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September 21, 2006

Some People 'Really Don't Get It'

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A commenter posted at our, "So What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say At The End Of His Speech That The Media Failed To Tell Us?" (unedited):

Are you serious? do you actually believe what you yourself say? the problem with you people is that you can read anything you want in waht your "enemies" say, to justify your hateful crimes and actions. And yet, you cannot find fault anything in waht you yourselves do.

and the problem is that you are not well-informed enough. when tehs ources you cite are rush limbaugh, you take out the very foundation of any argument you would have.

go learn things, go understand sayings of other religions and cultures before you misinterpret them and use them to "nuke" innocent people.

you konw in thailand, the polite way of ending sentences to say a word which literally means "your god is my god". this also happens to be the word for Yes.

you people would probably, iff you required it for your goals, would interpret that as meaning they are christians!
go educate yourselves and learn some tolerance and understanding.


From the looks of it, having comments from Rush Limbaugh was enough to have the commenter blow a fuse. I quess he/she failed to read the other well sourced links in the post. The fact that every Limbaugh comment was confirmed by several other sources was apparently of no consequence to our moonbat friend from Thailand (?)

One thing we can say about ole Rush - he does have a way of making moonbats come completely unglued. Of course I'm always amazed at how moonbats read with an agenda in mind, sort of like failing to engage brain before trying to think.

I usually don't pick on commenters, but our well-meaning, naive, uninformed (and he/she called us uninformed???) friend is just a little too far out in left field (no pun intended here) to ignore.

Besides, he/she gave a phoney name and email address - no cojones! However, we never divulge names or email addresses anyway.

Posted by Richard at September 21, 2006 5:18 PM

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