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October 9, 2006

A little Amish girl

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During these past few weeks, America has witnessed an alarming increase in the number and frequency of grisly deaths of students across our land. This trend of violence should not be surprising; from kindergarten through high school, our children are exposed to a perverse system that no longer teaches right from wrong. Today's youth and young adults are turning on themselves and a society that they are obviously very angry with. (Marie Jon)
If the following excerpts from ABC News don't bring tears to your eyes and a feeling of compassion in your heart - you have no heart:
Oct. 5, 2006 -- The oldest of the five Amish girls shot dead in a Pennsylvania schoolhouse is said to have stepped forward and asked her killer to "Shoot me first," in an apparent effort to buy time for her schoolmates.

Rita Rhoads, a midwife who delivered two of the victims, told ABC News' Law and Justice Unit that she learned of 13-year-old Marian Fisher's plea from Fisher's family.

What's more, Fisher's 11-year-old sister Barbie, who survived the shooting, allegedly asked the gunman, Charles Carl Roberts IV, to "Shoot me" second, Rhoads said.

"They were amazing," Rhoads said, 'absolutely amazing. There was a tremendous amount of calm and courage in that schoolroom."

Yes, there was indeed a tremendous amount of calm and courage in that schoolroom, but also great love, and it was there amidst incredible horror. But what are we to make of all this and other such violence that is going on in our schools across the country? What's changes have occurred during the last few years to cause all of this insanity?

Marie Jon, writing at Spero News, offers some insight on what has changed, what may be behind the insanity that is now so prevelant in our schools and throughout our society::

... The education our youth receive today is drastically different from that reflected in the above wisdom. From their earliest years, it fosters rivalry and self-centeredness, which of course includes sexual immorality. The love of God and country is ridiculed by those who have a divergent agenda from that of the forefathers of our nation. Liberalism thrives in our classrooms and endangers the moral and physical safety of our youth.

... America's youth is being indoctrinated into a base mindset that will bring them nothing but personal harm and, eventually, end up polluting our society with crime and dysfunction.

... for decades, progressives have turned our institutions into breeding grounds for generations of self-centered people who are more lovers of pleasure than lovers of God.

... We are witnessing the fall of a civilized nation, a nation that has strayed from its foundation of America's Judeo-Christian beliefs. We have allowed secular groups to toss us to and fro in this game of moral ambiguity. They want to remove the Lord from the public arena. Traditionalists are God-centered people. They are the only ones left to challenge and stop groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and not be intimidated by them.

Removing prayer from the classroom has emboldened the spread of the secular movement that prioritizes "Heather Has Two Mommies" over civics and basic traditional education. The theory of evolution is being taught as a true science, which is neither logical nor intellectually honest. It is a hypothesis.

The theory taught alone robs students of their self-worth. The definition of true education must be clearly redefined and reshaped with balance. Both evolution and intelligent design should be taught in the public school systems, and allowed to stand on their own merits.

True education includes the value of scientific knowledge and literary accomplishments. It should also teach the values and power of good character. The world needs men and women who possess more than just great intellect. It needs people with noble character based on Godly principles.

Continue reading, "A little Amish girl."

The fact that our society has so many sick, perverted, and dangerous people like Charles Roberts, the murderer of the five innocent little Amish girls, speaks volumes about the validity of much of what Marie Jon says. But I find it difficult to believe that a fix is now possible, given the extent that our society has plunged into the abyss of moral relativism and the prevalence of the perverse system Jon speaks of that no longer teaches right from wrong.

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Posted by Richard at October 9, 2006 7:49 PM

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