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October 11, 2006

Media Sensationalism, "Elite" Media Bias, And The "Banality" Of The American Conservative Majority: How It Is Affecting The Upcoming Elections!

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

When a little over a year ago all the news outlets, in particular the cable news channels, began their "wall to wall" coverage of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba (which lasted months), I often raised my voice against the idiocy of devoting such an inordinate amount of coverage to what, though tragic, amounted to nothing more nor less than just one more personal, family, tragedy, blown out of all proportion by the media with its over-the-top coverage, into a media event! This, at the expense of neglecting far more sobering, and ominous issues and developments impacting all of our lives; including the terrorist Islamic Jihadist threat, the war in Iraq, and the mounting nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea.

I remember that I "exaggeratedly" (to illustrate the point) used to admonish in frustration in my posts at the time, about how we would all be watching "re-runs" on our television sets of Natalee's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, being interviewed for the "umpteenth" time (in as a many shows, and weeks), by Greta on Fox, the day the North Koreans nuked Anchorage or Seattle; while we just sat there lulled... "stupefied" watching Beth whine.

Well, I'm not going so far as to to say, "I told you so," and fortunately the Koreans haven't launched the missiles yet, but as the latest developments starkly point out - they are sure working on it; and all the while the American populace has mostly ignored the threat.

All sorts of developments were taking place at the time of Natalee's disappearance all around the world: from the war in Iraq, to the London terrorist bombings; to killer floods in India, and an earthquake in Kashmir that left hundreds of thousands dead and over half a million homeless; to all other sorts of sundry natural disasters and calamities; floods, massive hurricanes, wars, turmoil, and terrorist threats; including the nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea! And what did we, the "electorate," do?!?! We sat down night after night to see the stagnant melodrama unfold, watching Beth Twitty repeating her same old mantra of accusations, allegations, and innuendos. This, in spite of the fact that to this day there is an overwhelming lack of evidence that even a crime was committed - much less for authorities anywhere to be able to convict "anyone" of it; aside, of course, from the "glare in your face" obvious fact that Natalee is missing.

But the point is, that the media turned the tragedy into a huge "media circus," with daily "soap opera" installments, and cameras following Beth Twitty all around, "traipsing through Aruba," with the "ubiquitous" cameras after her; as if instead of a mother grieving her lost child, it became little more than a sordid TV reality show. Needless to say the "ratings" were great...while, verily, "nuclear swords" hovered over our heads. Yet, in all fairness, though carried a bit more to an "extreme" in the Holloway case, this was not exclusive to it. The same happened in the case of John Mark Karr, and others.

And fter all the Aruba hype had died down, the media debauched us with the nightly going-ons of the Duke Lacrosse "rape of a prostitute" fiasco when apparently the drunken students that hired the woman did not pay enough for her professional services; indulged our morbosity with other sundry salacious tabloid headlines on our television screens while still ignoring many less sensationalist, yet important, issues; and again, even made all the recent commotion about that sick, mentally disturbed, child predator - pedophile, John Mark Karr for endless weeks.

John Mark Karr, however, not only unbelievably wound up "scott-free" after all the "brouhaha" about his false, "delusional," involvement in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, and afterwards of his child pornography charges in California; but got himself a "Business Class seat" on his extradition flight out of Thailand, where he'd gone to indulge in his revolting pedophiliac practices of having sex with children, with an in-flight "Gourmet Filet Mignon and Lobster Dinner" served with "Chardonnay," while being surrounded by swarms of "fawning" reporters into the bargain; and is now awaiting to become a "rich, sick, pedophile," after he signs a book deal about the whole unbelievably fumbled and sordid story.

And one has to pertinently ask: Where is the naive "banality" of our electorate going to lead us when our "conservative" electorate is the most prone to be distracting itself with all these tabloid cases?

While many conservatives naively followed all these "made for TV tabloid reportages" the Democrats have waged an unrelenting campaign against President Bush, his Administration, and its policies; which has aided our enemies in Iraq by providing them with ample "propaganda" fodder to discredit the efforts of the U.S. internationally, and has emboldened radical Islamist terrorists the world over, to join the worldwide "Jihad".

It's not, as the Democrats disingenuously say, the "war in Iraq" which has inflamed Jihadist passions, so much as it has been the on-going unrelenting barrage of negative coverage by the "Elite" media, and the constant whining, criticism, and condemning of the Democrats in Washington, constantly trumpeted in the media, about everything concerning the war in Iraq and President Bush's policies! The Democrats and their "pet" media have been indulging in a public campaign orgy of disparaging remarks, of defamation, and of misinformation against President bush and the Administration, in their heedless "vendetta" to undermine and embarrass them, for no other reason than base political purposes.

