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September 6, 2006

CNN's Campaign of Negativity and Defeatism: The Unrelenting Brainwashing of America by the Liberal Elite Media

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

In the three years since the beginning of the Iraq War, CNN, along with the New York Times and other "Elite" media outlets, have been consistently barraging us with an unrelenting negative coverage of the conflict.

While jubilant Iraqi crowds cheered the fall of Saddam on the streets of Baghdad, CNN and their ilk would end their coverage of the elated crowds in a negative tone sowing doubt about the enterprise, with the ominous sour note that Coalition Forces had not yet found the infamous "weapons of mass destruction," even though, barely days into the conflict, we had not even had enough time to look for them!

Through all the positive news coming out of Iraq at the time about the ease with which the Saddam regime was toppled, they kept poking at every possible little hole in the positive outlook of the occasion, trying to find something negative to report. They succeded!

Like some satanic self-fulfilling prophecy of doom, CNN, the Elite media, and their anti-war, Dean Democrat,"peacenik" ilk back in Washington, kept whining so vehemently about the "missing weapons of mass destruction," the only viable possible criticism of the Administration's policy concerning Iraq at the time, until they really turned out to be missing - eerily as if this feat had been accomplished by the sheer willpower of the collective, negative, wishful thinking, of their "Coven" - contrary to all the intelligence gathered by all the Intelligence Agencies around the world before the war, our own as well as our Allies'!

Never mind that Saddam was a threat to the region; had previously launched attacks against his neighbors, as in the Gulf War and the War with Iran, causing countless casualties; had sponsored instability and terrorism in the Palestinian territories; had massacred his own people with such chemical weapons and in other atrocities, whose mass graves in the hundreds of thousands, including women and children, are still being unearthed throughout Iraq; never mind that Saddam himself was a "weapon of mass destruction"! The important thing for these critics of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was to discredit the Administration at any cost for sheer political pettiness and partisanship!

Undoubtedly mistakes have been made in Iraq by the Administration in this new type of conflict we are facing, ostensibly President Bush's naive "Democracy Cures All" approach! Hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy for the Pundits at CNN and the New York Times to now gloat about them in their partisan "Monday Morning Quaterbacking." However, for three years they have consistently exacerbated all the bad news coming out of Iraq, focusing on the roadside bombings and the body counts, while systematically repressing any good news about any progresses been made, or tinging the reporting of such with the redundant reminder of all the negativity they so much cherish to report about this conflict! It is as if, just as with their harping about the "weapons of mass destruction", they keep "chanting" their ominous journalistic "mantra" chock-full of negativity and defeatism, until they actually accomplish the defeat of the Administration's policies in Iraq by the sheer will of wishing it so! To paraphrase that famous quote from the Jimmy Stewart classic "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" : "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend". What CNN, the New York Times, and the Elite media are doing is "Print the defeatist legend, until it becomes a self-fulfilling fact"!!!

And so, for three years, whenever you surf the cable news channels, you may have other news outlets covering everything from the significance to humanity of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch on the MSNBC, to Beth Holloway Twitty redundantly moaning every night on TV on Fox at the expense of more important news, to Nancy "Disgrace" discussing the sordid "culinary" details of pervert John Mark Karr's in-flight dinner on his way to arraignment in Boulder from Thailand and her talking about the creep even long after the charges were dropped; but when you turn to CNN it is most likely that you will find them showing more of the gore and the destruction in Iraq accompanied by all their negative commentaries! You could almost say that it is as if they are trying to brainwash the right-of-center majority in America into a "Stockholm Syndrome" embracing of the Dean Democrat's, defeatist cut-and-run agenda of the Democratic Party and the anti-war liberal Left!

The unrelenting barrage at CNN, the New York Times, and the Elite media continues, and it is wearing down the Administration, which seems increasingly clueless about how to counter such abhorrent political psychological warfare; it is also impacting the population, which is just fed up of hearing about bad news from Iraq 24/7. Of course, this is precisely what the object of this campaign of negative propaganda about the war has been all about: to alienate the American populace from the war effort, making it easier for those who oppose the war, the cut-and-run Democrats, to be successful in the November elections! We may be winning the war in Iraq on the ground, but we are loosing the one being waged against us by the Elite media!

Forget about our national security; forget about achieving a victory in the Middle east in a struggle that, as President Bush so aptly stated recently: "If Iraq was not the central front of our War on Terror when we first went in, nevertheless the Jihadists and Al Qaeda have made it so now"; never mind that our defeatist retreat from Iraq will only result in the establishment of an Islamist Caliphate ruled by nuclear aspiring Iran in the region; never mind that these Jihadists will then come get us and we will have to fight them in our own streets; never mind all that! To the Democrats and their Elite media mouthpieces all that matters is for them to regain political power in Washington come November to once again shove their Secular Progressive liberal agenda down our throats! The hell with the country and the rest of the world! Sadly, in these most difficult times we live in, the rest of us are fighting a "War on Terror" and "Islamofacism," while the Democrats obstinately keep fighting their petty little war on President Bush!!!

Earlier this morning on CNN, on "American Morning", again another reportage was made about "our failures" in a piece they called "Afghanistan: The forgotten War". Not happy with all the voluminous negative reporting they have done and do, day in and day out, about Iraq, CNN now focused their "Eye of Sauron" on the resurgence of the Taliban insurgency in the wilder remoter parts of that country. To summarize it briefly, the country (just as in Iraq) is spiraling down into unstoppable chaos, everything is worse (as always), and the Coalition forces are loosing (?) - now CNN begins with the "body count" of NATO troops! They interviewed a NATO Commander who sounded very pessimistic (just to their liking) and much like he wanted to cut-and-run just like the Democrats (see, the whole world just wants to cut-and -run!), and amazingly they ended the piece with a sentence in which the words "Afghanistan," "Iraq," "failure," and "Viet Nam" were all intertwined!

Now, for some obscure reason that perhaps has more to do with fond memories of their "pot smoking," "Free Love," LSD tripping," "Viet Cong flag flying," rebellious days of their youth than with "relevance," it seems that all these aging Democratic, liberal, "peacenik," "Anti-War Mongers" in Washington, obstinately want to link Viet Nam to the present struggle! One has to wonder, whatever has Viet Nam to do with Islamofacism, the "War on Terror," the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the attacks of 9/11 which triggered these events?!?! Perhaps they should contemporize their objection to the present war, and like they did in days of yore, once again go rally in protest on the steps of the Capitol, except this time instead of Viet Cong flags, waving yellow Hezbollah ones!!!

Undoubtedly CNN and the Elite media will continue their unabated campaign of negativity and defeatism to achieve their politically charged agendas. Never have the stakes of a mid-term election ever been so high! One can but only hope that the American people are perspicacious enough to see through all the propaganda and the farce, and realize that while the Democrats are playing petty politics, the future of our nation - indeed the world, hangs in the balance!

This is a conflict that has been thrust upon us by the Islamist, Jihadist, enemy! A ruthless, barbaric, fanatical enemy unlike any other we have ever faced before, to whom human life has absolutely no value, who welcomes and cherishes death and destruction in an unimaginable scale, and who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of Islamist global domination under the Caliphate! Unless we are unwavering in our resolve and determination to defeat them wherever they be, and however long it may take, and succeed at any cost, the shades of things to come may well portend the end of our Western Civilization as we know it...

Verily, the American people hold the fate of the world in their hands, behind that curtain, inside the voting booth in November! Let us hope for the sake of humanity they choose wisely!!!

Posted by Althor at September 6, 2006 11:21 AM

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