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September 2006

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September 30, 2006

It Gets "Curiouser And Curiouser"!
Indignant Mexican President Vicente Fox Calls 700 Mile Fence To Be built Along The Border: "New Berlin Wall"!
Who will be the next UN Secretary General?
Norwegian Blogger Describes "Political Correctness" Is More Important Than Life Itself: Echoes of Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, Durbin, And Their Democratic Ilk?!?!

September 29, 2006

Is The ID Of Current Al-Qaeda Leader In Iraq A Hoax?
New Zawahiri Tape
A tearful tribute to a 'genuine American hero'
Pakistan's Pseudo-War
Is President Bush Well On His Way To Full Recovery?!?!
"Mexican Department of Foreign Relations" in Washington Outraged About Likely Passage Of 700 Mile Fence On Our Southern Border!!!
Senate Approves Coercive Interrogation Guidelines: Major Victory For President Bush And The War On Terror!!!

September 28, 2006

Terrifying Revelations About Ourselves
Iraq Al-Qaeda Leader Recruiting Scientists For Unconventional Weapons, 'Whether Biological Or Dirty'
Some Times "Tried And Failed" Just Doesn't Cut It!
On 'Infidel Documents, Intelligence, jihadists and the Iraq war debate'
On 'Muslims' Complicity With Violence'
CAIR Goes After Michigan Congressman (Updated)

September 27, 2006

Hillary Clinton Working Hard At Rewriting History
German Interior Minister: 'Opera Company's Decision To Cancel Idomeneo Is Crazy' (Updated)
BBC interviews Richard Dawkins about 'The God Delusion'
British Recommendations for Observing Ramadan Fast That Will 'Make You Want to Throw Up'
It's A 'Holy Month' - Time To Riot
Pakistani "immigrants" from Al-Qaeda coming to Spain
Hot & Cold Media Spin: A Challenge To Journalists Who Cover Global Warming
Scientists Complete Murine Brain Map
7-Eleven Sends Chavez 'Go To Hell' Message - Drops Venezuela-Backed CITGO
Estimating Our National Intelligence
Who is Paul Pillar?
The West's Last Chance: 'An Islamist threat like the Nazis'

September 26, 2006

Commentary On Islam, From Churchill's 'The River War (1899)'
'Alimta Information For Patients' - A Useful Guide For Patients With Lung Cancer
When Will We Know Reform Has Reached The Muslim World?
25 British Pathfinders On Four-day Mission Fight Off Taliban Siege For Eight Weeks
Bush to Release Part of Inteligence Assessment (Updated)
Egyptian Representative Of The "Religion of Peace" Dreams Of World In Which 'Muslims Are Free To Kill Jews At Will'
Why Is A 'Piss Christ' Okay - But A 'Piss Muhammed' Is 'Too Offensive To Muslims' To Display ?
Ohio Car Dealership Capitulates To Dhimmitude !!! (Breaking Update)
Clinton Says He Left A Terror Plan For Bush....Rice Says That's A "Flatly False Claim"

September 25, 2006

Exercise in Itself Improves Blood Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes
Senators McCain, Graham, and Warner - 'The Terrorist Rights Wing' Of The Republican party
UN Just As Ineffective In Lebanon As Before
Muslim Extremists Aren't Asking For Dialogue - They Are Saying Infidels Must 'Submit Or Die'
A new path to censorship?
Pope Benedict Demands Reciprocity - But About Those Muslim Apologies?
On Hurricane 'Hugo Chavez'
On 'The Devil and Hillary Clinton'

September 24, 2006

New Music Video by Pop Singer Helen Reddy
Post Graduate Level Dhimmitude: British Police To 'Seek Approval' From Muslim Groups
Does AP stand for Al-Qaeda Propaganda?
Auto Dealer Offers 'Discounts For Dhimmis' With 'Rolling Jihad'
Dialogue Between Althor "Neologos" and Islamist "Apologist" Jesse Ibn Mohammed Ibn Ahmadinejad Ibn Nasrallah Ibn Hutton: An Essay

September 23, 2006

New Tucker and Menchaca Video: Bodies Desecrated by Terrorists
Is Osama Bin-Ladin Dead?
On Sentencing Suicide Bombers To Death
Iranian Woman Sentenced to be Stoned to Death for Adultery: More Islamic "Peace" and "Brotherly Love"!

