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September 13, 2006

"Radical Christians as Dangerous as Radical Islamists" - According to Rosie!

Topics: Culture and Society

In a surprising statement made by Rosie "Testosterone" O'Donnell on the ABC show "The View," that has left even some Democrats aghast, and speechless (mainly because they cringe and shudder at the thought of the political backlash it will generate against them before November), she stated that: "Radical Christianity was just as dangerous as Radical Islam"!!!

To make matters worse, Rosie, a rabid Democrat, known for her secular, liberal, views, and for her activism in favor of, unfettered feminism, gay and lesbian rights, gay marriage, and other far-left "Causes Célèbre", who is vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq, and has been a noted and outspoken critic of President Bush and his policies, made the fateful statement during a heated exchange about the war in Iraq, in the context of defending the murderous, Jihadist terrorists!!!

One has to wonder, aside from her anti-Christian bias and hatred, and of her conviction that all "religion" is evil, on what basis Miss O'Donnell made said comparison, since however she may dislike Christians, as far as I can recall, no one has ever heard of a Christian strapping himself with bombs, with the blessing of Billy Graham or the Pope, and go blow himself up in Castro, in San Francisco, in order to kill "damned" (as in "eternal damnation") homosexuals, along with innocent bystanders! The radical Islamist Jihadist do so to those who do not abide their extremist beliefs every day, almost casually! Killing not only the "hated" American "Infidels," but countless numbers of innocent, fellow Muslim, men, women, and children, without giving it a second thought, immolating themselves non-chalantly in the process!

I wonder how Rosie would feel (and what her last thoughts would be), if indeed she'd be right in her "askew" comparison, and a "Radical Christian" showed up at the show, strapped with explosives and Holy Water and Escapularies, praying "Hail Marys" outloud, and he blew himself up in order to clean-up her over-licked "carpet" The View?!?! Hell, the "Radical Islamist" do it all the time, and she sticks up for them! Doesn't she say they're both just as bad?!?!

I wonder what "Baba Wawa" (Barbara Walters), creator of the show, must be thinking now about the ill-starred decision, on her part and that of her producer, of adding the acerbic, overfed, "Sappho" to the program's roster after the tumultuous departure of Star Jones, whom Rosie replaced! I am sure that today "Baba" and her producer deeply regret the decision, and would rather send Rosie back to Lesbos!!!

Posted by Althor at September 13, 2006 11:41 PM

This is a repulsively bigoted article, obviously written by a foaming christian fundamentalist. I would ask the author if they know how many serial killers were motivated by religion, christianity, in fact. Disagreeing with a person's sexual orientation does not give you the right to dismiss their views. Reading this filth sickened me, and it is alarming to note how many more of your idiot countrymen would agree with your twisted views.

Posted by: mary whitechurch at February 27, 2007 9:07 AM

Well Mary, I am glad you liked it! For one thing you must admit that having written this back in September, at least I waned mildly prophetic about "Baba Wawa" ruing the day she ever brought that foul mouthed, "traumatized a la James Joyce," shapeless, domineering "Sappho" unto the show, as was later proven by her infamous row with Donald Trump, which no matter which way you look at it has only served to discredit Barbara,and tarnish her reputation.

I am sorry that in your apparent "politically correct" sensitivities you deem my calling an "apple" an "apple" as "repulsively bogited."

For one thing, I am a Catholic, not a
"Fundamentalist Evangelical foaming at the mouth" though I must admit that as such I am tempted to enthusiastically burn Rosie at the stake - you know, it must just the "Inquisitor" in me.

Unfortunately, atrocities, murders, rapes, massacres and all sorts of other bestial and reprehensible acts of barbarity have been committed in the nam of every religion and or belief system, Christianity not the least amongst them; but it is a far cry to equate the obscurantism and barbarity of the past, with the on-going murderous 10th century mentality and rabid tribalism of present day Jihadists, and their total and complete disregard for life.

Of course for those who have made of bashing Christians and Christianity one of the most important goals in their lives, no such argument however valid, will ever have any merit.

As to the filth that sickened you, all religion aside, and just from a totally evolutionary perspective, what amounts to be a repulsive aberration is the homosexual lifestyle that Rosie, you, and others like you, want to ram down the throat of normal heterosexual people, and wish to endow with normalcy and societal acceptance, when it is patently an natural aberration abhorred by natural selection itself, as it negates that fundamental purpose upon which the evolutionary process functions, "the procreation of species," and "the passing of the indispensible genetic information to future generations," upon which all of the fundamentals of life on our planet is based.

Apparently, mostly unable due to their distaste in procreating with members of the opposite sex and other associated psychological baggage that most such human aberrations have, homosexuals have at this point in our evolution, resorted to trying to substitute the transfer of their aberrant genes, by supplanting it with the
"cultural" propagation and perpetuation of their kind, which they now rabidly wish to impose on the rest of the human population.

