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October 2006

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October 31, 2006

Election Coverage Favors Democrats
Ex-official: Muhammad reveals key to overcoming jihadists
Audio: John Kerry on America's lazy, uneducated military (Updated)
Democrats Counter Bush Attack With Anti-Iraq Ads

October 30, 2006

What happened to all of our readers?
Jihadi Christmas?
Halloween HamNation - Dems Acting Freaky
About Nifong's Duke Rape Case
Michael J. Fox Admits He Hasn't Read The Bill That He Supported In His Ad!
On 'Hollyweird' And The Campaign Trail
New Jersey Same-Sex Ruling May Energize Conservatives
Because They Hate
Harold Ford - Trying to Capture Christian Vote: Republicans don't love God, But Democrats Do
Burkas In Florida?
Interested In Helping TheTerrorists?

October 29, 2006

To Win In Iraq, Must Rummy And Cheney Go?
A Case For The Term 'Islamofascism': How Hebollah killed (Arab) Civilians

October 28, 2006

Keeping False Hope Alive For A Dem war plan
Australia's A 'Nuclear Threat'?
Ancient Democrat Found

October 27, 2006

On 'Warming Under the Collar'
More On Why We Must Fight Back The Jihadists Wherever They Are: Wake-UP!...and Smell the Threat (Parts 1 through 4)
Richard Miniter Interviews Dr. Paul Belien Of The Brussels Journal On The Slow Demise Of Europe
Why They Hate Us
Obsession: Radical Islam Part 8 - We've Been Here Before...
On The Present Democratic "Mindset" And The Safety Of Our Nation In An America Divided By Such Twisted Partisan Ideology!
Dear DNC: I'm All Ready To Vote The Straight Democratic Ticket - Just Tell Me The Plan
On Robert Spencer's 'Spencer: The Truth About Muhammad'
Russia: 'UN Peacekeepers Unlikely To Disarm Hizballah
Censored! - Charlotte Wyatt Blog
Republican Googlebomb #2 Of 2: Operation YouTube!

October 26, 2006

Wow - How Did I Miss This: 'We're Muslim-Americans - kill us, too'
'Killed By Wishful Thinking'
12 Congressmen Demand Pardon For Border Agents
The Kennedy KGB Letter

October 25, 2006

Iran, Hezbollah charged in 1994 Argentine bombing
George Bush Unplugged
On The Difference Between D's and R's
The Best Online Republican Political Ads
The Truth About Muhammad: It could be anywhere
'Party-Approved' Ads
On CNN 's Terrorist Outreach Initiatives
Video: Big media is too liberal, ABC News honcho tells O'Reilly
Beccy Cole: 'Poster Girl" on the Wrong Side of the World
Looking At The Hate Propaganda That Islamists Teach Children
Is This The 'Forced Conversion The Media 'Forgot''
'The Only Good Sniper...'
On The Insanity Of What The "Blame America" Crowd Believes: An Appropriate Reply!

October 24, 2006

Arizona's Janet Napolitano Supports Driver's Licenses for Illegals
New David Zucker Uncensored Taxman Ad
Word association: "I say 'Democrat.' You say..."
How Reagan Would Handle Islamism
Thanks to the Pope, Now We're Talking
He Just Voted Republican
Noble Laureate Muhammed Yunus vs. Osama Bin Laden

October 23, 2006

NYT-ea culpa: Times' Byron Calame Acknowledges 'Error'
Of God And Gold
Famous Pakistani Religious Leader Advocates Killing Ahmediya Muslims
Why Does This Man Still Have A Job With The State Department?
On 'Islam's Useful Idiots'
The Election 2006 Republican Googlebomb
Vladimir Putin Is A Disgusting Human Being
Media Working Hard To Cover Up 'Muslim' Violence
'Islamo-skepticism' Fuels Bans Of Muslim Veils Across Europe
Venezuela: anti-Americanism not considered when exporting to US
"Elite" Media All But Already Called Result Of November Elections Even Before The Votes Are Casted: They Claim Democrats As Winners!
Moratinos and the Marshall Plan Africa needs

October 22, 2006

Weekend Posting Break

October 20, 2006

Iraqi Army, Sadr's Mahdi Army Battle in Amara
When War Is The Only Option That's Left
Democrat Staffer Suspended in Investigation of NIE Leak
On An Email From Crew And An Interesting Article About Soros And The Democratic Party

