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September 10, 2006

Muslims Moving To America In Droves

Topics: Understanding Islam

... (there are) signs of London-style radicalism among Muslims in the United States. At the same time, the real story of American Muslims is one of accelerating alienation from the mainstream of U.S. life, with Muslims in this country choosing their Islamic identity over their American one - Source.

A blogger on the Left frames the story as "Muslims Seek Freedom in America."

This news will upset the "America is for white Christians" crowd:
Muslims appear to be moving [to the United States] again in surprising numbers, according to statistics collected by the Department of Homeland Security and the Census Bureau. ... In 2005, more people from Muslim countries became legal permanent United States residents -- nearly 96,000 -- than in any year in the previous two decades. More than 40,000 of them were admitted last year, the highest annual number since the terrorist attacks, according to data on 22 countries provided by the Department of Homeland Security.
They believe in the ideal of freedom -- something they might find after the Bush administration is out of office.
That's what scares the hell out of me - the part about what's going to happen after President Bush leaves office and God forbid, the Dems have the keys to open the floodgates to even more terrorists to come live among us.

It's bad enough now that we have no idea as to how many of the ones coming in now have no intention whatsoever of assimilating and becoming Americans first - and not members of the Muslim nation first and Americans a very distant last. It just happens to be a fact that the notion of assimilated American Muslims is wrong - instead, a new generation of American Muslims -- living in the shadow of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks -- is becoming more religious. They are more likely to take comfort in their own communities, and less likely to embrace the nation's fabled melting pot of shared values and common culture. Apparently, far more Americans understand this than, as is the case of some of our friends on the Left, do not:

In a Gallup poll this year, when U.S. respondents were asked what they admire about the Muslim world, the most common response was "nothing" (33 percent); the second most common was "I don't know" (22 percent).
This is unfortunate, but it's not without a reason - far too many Muslims are NOT moderates, DO NOT assimilate, and it's THEIR job to assimilate into the nation and culture to which they've come, not the other way around. People of all religions have come to America and joined in with the rest of us - why is it that only Muslims have such a problem - couldn't have something to do with hatred for us infidels and a desire to force us to convert or die, could it? The threat that heavily religious unassimilated Muslims poses affects truely moderate Muslims as much as it does non-Muslims. What is known about the mosques they attend and the clerics they listen to and the groups they align themselves to? Are Americans to be blamed for being aware of Islamist-related riots, chopping off of heads, suicide bombings, and threats to destroy the West from within and without - to Islamiacize America?

My friend on the left will surely disagree, but at least he gets the link (make that two) - and he still has his head - for now.

Posted by Richard at September 10, 2006 8:55 AM

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