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September 4, 2006

Washington Post Continues To Whitewash Radical Islam (As does most of the MSM)

Topics: Understanding Islam
Take home question: Why does The Washington Post, the NY Times and most of the rest of the mainstream media push so much of our enemy's propaganda for them?

Today the Washington Post (hat tip - Little Green Footballs) has one of their typical Islamist appeasing articles - this time about the Muslim Students Association (and other radical front groups) that goes into great depth about the humiliation and discrimination they face on US campuses without containing a single word about the MSA's well-documented history of radicalism, Jew-hatred, and connections to terrorism.

LGF has been covering this Wahhabi front group for years, as have others, and information about their radicalism is readily available on the web.

So why doesn't the Washington Post inform their readers about this? Why does the rest of the MSM fail to divulge the terrorist ties of the Islamist groups that they write so favorably about and solicit sympathy for?

Related: Wizbang offers a perspective that the MSM should read.

Don Singleton adds: "They probably feel that having their past leaders get arrested and/or deported on charges of supporting terrorists is a form of oppresssion. They would say they were just exercising their free speech. However the Constitution is not a Suicide Note."

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Posted by Richard at September 4, 2006 5:42 PM

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