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October 23, 2006

Moratinos and the Marshall Plan Africa needs

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Some weeks ago I wrote about Gadaffi's proposition about immigration in which he offered to solve all European problems IF Europe gave Africa 10.000 millions of €.

Well, Spanish PM Moratinos compromised on October 10th to accept a very significant number of Senegalese immigrants in Spain after giving huge amounts of money to African countries. He has given 5 millions of € to Gambia and other 5 to Guinea-Conakri (plus the pardon of a debt of 8 millions in the last case, so really there are 13 millions of €) and another 15 millions of € each year to Senegal for the next 5 years.

Ignoring the pressure in Spain around the immigration problem -the first among Spanish people, according to official polls-, Moratinos said in Dakar: "What is new in this trip is that our two Government had reached the conclusion that Spain needs the work of Senegalese people, that we need to favour legal migration".

Well, thank God, he has said that he wants to favour legal migration...

But there is more, Moratinos, the FM who has praised Syria's stance in Lebanon, after their interests and factual intervention in Lebanon's interior matters and the suspicions in Hariri's murder, has also declared that "Africa needs 5 Marshall plans", that is 50.000 millions of € (5 times what Gadaffi wanted) for development. This man is extraordinary.

But do not shout yet: the director of the French paper Le Monde Diplomatique Ignacio Ramonet, says that "the North has the cinism of desiring the richeses of the South and the South needs 15 Marshall Plans". Of course, the culprits of all the disgraces of the world are the North and especially "the neoliberal globalization".

Oh, yeah, baby... If that's true, then Bolivia should be now under Evo better than never. And no, it's at the blink of a civil war (here in Spanish, here in English). And Africa is the most repressed continent -economically speaking- and thus the poorer of all (here you can find the study in English). Experience has taught that the more "help" is sent to poorer countries the poorer they get (look at the graphic here)

Lastly, Zapatero has said he is not going to ask for Spain to be in G8 group, because "we have to look further to find a solution for greater problems such as great inequalities or the climatic change". This is a totally different view from ex-presidents Felipe González and José María Aznar, who thought that Spain was under-represented in several International Forums such as IMF.

But let be realistic: Was Spain going to be admitted with this Government and its friends -an explanation for the video here-? Let me think.... er... NO.

Thanks to Nuevo Digital for some links.

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Posted by Eurabian at October 23, 2006 3:44 AM

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