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September 16, 2006

Immigration Raid Turns Georgia Community Into A Ghost Town

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

After federal agents finished rounding up the illegal immigrants (for you leftwing moonbat illegal alien-apologists out there - these are people that are illegally in the country and have broken U.S. laws), the trailer parks in Stillmore, Ga. lie abandoned, the poultry plant is scrambling to replace more than half its workforce (management and owners should be locked up and heavily fined for breaking the law), and business has dried up at stores where Mexican laborers once lined up to buy food, beer and cigarettes just weeks ago.

And just think, this is only one tiny community of scores just like it across the country, where illegal aliens are flooding the schools, hospitals, social services, and of course - jails. Yes, they indeed are human beings and deserve to be treated so, which means that we should humanely round them all up and get them the hell out of our country, the country that they entered illegally, and then failed to leave.

On the other hand, no American should have a problem with anyone of any nationality coming to America to work, if they are indeed needed, but if you want to work here, if you want to live here, you must do so legally, and then go home when your employer no longer needs you. Furthermore, you should arrive with a return ticket, and have a scheduled departure date. If you have children born in the U.S. while you're here on such a temporary basis, you should not, that is definately should not, expect them to become U.S. citizens - our political leadership needs to straighten out that not so little matter much sooner than later!

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Hat tip - Harry Owens.

Posted by Richard at September 16, 2006 10:02 AM

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