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October 17, 2006

Greta Van Susteren Hits New Low: Interviews John Mark Karr On Her Program!

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

John Mark Karr was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren in her show "On The Record" last night on Fox.

Even the lowest elements in society have some remnant of scruples hidden somewhere within the farthest recesses of their degenerate selves, such as "Honor amongst thieves," or some other actions, that even they find so repulsive, or demeaning, that they will not engage in them, in spite of whatever other depravities, crimes, and vices, they may otherwise indulge in without the least compunction about it.

I am sorry to say that Greta Van Susteren has reached a new low journalistically, that not even the scummiest tabloid media would have dared equal, and seems to have no such remnant scruples, by interviewing that sick, psycho, pedophiliac pervert of John Mark Karr on her TV show, giving him a new platform from which to spew more of his lies and his dark grotesque fantasies, and remain in the "limelight;" giving the sick bastard the notoriety he so avidly craves! He was literally glowing with ebulliency at being interviewed on TV.

It is truly a shame, since whenever Greta has reported on "real news and issues" her reportages have been excellent. But alas! She seems devoted to the perpetuation of sordid tabloid matters, such as those she has so doggedly persisted to keep alive in her show for months, beyond the natural life of their news cycle! With all that is happening throughout the world, it's not like she has to recur to these sordid subjects that she's usually been covering, in order to have something to talk about in her programs.

Haven't we all had enough of following this perverted, sick man, who went to Thailand to indulge in his pedophilia, who falsely inserted himself into the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, to only get a much publicized free Business Class air ride to the States, while eating "Filet Mignon" and drinking "Chablis" en route, and being fawned upon by a bevy of reporters all intent on getting his attention?!?! That is all he craves: "Attention".

Haven't we all had enough of the media Hype, and the farce in Colorado, where the DA did not do her homework, and, oops!, found out too late that his DNA didn't match that related to the Ramsey murder after all the brouhaha.

Haven't we had enough with the pathetic performance of the prosecutors in California, that so fumbled the evidence against this man on the charges pending against him on child pornography, that this clown is now walking free on our streets; once again a menace to our children.

Haven't we all had enough of him, that we also need to hear from his own vermin snout, his twisted rationale, and his self-centered effeminate delusions on our TV screens; as if this poor excuse for a human being was a "celebrity"?!?! What could he possibly tell us worth our listening to?!?! And what is Greta thinking.

It is sad indeed, in the face of all the challenges we face as a nation, when people are being distracted by all this tabloid garbage! No wonder the Islamofacists see us, stupefied, avidly following such garbage, and they but feel the more loath and contempt for us as and our banality as a nation! Amazing.

Posted by Althor at October 17, 2006 4:09 AM

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