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September 17, 2006

Associated Press Photographer Bilal Hussein Caught Aiding And Abetting Terrorists?

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

bilal005.jpg[Image: Insurgent propaganda photo by AP/Bilal Hussein]

Over the past five months, Michelle Malkin has been pestering the Associated Press for answers about one of its photographers, Iraq-based Bilal Hussein, a photographer whose photos have raised persistent questions in the blogosphere about his relationship with terrorists in Iraq. In some cases, his photos have been and continue to be suspected of being staged in collusion with the enemy. Military sources informed Michelle back in April that Hussein had been captured by American forces in a building in Ramadi, Iraq, with a cache of weapons. Since then, the AP has been completely silent about the case - that is until this morning when Robert Tanner filed a bombshell report:

The military said Hussein was captured with two insurgents, including Hamid Hamad Motib, an alleged leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. "He has close relationships with persons known to be responsible for kidnappings, smuggling, improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and other attacks on coalition forces," according to a May 7 e-mail from U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jack Gardner, who oversees all coalition detainees in Iraq.

"The information available establishes that he has relationships with insurgents and is afforded access to insurgent activities outside the normal scope afforded to journalists conducting legitimate activities," Gardner wrote to AP International Editor John Daniszewski.

However, there's this little matter that has to do with explosives:
The military said bomb-making materials were found in the apartment where Hussein was captured but it never detailed what those materials were. The military said he tested positive for traces of explosives.
The short of it is that Michelle's suspicions have been confirmed, and Michelle has much more on the story that you won't want to miss.

By all appearances, now with evidence, it seems that the AP has, as much of the blogosphere suspected, been fully complicit in aiding and abeting terrorists that have murdered innocent people and killed American forces. Just because they are "media", does this mean they should be given a pass for treason?

Ace of Spades is also covering the story.

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