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September 30, 2006

Indignant Mexican President Vicente Fox Calls 700 Mile Fence To Be built Along The Border: "New Berlin Wall"!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

An indignant Mexican President Vicente Fox, compared the wall soon to be built along 700 miles of our border with Mexico: "A new Berlin Wall."

Of course, he forgot to leave out the tiny, little, teeny, bitty detail that our fence, unlike the Berlin Wall, will be "keeping people (A.K.A. 'Mexicans') out," not in, as was the case with the Berlin wall (I can just picture all the Americans that will be scrambling over the wall to get to Mexico - well, that is, other than cut-and-run Democrats running for their lives from the rest of us! LOL!); though thinking about it, armed guard towers every 25 feet and bob-wired mine fields along the fence, as was the case with the Berlin Wall, might not be a bad idea in order to keep the insistent, pestilent, Mexicans from burrowing through!!!

His Excellency Vicente Fox's comments came on the heels, of a scathing statement made by the "Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs" in Washington (you would have thought such a "department" would have been located on Mexican soil, but they do so feel at home here!) just before the U.S. Senate (not the Mexican Senate) voted in favor of the fence, and after President Fox sent a personal letter to his American counterpart, President Bush, beseeching him not to sign the legislation into law; which Bush failed to do, being that he is not only hard -headed (as in refusing to let the Jihadist terrorists win in Iraq, as cut-and-run Democrats vehemently want), and a liar (as when he "mislead" us into the Iraq War, as Democrats harp), but also very "disobedient" (as when he now failed to follow Fox's "explicit orders" not to sign the darn Bill!)!

As elucidated on a previous post here on Hyscience, the Mexican government is beside itself with apprehension about the building of this 700 mile long fence along our southern border, since the fence will likely curtail Mexican "exports" to the U.S., being that, after petroleum, the "export" of illiterate, indigenous Mexicans, is the second largest Gross National product of Mexico, helping bring in an estimated 10 billion dollars annually to help support the failed Mexican economy, with the "remesas" or remittances, that such "exported" Mexicans send home to their families!

Makes you wonder why President Vicente Fox and the Mexican government is not as "indignant," that they have to "export" their "surplus population" as if they were cattle!!!

On a lighter, more humorous side, the immensely powerful Mexican Lobbyists in Washington, are expected to launch a multi-million dollar "Madison Avenue" styled marketing campaign blitz, in order to boost the sagging "export" of Mexicans to America, faced now with these new challenges! They are planning on offering "cash-back" bonuses incentives (just as in the automotive industry) to American businesses buying illegal Mexican workers, as well , as improving the product's image by building shower rooms, and having clothiers along the border, that will make the Mexican "exports," smell better and be more palatable to American consumers. They will even come with a pretty "bow" now (no, not the one they used to hunt desert rats with to eat in Oaxaca, but like the "Christmas Bows" on presents). Ridiculous?!?! Not any more than this whole preposterous situation of all these illegal Mexicans pouring over our border and literally taking over our country!!!

Posted by Althor at September 30, 2006 8:18 PM

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