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September 21, 2006

Pro-Israel Rally Against Ahmadinejad At UN 'Not Newsworthy" To MSM

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Meryl at asks if you can find a non-Jewish meda or non-blogger news source for the rally against Ahmadinejad at the UN yesterday, and of course as we already know, the answer is a resounding nyet! The silence is so severe, one would think that we lived in a communist state where all of the media are of one voice - that of the state. And therein lies the problem - the MSM is indeed of one voice, that of the Left, and it is vehemently anti-Israel and Islamo-appeasing. The only news coverage was that of the New York Sun.

As world leaders convened for the second day of the United Nations General Assembly, tens of thousands of supporters of Israel gathered across the street from United Nations headquarters to protest President Ahmadinejad of Iran and to call for the unconditional release of the Israeli soldiers kidnapped on July 12. The international and national leaders who stepped up to the podium also challenged the United Nations to take preventative action against the Iranian leader who threatens the Jewish people with genocide.

... "This is a message to the leaders of the world that we reject Ahmadinejad and his message of hate and the immorality he represents," ...

Speakers at the rally included Foreign Minister Livni, Ambassador Bolton, Governor Pataki, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, and Professor Alan Dershowitz.

... The wife of kidnapped soldier Ehud Goldwasser, Karni Goldwasser, demanded of the United Nations, "Stop talking and start to act," to bring her husband back home.

... Mr. Wiesel chastised the United Nations for welcoming Mr. Ahmadinejad to the General Assembly at all. "A man who brings shame to the world has no place anywhere. He must be excluded from all groups of international nations," he said.

Of the media's silence, Meryl writes:
I checked AP. Nothing. Reuters. Nada. I checked Google News. Nothing. 1010WINS. Nothing. I checked WABC, NY1, all the New York media sites. Gridlock alerts are the only thing you can find about the march. After all, it's not newsworthy. The fact that 2,000 people marched a day earlier to protest the Iraq war? Oh, yeah, that made the news.

35,000 people protesting against a man who wants to "wipe Israel from the map"? Not newsworthy at all. John Bolton speaking? Who? Elie Wiesel? George Pataki? Who?

A commenter at Meryl's site "nails" it: "The liberal MSM talks a good game, but that's it. If 35,000 Jews were in railcars, the only MSM story would be of traffic delays at railroad crossings and a feature on what soccer moms do with bored kids in a stopped suv. 5,000 rockets on Israel. Nada, nothing, zip. Israel drops two precision-guided bombs on a Hezzi bunker, every show for days."

Others covering the story: JTA, Little Green Footballs (HT for the image),

Hat tip - Memeorandum

Posted by Richard at September 21, 2006 10:15 AM

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