October 19, 2006

To Be A Democrat You Have To Believe That ....
Has The Left Gone Stark Raving Mad?
Iraqi Leaders Call For Moment Of Violence During Ramadan (Satire)
Exposing Islam: An "Apostate" Opinion
Scientists Say Genetically-Engineered Form Of Adenovirus Targets Cancer Cells
Women Should Know Their Limits
Olbermann Suggests 'Lying' Bush as Much a 'Threat' as Terrorists
Better 'Over There' Than Here!
George W. Bush's 'Tet Comparison' And The Media's Distorted Promotion Of It

October 18, 2006

Web Site Claims NFL Stadiums to Be Bombed
On Islam And The West - 'The Real Problem'
Rove foresees GOP victory
New U.S. Space Priority Emphasizes Security
Israel's Ready-Response To Iran Nukes
On 'Netroots' And The Democratic Left - Swimming In A Sea Of Hate And Hype

October 17, 2006

Greta Van Susteren Hits New Low: Interviews John Mark Karr On Her Program!
French UNIFIL commanders say it will fire at IAF overflights
North Korea Preparing For Possible Second Nuclear Test ?

October 16, 2006

PROTV Exclusive Video Footage Of Chinese Soldiers Killing Tibetan pilgrims
Christian Ministers Murdered in Indonesia (War?)
Terrorist's Lawyer Gets Wrist Slap (Updated)
On Bad Faith - 'The Grievance Reflex' And Islamophobia
The 'Homer Simpson Effect' Turns Out To Be True - Fat Lnked To Loss Of Intelligence
On The Decline Of Married Households And The Decline Of America
Meet The Proposed House Leadership
Severely Wounded Little Iraqi Girl Comforted In Arms Of U.S. Airman
U.S. Said to Be Secretly Holding 9/11 Suspect
About Musharraf's Deal With The Taliban
To No One's Surprise, The October Follies Have Arrived
Boeing Begins Flight Tests - Laser Gunship Program
U.S. Government Agency Blocking Conservative Blogs
Venezuela can be the most important buyer of weapons of the decade

October 15, 2006

Hawaii Suffers Earthquake
Baby Killers

October 14, 2006

THE MODERATE MARTYR: A radically peaceful vision of Islam.
Hamas wants to attack United States interests in Middle East

October 13, 2006

The Price Of The International Communities' ''Shillyshallying''
Bush Bash Costume Party In Chicago
Sleep Apnea
Air America Radio Files for Chapter 11
Harry Reid's Interventions And Family Connections
UN Fizzles Again Over North Korea Nuke Blast
Schoolgirl Arrested For Refusing To Study With Pupils Who Didn't Speak English

October 12, 2006

The NYT Thinks 'Cowboy Diplomacy' Is 'Looking Pretty Good' These Days
British Muslim Convert Confesses To Bomb Plot To Blow up NY Stock Exchange
Announcement Of 'Lack Of Perpetual Outrage'
Natalee Holloway "Readers" Ask For More
Apple's 'Mecca Project' Insults Islam ? (Updated)
Landmark Decision By A Grand Jury: Senate Democrats Scrambling For Cover Afraid They'll Be Next!!!
Egypt: Christian Girl Escapes Muslim Kidnappers
Will Reid's Land Deal Create 'Hang-Ups' For Dems' '?

October 11, 2006

The Soros Shadow Party, Foley, And The FBI
Clinton And The Kosovo Whopper
Our 'World' War Is With Radical Islam
Hey Harry, Tell Us More About The Land Deal You Don't Want To Talk About
Small Plane Hits New York City Building (Updated)
Media Sensationalism, "Elite" Media Bias, And The "Banality" Of The American Conservative Majority: How It Is Affecting The Upcoming Elections!
Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center
Washington Post Acknowledges Democrats Role In Foleygate
New Liberal Death Count Claims 770 Violent Iraqi Deaths Daily!!
About That Arizona 9/11 Memorial
The David Zucker Albright Ad (and more) - Not PC Enough For The GOP

October 10, 2006

Post Graduate Level Al-Taqiyya: 'Iran Condemns Atomic Weapons After North Korea Test'
Mexico Wants UN To Block U.S. Border Fence
Top Qaeda leader urges fighters to hit White House
Appetite-Fighting Molecule May Fight Obesity
Was North Korea's Nuke 'More Fizz Than Pop'? Where We Go From Here?
A Telemarketer's Nightmare
Tribute to a great woman
Somali Islamists Declare 'Jihad' On Ethiopia
Is North Korea The Wrong Focus?