September 22, 2006

Hugo Chávez Creates "Urban Civilian Militia" Which Answers Not To the Venezuelan High Command, But Only To Him!
How Did I Forget Muslim's Day of Rage ?
We're Too Nice To Islamofascists!
On 'Conquering Rome is the Answer' - And Other Sick Pervertions Of Islamic Extremism
Europe Caves In To Islamist Threat
On Hugo Chávez at the U.N. and an Answer to Political Activist Natalee Fania on Fox's "Dayside"
On 'Democrats Vow Not To Give Up Hopelessness And 'What Happened To All That Euphoria ?'
Columbia Withdraws an Invitation to Ahmadinejad - Is There Sanity In The Academic World After All ?

September 21, 2006

Scientists Discover New Clues on Sun Tanning and Skin Cancer
Ludicrous Diversion - Here Comes the 7/7 Conspiracy Theorists
Some People 'Really Don't Get It'
To Hell With Chavez - 'Boycott CITGO'
I Love Charlie Rangel And Nancy Pelosi (even though they're usually acting like moonbats)
So What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say At The End Of His Speech That The Media Failed To Tell Us?
Economic Euthanasia - 'Assisted Suicide' Proposed For The Depressed
Pro-Israel Rally Against Ahmadinejad At UN 'Not Newsworthy" To MSM
Is A 'Nuclear Dawn' Emerging In The Gulf?
Bombshell: ABC independently confirms success of CIA "torture" tactics

September 20, 2006

Islamic Society of Boston's Favorite Imam Declares A Muslim "Day Of Rage" - Why Not Counter It With A Day Of Reason !!!
Pope Benedict Sets Forth a Bold Agenda
Will America Ever Learn?!?! The Threat of Hugo Chávez!
Bernard Lewis: 'Bring Them Freedom, Or They Destroy Us'
Video Of Chavez Anti-Bush/Anti-US Rant At UN
African Taliban Murders Christian Convert After He Refuses To Join A Crowd Chanting Qur'anic Verses
Aussie Prime Minister Howard Tells Muslims Throwing Tantrums: "Behave Now"!
Hugo Chavez Unhinged
On 'Yes, the Pope Is Catholic - Either You Believe 'The Pope Made Them Attack Churches' Or You Know History'
Former Archbishop of Canterbury Backs Pope And Blasts Violent Islam

September 19, 2006

Thailand Coup Installs Muslim Prime Minister (Updated)
Iran Enabled Hezbollah To Crack Israeli Communications Code In Lebanon War
The Pope's Words Continue to Sizzle
No Surprise Here - French Retreat On Iranian Suspension
Australian PM Tells Pope-Enraged Muslims to "Move On"
Why The Pope Was Right About Islam
The End Of McCain's Presidential Ambitions?
The Brutality of Islamic Extremists
Iran's Campaign Of Disinformation Continues In New York Today
"We Are Facing A Neurosis At The Level Of An Entire Civilization" Says Filmmaker Pierre Rehov About Islam. (Updated)
Will Democrats Ever Drop Their Political Blinders and Realize the Imminent Danger That Surrounds Us?!?!

September 18, 2006

About Those 'Head-in-the-Sand Liberals'
New Video Game May Help Democrats Cope With "Traumatic Post-Election Anxiety Syndrome"
About Those Interogation Techniques
Video: British Islamists Call For Pope's Execution
About The Insanity Of That Muslim Lawyer Saying The Pope Must Die - And Our Tolerating It
Islam May Have Bitten More Than It Can Chew This Time Around!
On 'An Open Letter To Pope Benedict XVI'
14th Century Islamic Fascists Beseige Westminster

September 17, 2006

Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwas For ........ Payments?
Associated Press Photographer Bilal Hussein Caught Aiding And Abetting Terrorists?
Rioters' madness shames Muslim world
Arab op-ed: Pope's Remarks May Lead To War ?
"Difficult to Find Good News in Iraq This Week" Says Partisan Pundit John Roberts at CNN!

