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September 11, 2006

On the Shared Goals of the "Elite" Media, the Democrats, and the Left in America: The True "Conspiracy Theory"?!?!

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

On this anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, it is unbelievable how many delusional leftists and Democrats are still mumbling about some sort of outrageous, secret, "conspiracy theory," in which, in their sick twisted minds, it was the United States itself, or Israel, which carried out the attacks on 9/11, so as to be able to wage war on poor, innocent, Muslim Jihadists around the world, and have an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq...for the oil, of course (even though oil prices have shot through the roof contrary to what you would expect had this been the motive!).

Of course, as shrill, irrational, and paranoiac as the Left and the Democrats have become of late, from openly fantasizing about assassinating Bush in a fictitious documentary, to the Clintonistas successfully pressuring ABC to "censor" the contents of its mini-series about the events that led to 9/11 because it depicts the indolence and the incompetence of the Clinton Administration in dealing with Bin Laden and the terrorists (which led to the catastrophe), no lunatic pronouncement or off-the-wall remark on their part is really surprising any more, and is rather to be expected of them no matter how deranged!

But strangely enough, it is increasingly apparent that the opposite may be the sinister truth, and that it is a Leftist, Democrat, "Elitist" media, "cabal," which favors our Jihadist enemies, the one that in sooth does seem to exist, and that said "cabal" has been assiduously manipulating our news since the beginning of the conflict in Iraq, in order to erode at American public opinion in support of the war, to achieve the Democrats' return to power through the total failure of the Administration's policies, with our subsequent defeat and retreat regardless of the consequences, which the Democrats amusingly call "troop re-deployment"!

Case in point, in an interview with V.P. Cheney aired yesterday on "Meet the Press," a bug-eyed, virulent, Tim Russert, barely able to contain his contempt and animosity for his distinguished guest, launched a barrage of thinly veiled accusations at the Vice President concerning the War in Iraq which he scarcely concealed as "questions," almost openly calling Cheney a liar to his face. Eerily, his harangue and his "loaded" questions seemed a carbon copy of the "Dean," "," "Democratic" party line propaganda we hear them spew day to day!

The Vice President, who is far more eloquent than President Bush, ignoring Mr. Russert's derisive, openly hostile, and adversarial attitude, condescendingly systematically corrected Russert in his mis-statements, with facts, and debunked all of his arguments masterfully! What I wish to point out, however, was one of the accusations that Russert leveled against the V.P. about how he (Cheney) had made some televised comments on the days leading to the war that "we would be welcomed in Iraq as 'liberators' " Of course, the way Tim Russert framed the question, it was a given in his view that we were never welcomed as "liberators" in Iraq, and that therefore (the basic premise of all his virulent harangue at the Vice President) Cheney, President Bush, and the Administration had "misled the American people."

And that really struck me, as to how the "Tim Russerts," the "CNNs," the "New York Times," and the all the rest of their brethren "Elite" media have been relentlessly manipulating and in many instances "fabricating" the news from Iraq in order to serve their anti-war, secular progressive, socialist, leftist, Democrat-supporting, cut-and-run, agenda! Because I DO REMEMBER seeing with my own eyes when the Saddam regime was toppled, the cheering crowds in the streets of Baghdad on my TV, kicking and hitting the remnants of the hated bronze effigy of Saddam, cheering and smiling, celebrating, and yes, even carrying signs that read "Thank you Mr. Bush" and "God Bless America"! Of course, Mr. Russert and his ilk would have me believe that it never happened, and that it is all a feverish figment of my sick "right wing" imagination! But it did happen!!!

Another point of contention these "Elitist" demagogues make in their "beloved" negative outlook, is accusing the President of having "spoken too soon" when he said on the USS Abraham Lincoln "Mission accomplished." But, in sooth, when the President made that statement, the military objectives of toppling the Saddam regime and subduing the Iraqi army had indeed been accomplished.

At the time, only a small number of remnant Baathists were still resisting. The so called "ever growing insurgency;" first brought about by hated foreign Jihadists that flooded Iraq to have the chance to fight and kill Americans, and that infiltrated the country through Syria and Iran, with their financial and logistical aid and support; only came later!

The Iraq War has been won militarily, yet there is another war, the "propaganda war," in which our worst enemies have been our own "Elite" media, the Democratic party, and the Left with its "anti-war mongering"!

Because of its ideological agenda, this "cabal" with its "Elite" media, has consistently aided and fueled the "insurgency" with its unrelenting barrage of, negative, sensationalistic, news out of Iraq. Not a day goes by without them reporting more bombings, more death and destruction, focusing not on any accomplishments, but on even the slightest of shortcomings, making mountains out of mole hills, and making dire and ominous predictions all the time!

Many pronouncements they have made, have often anteceded actual occurrences, like twisted, dark, prophecies! It is as if they have the uncanny power to wish something evil, negative, and defeatist to happen so vehemently in front of the cameras, until it really happens!

