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September 6, 2006

Hezbollah Objects To German Troops: How dare they actually enforce UNSCR 1701!

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The German magazine Expatica reports that Hezbollah has a problem with the deployment of German troops in the sub-Litani region, because Germany intends to fulfill the literal mandate of UNSCR 1701:

The Shiite Hezbollah militia has expressed "reservations" about Germany's involvement in the multinational UN force deploying for Lebanon, owing to German demands that its troops be allowed to stop and search boats bound for the country.

"Our reservations are regarding the German demand to search boats as they enter Lebanon," Hezbollah member of parliament Hussein Haj Hassan told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa on Tuesday. "Such a demand stands against the sovereignty of Lebanon."

Lebanon has been under an air and sea blockade by Israel since the 33-day Israeli-Hezbollah conflict was sparked July 12 by the militia's capture of two Israeli soldiers. Israel has said that it will lift the blockade only when the UN peacekeeping force established to strengthen the current UN force in southern Lebanon reaches 5,000.

The source, a close aide of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora, confirmed that during a cabinet meeting on Monday the two Hezbollah cabinet ministers had expressed "reservations" about the Germans monitoring the sea off the coast of Lebanon.

"Their reservations were that UN resolution 1701, which ended the violence between Israel and Hezbollah, indicates that UN troops will only monitor areas south of the Litani River and not Lebanese waters," the source said.

Golly gee, how dare the Germans actually act to cause Hezbollah live up to what was agreed upon under the ceasefire agreement! Hezbollah's "reservations" couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Iran and Syria are already trying to smuggle arms into Lebanon, could it?

Captain Ed wades in with a translation of Hezbollah's "reservations":

Germany will interfere with Hezbollah's plans to re-arm itself. That stands against the sovereignty of Lebanon, as the UN Security Council has noted officially on two occasions. Hezbollah cares much less about Lebanese sovereignty than it does about its own ability to provoke war against Israel from its positions on the other side of the Blue Line, and those boats carry the necessary munitions to act on behalf of their paymasters in Teheran and Damascus. This objection shows clearly that Hezbollah wants to exploit the cease-fire to reload, not to make peace.

Angela Merkel will no doubt receive a correction from Kofi Annan regarding the literal reading of Security Council resolutions. If it requires positive action against terrorists and tinpot totalitarians, these resolutions are to be read symbolically, or not at all. (via It Shines For All)


Let's remember that the Israelis agreed to a ceasefire under conditions that included the prevention of Hezbollah rearming, but that apparently escapes the circular Islamist logic of Hezbollah.

Watch for Kofi "the Dhimmi" Annan to side with Hezbollah.

Posted by Richard at September 6, 2006 4:43 PM

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