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September 19, 2006

No Surprise Here - French Retreat On Iranian Suspension

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chirac_white_flag.jpgThe French, who as Captain Ed points out, have remained surprisingly firm on the requirement for uranium-enrichment suspension, are now doing what France does best - retreating.

Jacques Chirac now says that Iran would not have to stop its enrichment program to get talks on an incentive package started, but could wait until talks were underway, and that's not even the retreat that matters: French Retreat On Iranian Suspension.

Given the amount of money the French made off of Saddam's "Oil for Food" scandal, we can rest assured that somewhere in the French government, the cash registers are ringing. The United Nations is impotent, and has been virtually taken over by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The U.S. has zero chance of getting anything done in the UN. With France, Russia, and the Chinese, all looking at Iran to fill their pockets, the U.S. options are narrowing, which almost guarantees that the military option may be our only option.

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Posted by Richard at September 19, 2006 3:37 PM

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