October 9, 2006

Mark Foley Falls Victim To Fitter (And Slicker) Species
Byzantine Emperor Apologizes to Muslims For Quote
A little Amish girl
On Psychology Of Muslims
Now A 'Coffee Jihad'?
On The Democratic Response To The North Korean Nuclear Test: Only Democrats...
Democrats, Soros, And The Shadow Party
Hundreds Of Iraq Police Are Poisoned
Fighting Terrorism 101 - Use Hydrogen Not Oil
New NBC Show Attacks Christianity

October 8, 2006

Breaking: North Korea conducts first-ever nuclear test (Updated)
Iranian Ayatollah Arrested For Advocating Separation Of Religion And Politics

October 7, 2006

'Truth Talk' To The Muslim World

October 6, 2006

Beren's Road From Marxist , Atheist, Antiwar Activist - To Republican
'Bad News' For Tax-Raising Democrats
The "Governator" Once Again In "Hot Water" For Comments He Just Made! (More Like In "Hot Chili Peppers" Instead of "Hot Water"!)
America's Sin Is One Of Hesitation.
Academic Free Speech In Free Fall At Columbia University; Minutemen Greeted With Fists Instead Of Dialogue
MSM Finally Notices Online Jihad at YouTube, Google
Scientific Experimentation without Limits
You don't have to be against abortion to ....
Susan, Is That You, Or Just Another One Of Barney Frank's "Street Walkers" ?

October 5, 2006

Censoring Ourselves Is No Way to Fight Terrorism
Spencer on the Redeker death threats at Hotair
French Police Say Muslims Are Waging Civil War Against Them
Connecticut Senate: Lieberman Lead Reaches Double Digits
Hawaii Democrats Pay for Foley Scandal
The Democrat's "Pedigree" Of Inappropriate, Deviant, Sexual Behavior, And The New Found "Moral Outrage" Of The Party "Of All Things Immoral"!
Foley Sleeze - It Ain't Just For Republicans (Should We Vote By 'Sleeze Factor')
Email From A "Typical" Democrat Supporting Chavez?
Iraq army arrests 251 terrorists
17 potential suicide bombers arrested in Afghanistan

October 4, 2006

Experimenting on the Worthless
Once Again The "Double Standard" Of The "Elite" Media And Of The Democrats Becomes Blatantly Clear!
Foley Lawyer Cites Alcohol, Childhood Abuse
Reduced Smoking Called Key to Male Drop in Cancer Mortality
CNN Enlists CAIR To Attack Rep. Peter King
Is 'You Tube' Managed By Jihadist-Supporting Leftist Dhimmis?
Islamic Scholar Says Koran Has Flaws - Needs To Be Reinterpreted For Today
Bush Seeks Ban On Bottom Trawling
Religious Freedom In Iran: Discrimination, Forced Mass Conversions
Muslim on Muslim Violence: What Drives It? (And Where Is It Taking Us)

October 3, 2006

CAIR Shuts Down Free Speech - Again
Call The Dem's Bluff On Iraq!
Iran, Star Trek, And The Future
Syria, Iran intelligence services aided Hizballah during war
97 Reasons Democrats Are Weak On Defense And Can't Be Trusted To Govern In Wartime
'Another Ramadan Muslim holy day, another round of Muslim-on-Muslim killings'
Iraqi Tribes unite to drive Al Qaeda out of Anbar Province
Foley And The Democratic Playbook

October 2, 2006

New Blood Test Detects Lung Cancer
The Foley Story Is 'Getting Wierd'
Bob Woodward Admits Timing For Publishing His Bombshell Book Meant To Influence Elections!!!
Why Does The Left Support Islamist Fascism?
Original Videos Of Atta And al-Qaeda
Bobble Head Mohammad - It's Simply Free Speech
Paraphrasing Isaiah: "No Peace for Islamists' - 'Religion of Perpetual Rage,' saith the Lord!"
Some Sobering Thoughts About The Upcoming Elections: Sometimes Failure Is Not An Option!
Gene Found That Helps Fight MS
Eight die as Gaza factions clash

October 1, 2006

The Five Key Myths of Woodward's Book
Hero SF Soldier and Pacifist Nurse - Forever Allied By War
More Good News From Iraq - 'Iraqis hate al-Qaeda, too'
On Re-Writing History!