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September 1, 2006

Have You Heard About Maywood, California? Perhaps You Should!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

On May 1st last, millions of illegal aliens, mostly Mexicans, came out of the woodwork to swarm the streets of our cities like roaches, protesting with insolence that we change our laws to "accommodate" their illegality, and even openly taunting us in defiance saying to the cameras covering the rallies: "In your face America! We are here, we are not going anywhere, and what are you going to do about it???" smug in the confidence that most Americans would find rounding them all up, en masse, and forcibly deporting them "too draconian" for their politically correct, bleeding heart sensitivities!

We saw these illegal aliens parading their Mexican flags down our streets, chanting "Si se puede!" ( "Yes we can!"), holding up signs with the image of Ché Guevara, and claiming that this was their land, and that " was the border that had crossed them"!

One thing the rabble rouser organizers of these protesters were not counting on, was the visceral backlash of outrage that their impudence and all their anti-American displays brought about in the American People!

In the face of said backlash, and some "token" crackdowns and deportations by ICE, all those angry, defiant, illegal alien, Mexican protesters wielding Mexican flags, quickly scurried back to hide, with their tails between their legs, once again in the "woodwork" of American society. At any rate, they felt that even if they had won nothing, neither had they lost anything, since so long as the present "Status Quo" persists, and they are allowed to go on pouring over our borders, subsisting on the fringes of society as until now, but generally allowed to remain in the US, even illegally, abetted by "Sanctuary Cities," impotent police forces, businesses which knowingly hire illegals, and an Immigration and Naturalization Service that mostly turns a blind eye and looks the other way, it would serve their purposes, and in essence they have won!

Let's face it, as demonstrated by many of their public displays, it's not like most of them have any love lost for America or wish to truly become Americans, integrate, and and participate. If they seek citizenship and the vote, it is not because they love America and wish to integrate, but simply to achieve by demographics what as Mexicans they could never dream of accomplishing militarily: "La Reconquista" - the re-conquest of the American Southwest by Mexico!

I may not agree with many of Pat Buchanan's political positions, especially with his "Isolationism," but in sooth in his latest book, "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America," he is absolutely right in his analysis, and in the chilling consequences this demographic invasion from south of the border will have on the future of our Nation, if left unchecked!!!

For once serving the true wishes of the People, Congress has remained firm, and has rejected the "Open Borders Amnesty Legislation" that the President and the Senate had tried to ram down the throat of the American People earlier this year, however, God only knows what will happen in November!

As time has passed, America has gone back to being preoccupied with its favorite pastimes: "Kimberly Gilfoil interviewing Beth Holloway Twitty on the Lineup on Fox" and or "Nancy Disgrace discussing at length the culinary delicacies that deviant pedophile John Mark Karr had for dinner during his flight from Bangkok, or what vintage the Chardonnay he drank was" - there were moments when you could not turn your channel to any of the cable news networks without finding them all slobbering over every little, meaningless, insidious, morbid detail about the sick creep!

In the meantime the silent invasion across our southern border continues, and as we become increasingly inept in dealing with these illegal throngs, unwilling to secure our borders, and negligent to round-up and deport all these unwanted guests from upon our midst, the illegals become increasingly emboldened!

In a recent TV program on Univision ( the most influential of the Spanish speaking netwroks), "Sabado Gigante," none other than the "President of the Republic of El Salvador" was the Guest of Honor in the program! Imagine that! He had flown to Miami, not to meet with President Bush, the State Department, or with the Senate, nor for any other endeavor of diplomacy or Statesmanship, but to appear on the Spanish language Variety Show, and guess why?!?! To urge all the illegal Salvadoreans in the US (about two million of them by his own admission) to take advantage of one of the many loopholes in our laws, and file some INS forms that in fact will grant them temporary legal status - a throwback to the days of the civil war in El Salvador- before the deadline in September! Can you believe a Dignitary from another country coming to America to goad his illegal compatriots who have broken our laws to persist in their endeavors?!?!

One has to wonder if this is what the national pride of these people, and the allegiance to their countries, has come to, when the Presidents of their own nations, like Vicente Fox in Mexico and now the Salvadorean President, actually encourage their people to emigrate to the US, to naturalize, and to become involved in the political process here, of what has traditionally been to them the "alien," "Gringo" nation to the north?!?! I cannot possibly fathom that the leaders of theser nations would encourage their own to renounce their "Patriotism" in order to "love America, and become good Americans"! There is something foul in all this!!!

Obviously there are hidden agendas! The immediate one is, of course, the billions of dollars out of our coffers that are sent by these illegal aliens home yearly, the "Remesas," that support their economies, and that in many cases are the most sizeable part of the Gross National Product of these nations! The Middle East exports its oil by millions of barrels; Mexico and Central America export their humans in millions, for cheap labor, commodities, you may as well also say "by the barrel"!!!

But, one only needs to scratch the surface lightly to see that with as much hatred, resentment, and envy, as traditionally has been ingrained institutionally on their people, nurtured against the "Gringo" from south of the border, that there are more sinister motives, one of which, as they have openly stated lately repeatedly, is that these indigenous half-breeds from Latin America simply feel that this is their land which the "white man" ("El Español,," "el Gringo," "the White Europeans". Don't think that these indigenous racists hate you any less if you have a Spanish surname and speak Spanish but happen to be white or fair skinned; to them you are still a hated "Spaniard"!) took away from them, and feel entitled to it. - now that we have made the deserts that for centuries they could not inhabit, blossom and prosper with our sweat and labor! They simply want to take it back!!!

Leave it to the news media to always report negatively on the Iraq war, even if they have to make it up, or just recount past insurgent massacres, to keep moping in their negative coverage, but God forbid that the mainstream media should cover the disturbances that recently took place in Maywood, a "Sanctuary City" south of L.A., where a mob of bottle-throwing, racism spewing ( against white Americans that is) Mexican illegal aliens, carrying signs that read: " Stolen Continent" and "Europeans are the Illegal Aliens since 1492" irrupted on a protest by the group "Save Our State" which was protesting before the City Hall the town's flouting of Federal Immigration Law with its "Sanctuary" policies, to the point where it has even disbanded the Traffic Unit of its Police Department, so as to not "inconvenience" illegal aliens without driver licenses!!!

At Maywood the afternoon was violent and full of racism by those very same people who demand we make them Americans, culminating with a group of the Mexican illegal aliens taking down the American flag at the Post Office, to hoist the Mexican flag in its stead while chanting "these are our streets"!

Notwithstanding that tampering with Postal property is a Federal Felony, no one seems to have been arrested as of yet for this nefarious affront to our Flag, our Country, and our Laws!!!

Emboldened by the acquiescence of the authorities, other protests are beginning to ferment across the nation. Now they chant "these are our streets"! Unless we take matters into our hands and put a stop to this invasion, in a few years time they'll realistically say "this are our lands" and they would have achieved their objective of running the "White Europeans" out!!!

I remember as a child the protests all throughout Latin America where the rabble chanted "Yankees Go Home!" Ironically it seems that what most of those chanting it really wanted was to "Go Home with the Yankees"! Now, that they are here, they also want to "Throw the Yankees out of their Home"! Amazing!

Wake up America, it is high time we respond as a nation, by rounding up all of these illegal aliens up, putting them in buses and driving them south of the border where they belong, telling them in turn: "Indios Go Home!"

Posted by Althor at September 1, 2006 1:42 PM

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