However, nature always favoring the better adapted to survival within any given population(survival of the fittest), one has to wonder if eventually, due to thier not passing their genes on, in the open pursuit of their aberrant lifestyles, nature will not eventually make homosexuality extinct.

At any rate, just as with Downs syndrome, homosexuality is a genetic aberration which serves no purpose in our evolutionary trajectory, but is at best a handicap that whether through natural selection, or medicine, should be avoided in a fetus and erradicated.

As for more of my "idiot" (what, perhaps you mean Red State clod hoppers?)countrymen agreeing with me, as I expounded, it is rather natural selection and evolution that agrees with me, though my fellow countrymen are rightly upset that anyone should try to ram down such a genetic abeeration down their throats as an "acceptable" alternate lifestly, which from a biological perspective, it is simply not.

Sorry, for being so brutaly honest, Hope that at least you cherish "honesty", and if not, just as Conan the Barbarian said right before his final battle with Doom's henchmen: "The hell with you!"


Althor :)

Posted by: Althor at February 27, 2007 8:12 PM

wow, that certainly showed me! overwhelmed by your arguments, i have no choice but to convert to your faith and fascist views! quoting movies at me has utterly deflated my spirit, why, i feel almost ready to salute your flag!
what people do in their own bedrooms is none of your business, and frankly, i would consider a downturn in the american population growth a wonderful thing, as would much of the rest of the world. i would also add that homosexuality has survived since before the ancient greeks, more than 2000 years, in fact, and has shown no signs of dying out, suggesting rather a gaping hole in your 'genetic' argument.
i will save further criticism of your outdated belief in a magical imaginary friend for when the secret atheist conspiracy has delivered the world into my hands.

Posted by: mary whitechurch at February 28, 2007 5:51 AM

So, now telling you what truly amounts to an "inconvenient truth" (and not Al Gore's green muck of environmentally "warm and fuzzy" leftist propaganda, for all you idiots to applaud at the Oscars) is a "facist" view? That is ironic since when we call the murderous Jihadist terrorists "Islamofacists" (which is actually historically correct given the actual connections there were between Hitler, the Nazis, the Grand Mufti in Palestine, and the Arab Nationalist movement in the 1920's and 1930's) you all get bent out of shape and denounce us to the ACLU! But what can I say?

Now, hold on to your seat so that you don't fall down shocked by the surprise and hurt yourself, but I do agree with you. I could care less what anyone does in the privacy of their bedrooms. However, just because you were born with an aberration (much like those people born with a missing chromosome, or six fingers) doesn't give you the right to shove the societal outcome of your disability, your "societal handicap" down my throat and belittle, mock, and undermine my values, and trump them as well!

As an individual, before the law, you are as equal as anyone. As a gay or a lesbian you should be entitled to diddly-squat (not our fault you were born an aberration of nature), and if well there shouldn't be antiquated laws on the books that would allow the police to invade your privacy and raid your bedroom in order to impose some ancient sodomy law, neither should I have to endure two gay males french-kissing in front of my six-years-old in Disney World, and having him ask me all perplexed what it is that those two men are doing, or watch outrageous displays of impropriety and salaciousness right on the middle of the street on "Gay Day Parade", or having my child being taught in school that gay, abnormal (and yes, as much as you may fret about it heterosexual behavior is the "norm") behavior is not only OK, but acceptable and commendable!

Being gay should not endow you with any special rights! There is nothing to celebrate in "gayness" in the same manner that there is nothing tom "celebrate" in autism, being born deaf or blind, with Down Syndrome, or any other "BIRTH DEFECT"!

Do whatever the hell you want in the privacy of your bedroom. But respect my rights as well to be what I am (heterosexual as nature intended) and my right to raise my offspring thus, without you imposing by "Judicial Fiat" your sick, sexual aberration political agenda on me, shoving your alternate lifestyles on my family and I, and calling us "facist" and "idiots" and "oafs" just because you consider it an "enlightenment" to "lick carpet" or put a penis up your arse, and we are not like you!

And no, a child may be raised by wolves in the wild, and learn to walk on all four (isn't that your favorite position?), but two "gay penguins" (as in the outrageous children's book), two lesbians like Rosie, or two fags (oops, call the politically correct police!) do not constitute a "family" no matter how many times you and your ilk throw a tantrum, jump up and down with gay rage at City Hall, and fret screaming that it does!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have better things to write than being your "penpal", so like I said before: "The Hell with you!" (Go to a carpet store and indulge discreetly in your libido)


Althor (Crisply saluting your flag - which appears, according to you, not to be mine - with a middle finger!)

Posted by: Althor at February 28, 2007 10:15 AM

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