At a critical time last year, when President Bush needed the support and involvement of his conservative base the most to work up to these upcoming mid-term elections, most conservatives where too "enthralled" following distracted the Holloway case to be more actively "politically" involved.

The same can be said of all the sensationalist tabloid news coverage that followed, including the Duke Lacrosse and John Mark Karr fiascos. But the Holloway case has the dubious distinction of having persisted in the "limelight" the longest! This no doubt thanks in great part to Fox News keeping the "dead horse" of a story artificially alive way beyond what would have been its normal "natural news cycle" - a disservice they did to their "conservative audiences," which they purportedly target and serve, by immersing them constantly for months in all the attending "banality" while the world literally tittered on the brink all around us.

In the meantime, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, and their "George McGovern," "Viet Cong flag wielding," " anti-war," "cut-and-run," Democratic ilk, have relentlessly launched their "salvos" day to day, engaged in the spewing of their daily dose of " rhetorical leftist venom," and engaged in their hallmark "obstructionism" on the Senate floor; too obsessed with their "liberal progressive agenda," in viciously expressing their "Bush hatred," and hell-bent in "regaining political power," to, frankly, give a rat's ass about Natalee... or anyone else, for that matter!!!

Now days before an election, the media has "overblown" the Mark Foley sex scandal, even though, amazingly, some of these news organizations, like ABC, had been "sitting" on the information for months, with total disregard for the danger it posed to our underage Pages in Congress - talk about "selectively releasing it" at the time when it would make the greatest political impact in favor of the Democrats.

And now the Democrats have seized on the sleazy improprieties of that cursed, hypocritical, Republican "closet-fag," to "wrap themselves" in the mantle of "morality," and pretend to be exceedingly "indignant" about the disgraced Congressman's "pubescent-girl-styled-advances" of improper sexually explicit IM messages to Pages; no doubt in the hopes that disillusioned conservative voters would, out of "Moral Indignation," vote for the "Party of All Things Immoral"! Wow! What a sick and twisted bit of irony would that turn out to be.

Democrats salivate, not only at the seat left vacant by Foley's resignation, but at the thought of embroiling as many other Republicans as possible in some imaginary "cover-up" or some other wrong doing in relation to the scandal, with the help of the media, in order to get more Republicans to resign - fifteen of them would be an ideal number for the Democrats, in their opinion.

This, hypocritically, when they themselves, have a long and distinguished "Pedigree" of sexual misconduct, sexual predations, sexual improprieties, rampant homosexuality, bestiality, sodomy, and every other form of deviant sexuality and moral turpitude within their Party.

Imagine the Democrats being upset with the Foley scandal, having they themselves in their fold, from a President engaging in oral sex at the Oval Office" with an intern (not to mention "necrophilia" when he makes love to Hilary); to Democratic Congressmen such as the infamous Gerry Studds (D-MA), who publicly admitted having a gay affair with a then 17-year-old male Page (which made it fashionable in "Democratic" Washington to be "gay"), and who in spite of being "Censured" by Congress, not only thumbed his nose at Congress and refused to step down, but unbelievably kept being re-elected by his "liberal" Massachusets constituency (where else?!?!) until his retirement in 1996; to Mel Reynolds (D-IL) whom Clinton pardoned, who engaged in "statutory rape" by having consensual sex with a minor; to disgraced Barney Frank (D-MA), who had homosexual relations with a male prostitute minor, and ran a "prostitution ring" for his fellow jolly "Good Ole' Boys" Congressmen in Washington! Talk about cynicism.

Any objective observer will note that for years there has always been a marked "liberal secular progressive" bias in the media. Yet anyone flipping channels in the last few weeks, cannot help but remark how strident and shrill the "Elite" media bias has indeed become as we approach the last days before the elections.

Today on CNN's "The Situation Room," and on "Lou Dobbs Tonight," the headline banners gloated: "Chaos In Iraq!" and "Failed Policy"! With slightly different wording, the same basic message is put out there by CNN day after day 24/7 trying to influence the election! The "Failed Policy" headline alluding to blaming President Bush, of all people, for failing to stop North Korea and its nuclear program.

Of course, in doing their "spin" CNN simply fails to mention a few minor facts, such as that it was the 1994 "Soft Water Reactor" treaty made by the Clinton Administration with North Korea, negotiated by then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, which "naively" provided them with the resources, technology, and ultimately, the fissionable material, with which they have created the plutonium which they now use for their fledging atomic "alchemical experiments".

It was not Bush, but the Clinton Administration, which provided the North Koreans, not only with the means, but the funding with which they surreptitiously launched their present nuclear weapons program at "full speed ahead" under the very noses of President Clinton and his cronies! And not only that! At the time, the Clinton Administration also provided North Korea with much needed fuel to keep their economy from collapsing, as well as with billions of dollars in so called "humanitarian" food aid, intended for the starving civilian population, which however found its way not into the hands of the starving people of North Korea, but into the hands of the army and the military, and helped to further buttress the regime chronically plagued by famine.