For instance, in their twisted, sensationalistic, scandalmongering, they turned the actions of a few isolated American soldiers (which had already been investigated and addressed by the Pentagon, and was in the process of being Court Marshalled by the military), in Abu Ghraib into an international media event that tarnished the image of our military around the world, incited more Islamist radicalism and violence all throughout, further endangered our troops in Iraq, and cost the lives of innocent people, like the barbarically beheaded Nicholas Berg, which was incidentally done before the ubiquitous cameras for our "Elite" media to show! Ironically, now, after the US handed the management of Abu Ghraib to the Iraqis, the prisoners are clamoring vehemently, pleading that it be handed back to the Americans!!! Ain't life a bitch!

It is this "Elite" media that portrays America as a "rogue" nation before the rest of the world, notwithstanding that dozens of other, I suppose "rogue," nations have participated, and are still participating in the endeavor in Iraq!

It is this "Elite" media that has been eroding the commitment of the American populace with three years of unrelenting naysaying, pessimism, and undue morbid focus on the carnage, day in and day out on our television screens! Talk about the "Bad News Bears"! Even their comic parodies, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and Stephen Colbert, consistently, savagely criticize, belittle, mock, and ridicule anything the President says or does, all the policies of the Administration regardless of merit, and continuously scandalize about the war in Iraq, thus also aiding, in whatever small way, with their embittered, venomous, political sarcasm, the political "objectives" of their media masters!!!

Light up a firecracker in Baghdad, and you will be immediately surrounded by a mob of reporters and cameramen working for these "Elite" news outlets, ready to hastily report yet another "bloody bombing" to the American people, and administer them their "daily dose" of discouragement with their disparaging news and negative commentaries! The insurgency, taking advantage of this "negativity" are but too happy to oblige, with a "daily diet" of bloodshed, bombings, and mayhem, aimed not at strategical, and military targets, but at anyone they can kill so long as it makes it into the nightly news at CNN et al!!!

I have often wondered how is it possible that when an American Humbee is blown up by a roadside bomb, or a helicopter is downed, or a sniper starts shooting at innocent Shiite pilgrims, there is always an ubiquitous camera rolling to capture the very split second these horrible events take place. It seems as if they are actually being planned and staged to be captured on film!!!

Which begs the question, of how much the unceasing negative coverage of the war by the biased media, has itself promoted more of the unrest and the violence??? Again, many of the dark pronouncements made on TV by those pessimistic, whining reporters, agents of that "Elite" media, such as is the case with the sectarian violence now going on, have been harped upon, pronounced, and pounded on incessantly for days and weeks before such events have taken place, until indeed they have come true! Makes you wonder how much the media itself "suggests" to the insurgency what course to take, and what to do next, with all its defeatist coverage!!!

But, it only gets worse! Recently, during the Israeli attack on Hezbollah in Lebanon, not one night would pass that we would not see Anderson Cooper and his ilk dolefully wringing their hands amidst the rubble in Lebanon, showing us all the destruction and the devastation wrought by the Israelis, with bodies being pulled out of the wreckage, litters with wounded women and children being hurried to makeshift hospitals, and scenes of such utter human misery as to wring the coldest heart!

On our television screens, it verily appeared as if the whole of Beirut had been leveled, and the air attacks and military actions by the Israelis had been more than brutal - nothing short of wholesale "genocide"!!!

However, what Anderson Cooper, Christina Amanpour, Jack Cafferty, Jonathan Hunt, CNN, MSNBC, and all the rest of their fellow "tear-jerkers" and "misery-mongers" did not tell or show you, was that the area they were so assiduously showing us on our television screens, that had sustained such massive destruction leveled by the Israelis, was "Hezbollah Headquarters at Terrorist Central," in the southern suburbs of Beirut, and no bigger than the Beirut "Hypodrome" or race track, while most of Beirut was never touched!!!

Something else they would not mention in their heart-rending reports, was how in order to gain access to the Hezbollah controlled areas, they had to be escorted by Hezbollah "guides" that took them to the sites of devastation of their choice, much like guides take you through the movie sets and backlots at Universal Studios - call it "Universal Studios Beirut / Hezbollah, the Tour"! Here they were allowed to film, only that which Hezbollah wanted the world to see!

But it gets even better!

Remember how after having made much of a stink about the demise of 54 "innocent" people in Qana in the media for days, most of whom allegedly were "women and children," it turned out that the actual number of casualties was not 54, but 28, the numbers having been grossly exaggerated by Hezbollah?!?! And that Israeli aerial surveillance footage later provided to none other than CNN by Israeli Intelligence (a slap in the face by Israeli Intelligence of CNN, one of its most virulent detractors), actually showed Katyushas been fired from out of the structure in question just seconds prior to it being hit by the Israeli retaliatory missile?!?!

