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September 12, 2006

CNN: "Anbar Province Lost!"

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

On Sunday 9/10, and Monday 9/11, ABC aired, amidst much controversy and political pressure to have it banned from ex-President Clinton and his cronies, and the vociferous protestations of outraged Democrats in the Senate such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the docu-drama "The Path to 9/11."

Even with all the censoring and the editing that ABC had to do, to acquiesce the considerable Democratic pressure exerted upon the network, the mini-series turned out to be a glaring indictment of the criminal negligence, and outright incompetence of the Clinton Administration, whose many blunderings and failures, in dealing with Osama Bin Laden and the rising tide of Islamist radicalism, paved the way to, and made possible, the attacks of 9/11!

Obviously, only weeks away from the November elections, Democrats rightly felt such a stark portrayal, to be a slap in their political faces! No wonder they wanted ABC to cancel it outright!

Enter the response to "The Path to 9/11" from the Democrats and their "Elite" media lapdogs today:

Knowing of the growing disaffection to the Iraq war that they have sown amongst the American people throughout years of unrelenting, negative, biased reporting, upon which the Democrats wish to capitalize to win in November, the liberal media has just launched a counter-attack, designed to underline the arguments of their Democrat masters as to the Administration's failures in Iraq, and to support their cut-and-run defeatist position!

Just a few minutes ago, on CNN, Wolf Blitzer, whom I had considered until now to be of all the CNN pundits possibly the only one with any professionalism, journalistic integrity, and decency, was shrilly engaged in reporting from the "Situation Room" sensationalizing on a study made by the Marine's top intelligence officer in Iraq, describing the situation in the Iraqi province of Anbar, Iraq's biggest province, to be "lost"! This, quoting form non other than the New York Times (imagine what a great source of "unbiased" information!), while under him, in the titles it boldly read: "NEW DEVELOPMENTS" and "LOST BATTLE IN IRAQ?"

Turns out, when he proceeded to talk with one of the embedded reporters in the region, that, it was neither a new development, nor was there any battle lost - as in the Islamists driving our forces back- but simply that for almost two years Anbar province has remained a hot-bed of terrorists and lawlessness. To quote the actual words in the study: "Iraq's Shi'ite-led government holds no sway there and the strongest political movement is the Iraq branch of al Qaeda", it concluded. As if this was something new, and did not parallel the sentiments of most of these barbaric Muslims on the Arab street, as a recent poll taken by the unofficial Al Qaeda mouthpiece, Al Jazeera, proves, where 49.9% of those Muslims interviewed were in favor of the terrorists and Al Qaeda!!!

Even when further perusing the New York Times article, which appeared today, and was based on a report by the Washington Post, which allegedly was leaked to them by officials who have seen the study (surprise, surprise!!!), you can see the context in which this study had been undertaken, as explained by Major General Richard Zilmer, Commander of the 2nd Marine Division, who said the press reports "fail to accurately capture the entirety and complexity" of the situation in Anbar.

He went on to say:

"The classified assessment, which has been referred to in these reports, was intended to focus on the causes of the insurgency. It was not intended to address the positive effects Coalition and Iraqi forces have achieved on the security environment over the past years."

"In areas where the presence of Iraqi Security Forces is combined with an effective local civil government, we have seen progress made. Not just in the area of security, but in economic development and the establishment of social order and public services."

So what can be gleaned from this? That the desperate Democrats, and their leftist liberal friends, unleashed their "Elite" media dogs at the Washington Post, the New York Times, and at CNN to gnaw on this meatless bone, with much barking and growling, and plenty of smoke and mirrors, trying to make it seem that we had "physically," actually lost militarily in Anbar, to capitalize on the only subject in the polls, where they perceive an advantage they could possibly cling to in hopes of winning in November: "Iraq"!

We can also see in this attempt, how warped and deviant (perhaps just an "alternate" lifestyle...err, I mean reality?) they have become, where, as with the fictional documentary about President Bush's assassination, they increasingly twist the facts, bend them all out of shape in order to fit their fantasies, and spin on them rabidly trying to make points that simply do not exist! It is bad enough they fantasize about such thing as Bush's assassination, but when they turn their fantasies into hit pieces like Wolf Blitzer's report on CNN today, then I believe there is cause for concern!!!

What else can be gleaned from this? That there is one more traitorous "RAT," passing "classified" material to those in the media that use it as propaganda against us in this time of war, and it is high time something is done about it!!!

On the other hand, such shrill and irrational behavior, such hysterics, and such paranoia on the part of the Democrats, only leads me to believe, that increasingly, not even they can delude themselves to believe that they will win in November! For the good of the country, I find that a comforting development!

For those wishing to read the infamous New York Times article yourselves go to:

Posted by Althor at September 12, 2006 6:54 PM

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