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September 8, 2006

Are The Gloves Coming Off On Iran?

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I didn't catch all of President Bush's speech the other day in which he carefully laid out the parallels between the extremists of al Qaeda - Sunni Muslims - and the Shia extremists led by Iran, and noted that while they both use fiery rhetoric that may be easy to dismiss in certain quarters as an Islamic cultural affect, they are also uncommonly specific about their strategies and goals to achieve their aims. However, John Podhoretz did catch all of the speech.

And according Podhoretz, the president wants the world to understand that he sees the nation of Iran as different only in degree from bin Laden and the terrorists in Iraq, not different in kind. We are to take Ahmadinejad's rhetoric seriously. We are not to dismiss his threats as flowery rabble-rousing but as honest statements of intent. The time has come, the president all but said, to take the gloves off with Iran.

I couldn't agree more. While no one wants another war, another war is fast coming and it's not of our choosing, nor of our choice to make. Our only choice is whether we act preemptively to prevent Iran's current regime of the mullahs to obtain nuclear weapons, and do so in a conventional manner, or wait until later when Iran has nuclear weapons - weapons that they will undoubtedly use - and we have to fight a nuclear war.

There are only the two choices - conventional war now, or wait until Iran has nuclear weapons and fight a nuclear war later. The choices, our only choices, are now or later - not yes war or no war. Bush is right, let's just all hope and pray that somehow, it's done quickly and very surgically, in order that as few Iranians as possible get caught up in the consequences of Ahmadinejad and the mullahs' nuclear folly. Unfortunately, it's them or us, and given the choice, as bad and unfortunate as it is, I much prefer it be them instead of us.

As Podhertz points out in his piece:

Like most people, I've presumed for the past few years that our commitment in Iraq and the extreme difficulty of targeting the proper sites had basically foreclosed a serious military option in Iran. Certainly the hesitant and cautious behavior of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the past few months suggested as much.

Now it seems to me that, barring a miraculous change of heart on the part of the Iranian regime, a military strike is all but inevitable. Bush himself will view his own presidency as a failure if he doesn't act.

So act he will.

If president Bush does, Iran and its people will suffer. If he doesn't, the entire world will suffer - and do so in our time!

Posted by Richard at September 8, 2006 2:19 PM

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