Another observation CNN cynically fails to mention, is that after having blasted President Bush and his Administration for "having acted unilaterally without consulting with our European allies" - namely France, Germany, Russia, and all those nations with "vested interests" as were in the "pockets" of Saddam as proven by the "Oil for Food Scandal" at the U.N. - on so many occasions (oblivious to the "Coalition of the Willing" Multinational forces in Iraq, comprised originally of 49 nations which are participating, and or have participated in the endeavor), now the Democrats in turn, are also criticizing the Administration for having engaged all this time in having "multi-lateral," "Six Party Talks," with North Korea, involving China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea - the other major players in the region - instead of having "one on one" "bi-lateral" talks with the North Koreans.

As Senator Hilary Clinton was quick to splurt-out in a recent accusatory statement imputing as a, quote: "failure of the policies of the Administration", that the Bush Administration had not engaged in such "one on one talks" with Kim Jong-il and his totalitarian regime, Democrats claim disingenuously, that this is why the North Koreans have resorted to pursuing their nuclear ambitions - just as if we were talking not about a tyrannical madman and his Rogue State, but a "Po', Lil', child craving for attention" neglected by that "mean, Ole', Bush Administration"! It's simply amazing how the media and the Democrats "turn night into day" and "spin" everything on its head! Leave it to the "Hate Bush" Democrats, to damn Bush when he does as they say, as well as when he doesn't do as they say! But, of course, in their mendacity, what else can be expected?

Going back to the Foley affair, it is also worth noting here, that as the Korean nuclear crisis developed, and was being reported upon, and discussed on other networks, CNN has persisted in devoting a sizeable chunk of its air time to perpetuating the Mark Foley scandal, no doubt trying at all costs to keep it "alive" in the forefront of the news, aware that the Korean nuclear "impasse" may actually be detrimental to their pro-Democratic agenda, by helping Republicans, who are much stronger in national security issues at the polls.

We also have seen how just weeks before the election, Bob Woodward has openly admitted that he was pressured by both his Editors at the Washington Post, and his publisher Simon & Schuster, to come out with his controversial book, "State of Denial," just right before the elections; obviously wishing to rile the Democratic base with his contentions that "Bush deceived the American people about the war" (by being too optimistic), and trying to negatively influence the outcome of the elections in favor of the Democrats.

It is also worth noting, that lately a whole cottage industry bevy of liberal polls seemed to have pop-up of late, inundating us every ninety minutes or so, with all sorts of numbers, predictions, and projections, all of which clearly indicate that in fact the Democrats have already won, and wrested control of both, the House, and the Senate, from Republicans in the mid-term elections! Never mind, that the elections have not even been held yet! After all, that is only a slight "technicality".

Makes you think, why would we even take the trouble to go and vote, when it is already a "given," a "certainty" that the Democrats will be triumphant in November, regardless of how we vote?!?! I mean, did Time magazine's latest issue not show on its cover the back of an Elephant with downcast head, fading into the sunset into the future?!?! What better authority than The New York Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, Time Magazine, and all other such publications?!?! How can us poor "conservative oafs" and "Red State clodhoppers" have the audacity of even questioning the liberal prophetic veracity of their foregone secular progressive conclusions?!?! Remember: "Mother Pelosi knows best" and she already bought the curtains for her office as "Speaker of the House" to prove it.

Of course, all these polls fail to mention at the outset such "minutiae" as that, as in one particular case, over 60% of those "polled" were registered "Democrats," and that in more credible polls 55% of all those asked, though critical of Congress in general, said that they were satisfied with their own Congressmen, which, "Oh the horror," would mean that most incumbents would most likely keep their seats, including Republicans! But, after all, why confuse the readers and the viewers with such unsavory details.

It is almost as if by repeating and chanting their mantra of a preconceived victory as a fact, Democrats are trying to impose their political wishful thinking upon us all in some form of alien "alternate reality,"or by virtue of some Wiccan witchcraft - so ironically appropriate to their godless anti- Christian bias.

The barrage of negative publicity against Republicans in the media is a concerted effort on many fronts! It is so persistent and pervasive, that one really has to question how can Republicans realistically counter it, even with far more campaign funding and "get-out-the -vote efforts"?!?! After all, no matter how plentiful Republican campaign commercials and "eight second sound bytes" may be, they cannot possibly compete with the massive onslaught of pro-Democratic, 24/7 propaganda at CNN, MSNBC, ABC,CBS, and their ilk, and in the virulent anti-Bush liberal press media in America.

