Also, Natalee mingled with her classmates and others prior to Joran's arrival at Carlos & Charlie's. Any adulteration of her cocktails with something like GHB could have occurred during that interval. Joran could have been unfortunate enough to have encountered a doctored gal without his knowledge. I make this statement, because Joran was quite adamant that he did nothing wrong. Despite all the slanderous accusation about Joran's past sexual exploits, nothing surfaced as substantive. Also, the statements of Joran's friends seem to support his innocence. The statements of Joran's friends and other associates likewise supported the innocence of the Kalpoe brothers. I would conclude that the three suspects were innocent of Natalee's collapse.

What about after Natalee's collapse?

It is not inconceivable that Natalee's collapse turned worse. I suspect that she turned cold, before the boys reached the lighthouse destination. Her lack of breath and cold feeling is to what, I believe, Deepak reacted when he was informed of such by Joran. Natalee died in Deepak's car.

Panic set in. What to do with a dead girl in your car? Joran could not go home and seek his father's assistance, he had skipped out without his father's knowledge. That is when the decision was made to dump Natalee's body.


The first guess would be that they buried Natalee's body on the far side of the island from the Holiday Inn (I am not discounting this line of action, but the boys could move less conspicuously in the hotel area). Yet, time was of the essence. And, Joran does end up in the Marriott Beach area. My intuition ... having resided on a tourist island ... is that Joran asked one of his friends employed in the Marriott Hotel to stow Natalee's body there. It was a temporary arrangement. Joran would move the body in the next few days.

When you recall the Holiday Inn drop-off story, it becomes more than just a lie. Why would you make up a fake drop-off, if you could be caught lying by simply Natalee showing up? You could not. The only way the suspects could have all subscribed to the Holiday Inn drop-off is if they knew that they could not be refuted. Why? Natalee was dead.

What about the Marriott Beach drop-off? Well, when the boys discovered about the surveillance cameras discrediting their Holiday Inn drop-off, they fabricated the Marriott Beach drop-off. Why? They needed a location not covered by surveillance cameras and far away from the Natalee's grave. The Marriott Beach provided such a resource, and, by the good fortune, GPS locates Joran in the Marriott Beach area.

Once the response to Natalee's disappearance gathered international attention, the suspects panicked again and decided to make Natalee's body disappear. At this point, the immolation idea is introduced. Materials are gathered, and a site is located. An opportune time was selected ... during the those ten free days the boys were allocated by the Aruban police. This is timeframe of the report of the unusual odor (gas leak), as well. Natalee's body is retrieved and immolated. Her bones are crushed or disposed in trash bags and dumped into the Aruban landfill. Natalee disappears, as the world focuses on the Marriott Beach.

In summary, none of the suspects contributed to Natalee's death from alcohol or date-drug poisoning. Had they known of her alcohol consumption during the day, they might have decided differently than they did and sought medical attention. As it was, she just died on them in their car. Clearly, they were shocked and not thinking clearly. After the initial decision to hide her body, the rest of the stories took on a life of their own. The Alabama rape-theorists and biased cable news coverage did little to clear up the matter.

That is what I think happened.

In support of this theory:

We cannot overlook that one of the on-site managers of the Marriott Hotel was reassigned to a Marriott Hotel in Mexico within a month after Natalee disappeared. Now, some vocal Aruban posters have claimed that this was a pre-arranged promotion for this particular manager; however, I would counter that this is the routine response in such situations. Additionally, I would now question the agendas of these Aruban posters ... and who they really were.

Time was of the essence for the suspects. They could have buried Natalee on the far side of the island. Tim Miller's crew actually uncovered a hasty grave site. Was this Natalee's grave? At the time, I felt the hasty grave was yet another shenanigan by Jossy Mansur's creatures. And, I still think it was. Yet, it could have been red hearing, designed to keep the focus of the investigation on that side of the island and away from the Marriott Hotel.

Time was of the essence, and the suspects needed a plausible story as to how Natalee died. Discovering her in a shallow grave on the far side of the island and them being the last ones seen with Natalee would surely prove suspicious.

Therefore, taking Natalee to a friend in the Marriott Hotel seemed far more serving for a story that the suspects dropped her off at the Holiday Inn. If Natalee was discovered in a Marriott Hotel room, then the possibility of her encountering another suitor (I'm being kind) played into the Holiday Inn drop off story. And, it enabled an easy retreat into the Marriott Beach drop off.

Facts: GPS locates Joran near the Marriott Hotel. The three suspect have similar drop off stories about the Marriott Beach area. A Marriott manager was quickly transferred off Aruba. Joran return home requires a ride. As I proffered on the Riehl World View blog in the early days of the investigation, a Marriott Hotel employee (a friend of Joran) could have provided that ride. Joran's promoted stomping ground for partying was the Marriott Hotel, before his website was removed.

My bets ride on Natalee being disposed, initially, in a Marriott Hotel room.

Once again, those sources reporting a mysterious phone call from Natalee at 4:00 AM should be identified. In my reasoning, it would be difficult to appreciate a phone call from someone who was already dead.

Posted by Richard at October 12, 2006 12:07 PM

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