And how come a gigantic, monstrous banner, over 30 feet long, using the deaths at Qana to rile anti-Israeli sentiment, all of a sudden appeared at a Beirut rally, unfurled and ready to go, barely a few hours after the attack had taken place, when to design, produce, and print such a huge banner of such high graphic quality, would require days of work with the latest, most modern, ultra-sophisticated printing equipment?!?! Almost as if it all had been "pre-arranged" isn't it?!?!

And how about the Reuter's picture of a view of Beirut, showing where Israeli attacks had taken place, which Reuter's had to retract when it became known that it had been "doctored" to show more and darker billows of smoke, in order to insinuate more carnage and devastation?!?!

Well, now it turns out, after close scrutiny, that many of the pictures of the "dead" and "wounded" in Lebanon we have been shown in the media, were actually "staged" by Hezbollah amidst the rubble!

There is some footage, where a supposedly wounded man is being carried in a litter from the ruins. The camera kept rolling, and thinking that the camera was no longer on, the "wounded" man sits up on one elbow as if to get off the litter. When he realized they were still filming he swooned again into feigned "unconsciousness"! Would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic!!!

Or the picture of the body of the youth killed, pulled from the rubble, which however is conspicuously "clean" though he should by logic be covered from head to toe in the dust of the debris that entombed him! Then in another picture, the very same youth appears, very alive, not even in a different change of clothes, assisting another alleged "victim" ! Huuh ?!?!

Of course, hundreds did die in the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah, but in truth most were either Hezbollah operatives and supporters, or their immediate families. Doubtlessly there were collateral, innocent, civilian casualties, but they were mainly the result of Hezbollah purposely shielding itself behind the civilian population, nesting its weapons caches, and launching their Katyushas, from amidst heavily populated civilian areas, and not because Israel was targeting civilians, unlike Hezbollah whose wildly inaccurate Katyusha rockets were purposely aimed not at Israeli military targets, but at the Israeli population!!!

You would ask, how can professional journalists and the media fall for such trickery and manipulation?!?! Easy, they desperately want to believe it, since the liberal, secularist progressive, leftist ideology of most of them sympathizes with Hezbollah and the terrorists!

They see the terrorists as being the "reactionary" result of the policies of an Administration and a President they hate and abhor. Not to mention that many are part of the "Hate America Crowd" since the days of the Viet Nam war! It is easier for them to accept at face value anything that throws a bad light on America and Israel, and that adds weight to the fallacy of their arguments against the war in Iraq, buttresses their leftist ideology and their bias, and or condemns the Administration and its policies they so vehemently hate, than to be objectively wary of such!

Ironically, the successful campaign of defamation and disinformation against the Israeli offensive waged by Hezbollah, with the aid of our "Elite" media, resulted in the Israelis being pressured by a cowered Bush Administration into an early cease-fire before they had the chance to extirpate the Hezbollah "cancer" from Lebanon, which has been widely hailed by Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, and the Islamofacists, as a "victory." The devastation wreaked on them by Israel notwithstanding, in sooth the coverage of the conflict by the "Elite" media has handed on silver platter a "public relations" victory to the terrorists in Lebanon!!!

Shielded by our Constitution, hiding behind the "Freedom of the Press" and behind "Freedom of Speech," this "cabal" of the "Elite" media, the Democrats and the Left, is hell-bent in undermining the "War on Terror," the war in Iraq, and such of our efforts to keep Americans from another 9/11 as the NSA phone surveillance programs or the CIA interrogation of Al Qaeda terrorists overseas!

True to their leftist philosophy, they have no scruples as to what means they are willing to employ in order to achieve their goals of once again regaining political control of this country in order to once more shove down our collective throats their godless, gay loving, morally relativistic, secular progressive, leftist, welfare-pimp, socialist agenda...just as they had for the last forty years!!!

To them, there is no "War on Terror"! Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists are but a "Law Enforcement" problem to them, such as it was with the Clintonistas during the Clinton Administration!

To them, the war in Iraq is a "diversion" and urge us to "re-deploy our troops," (cut-and-run as we did in Viet Nam), not taking into consideration that if we leave Iraq now with its Shiite majority, it will be nuclear aspiring Iran which will take over the country, and that this would be the beginning of the "Caliphate"!

Obsessed with their unreasoning hatred of President Bush since their loss in 2000, they will stop at nothing to turn the policies of his Administration into failures and humiliate him at every turn, even if it places America at risk! They are heedless of consequences!

Yes, there is indeed a "conspiracy" out there, but it is rather the unspoken one by the "Elite" media, the Democrats, and the Left!

Undoubtedly, they will continue their barrage of negative news and visual brainwashing of the American public with their pessimistic, sensationalist, alarmist newscasts every night, to adversely affect the Republicans and the Administration, and turn the public opinion of the American electorate favorably towards the Democrats come November. They are hell-bent on taking back the reins of government at any cost!

So long as they regain power, whatever becomes of the country, and how it will all affect the fate of Western Civilization in the ongoing struggle with Islamofacism...simply does not matter to them!!!

Posted by Althor at September 11, 2006 8:21 PM

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