And one has to wonder how we all allowed this to get so crazy?!?! How can the moderate, conservative, traditionalist, American majority be able to uphold their values, and even be able to voice their views and opinions and be heard, under such a monstrous liberal, secular progressive "Juggernaut" machine of leftist propaganda and misinformation, crushing all dissent with their biased "agenda" in its wake?

The secular progressive, leftists, liberal "Elite" media have hijacked our means of communication in America! It now relentlessly bombards us, imposing with its monopoly of the print media, the entertainment industry, and the airwaves, their secular views upon us all irrespective of our own concerns, values, and opinions; trying to morph America into one cesspool of multicultural, multi-ethnic, moral relativism, and a morass of immorality and sexual deviance.

It is actively choking and stifling the voices of conservatives throughout the nation, and at this point brazenly abusing the access of their "mediums" to almost openly advance their secular political agenda, and promote the victory in November of their leftists allies, the Democrats! One only has to look at the recent incidents at Columbia, and other universities, where we see the rise of a new wave of intolerance and violence by these new breed of "Leftist Fascists," which have been "indoctrinated" by the liberal, far-left, secular, sectors of our society.

We only have to see these Marxist, socialist, leftist, students in action - a throw back to the radical, Viet-Cong flag wielding, rebels of the sixties just as much as the present Democratic "obsession" with identifying Iraq as another Viet Nam - to see how "pervasive" this corrosive "Elitist" cultural and media "indoctrination" has become.

Not only has it taken over our means of communication, but permeates Academia, and rears its ugly head in many other niches of our society, notably within our burgeoning government bureaucracy.

These students at these universities give us a glimpse of what will await America if this alarming trend continues unchecked.

These new leftist, fascist, secular progressive, liberal elements will not allow anyone, other than those upholding their views, to exercise their "Freedom of Speech".

When members of the Minuteman Project, and its founder Jim Gilchrist, showed up recently at Columbia University where they were invited to speak, these young, fledgeling, "Leftist Fascists" stormed the stage, knocked down the podium, unfurled banners with their hateful ideology (some of it, suspiciously enough in Arabic, unbelievably claiming "the Holocaust never happened"), threatening Mr. Gilchrist and his companions with aggravated assault and violence, and drowning with their chanting of Marxist slogans, in a sea of communist-like raised fists, all dissent; while the University Security and Faculty, watched-on non-chalantly, impassive, without intervening to stop the mayhem.

But of course this is nothing new! In a similar manner, at other "liberal universities" conservatives are "booed" down and not allowed to speak by uncouth jeers and shouting of insults and obscenities, or have pies thrown at them, or are met by angry protesters banging on the doors of the auditorium in an effort to interrupt the event.

And one is faced with the very pertinent question: "And who do you suppose these individuals, carrying out these acts, will politically support and vote for in these upcoming elections?!?!" The Republicans or the Democrats?!?! The answer should be obvious, is exceedingly alarming, and is at the crux of the matter.

We need to take America back! The Democrats and the left have insidiously lashed back, in their vendetta against Bush and the Republicans for their humiliating defeats of the past, and will stop at nothing to regain their political power to once again shove down their godless, immoral, secular progressive agendas down our throats; while conservative Americans have been deluding themselves, mostly oblivious to the threat it poses to their very "way of life," by indulging in the "banality" of "distracting" themselves, day in and day out, with "tabloid" matters such as the Holloway media circus in Aruba, the Duke Lacrosse farce, and the John Mark Karr brouhaha, instead of addressing the duplicity and outright treason of the Democrats, and the media which serves them and their agenda, and the threat their multicultural, defeatist ideology of "appeasement" pose to our future, and the safety and national security of this nation! Not in vain many of those, still living, who went through it all before in pre-WWII Europe, are comparing with increasing apprehension bordering on "Déjà Vu" the attitudes of "appeasement" and "defeatism" of the Democrats, with that of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who only retreated and conceded in the face of Hitler's Nazi aggression, to ultimately unleash the blood bath that drowned the world, and all the horrors of the Concentration Camps and of the a war; something we must never allow to happen again today, by similarly retreating and conceding ("cut-and-run") in the face of the ominous threats posed by the rise of Islamofacism, Islamic terrorism, and the increasingly looming nuclear threats posed by North Korea, and Iran.

We must get up and vote on November 7th! We must fight back, and show the "Boisterous Immoral Minority," that indeed the "Silent Moral Majority" does have a voice, and that we will be heard, in spite of the fact they are already claiming a victory not yet in their grasp! They will not "boot us off the stage" as their Marxist "spawns" did the Minuteman at Columbia University, to impose their hateful ideology, and their moral, and spiritual bankruptcy upon us all, against our will.

The time is long overdue for real Americans to rise up and be heard while there's still an America to be heard from.

Posted by Althor at October 11, 2006 3:35 PM

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