September 16, 2006

On The Unreasonableness Of Muslim Fury - And The Reasonableness Of Non-Muslim Anger And Disgust With Muslim Outrage
Opinion: 'The Awesome Freedom to Choose'
Pakistan's Resolve In WOT Appears To Be Rapidly Fading
Churches may be burning, but Kudos to the Pope!
Pope Rage on the Internet; Jihadists Threaten And Insult Pope
Immigration Raid Turns Georgia Community Into A Ghost Town
Expert Says Pope Struck A Cord With Muslims
Are Some Muslims 'Offended by an Inconvenient Truth' ?
More Perpetual Outrage: 'Out of the Mosque, Into the Street'

September 15, 2006

From Cartoon Jihad To Pope Jihad: Religion Of Perpetual Outrage Is Again - Outraged
"Faith, Reason & The University": Pope Benedict's Speech At The University of Regensburg
On Weakening Rights In Order To Save Them
Ace of Spades Reader Spotted Wanted Terrorist?
Compounds From Vegetables Attack Cancer Cells
Lessons In Dhimmitude 101 - 'Latest al-Qaeda tape makes France a target"
Oriana Fallaci Dies Of Cancer At Age 77
Muslim World Reacts Violently To Pope Saying Jihad Is Violent

September 14, 2006

Disparaging Remarks About Plight of Iraqi Kurds Under Saddam Hussein By Arianna Huffington
Iranian President to Arrive in New York Monday, Will Seek to Address United Nations
Amnesty International: Hezbollah Engaged In War Crimes
Montreal Shooter's Favorite Game Was ''Super Columbine Massacre''
Islamic jihadists attack Catholic school in Kashmir
Pope Slams Violence In Islam - Invites Dialogue: A Call For Reform Of Islam From Within?
Daily Aspirin Use Linked With Pancreatic Cancer

September 13, 2006

"Radical Christians as Dangerous as Radical Islamists" - According to Rosie!
Are "Cut-and-Run" Democrats More Concerned About Our Young Men and Women Serving in Iraq Than Their Very Own Parents Are?!?! The Real Cynical Reason Behind the Democrat's Position!!!
Democrats Cry Foul, Demand Equal Time to Spew Their Venom!
About That Attack On The U.S. Embassy In Syria
Dutch Minister Says Sharia OK
Dear Friends On The Left - A 'Letter across the divide'
Military Brass Rejects Opportunity To Kill 190 Taliban Under 'Rules Of Engagement'
Hezbollah Demanding Child Killer

September 12, 2006

CNN: "Anbar Province Lost!"
One Arab-American's Apology
President Bush 'Bitch Slaps' Empty Suit Matt Lauer
On The Circular Reasoning Of Some Muslim Leaders
Psalm 9-11: I will fear no evil and that evil has a name.
Fight Fat With - Miso Soup?
Upon Seeing the Conclusion of "The Path to 9/11" on ABC

September 11, 2006

On the Shared Goals of the "Elite" Media, the Democrats, and the Left in America: The True "Conspiracy Theory"?!?!
A Nation With No Soul Pays Dearly
What This War Is Really About
Half Of Aljazeera's Arab Viewers Support Bin-Laden - Isn't It Damned Time To Engage The 'Final Jihad'?
A Comment And A Question On Today's Post 9/11 Political Climate
Remembering Where We Were on 9/11 - What Matters Next Is Where We Go From Here
9/11: Never Forget - Never Forgive (Reposted from 9/10)
The 2,996 Project: Remembering Charles M. Kasper, FDNY
Clinton's Censorship & Shortcomings in the path to 911

September 10, 2006

Former Iranian President denies all on feel-good tour
On 'The Path to 9/11'
'Democrats for truth' - Well, not really!
Muslims Moving To America In Droves
New College Program Brings Thousands Of Saudis To U.S.
Time to send message to Iran

September 9, 2006

Movie Stars vs. Islamists - The Indonesian culture wars
CODE YELLOW: Democrats Increasingly Going Off the Deep End Psychologically!!!
On The Truth About The Senate Report On Saddam And The Terrorists
9/11: Never Forget - Never Forgive
Fjordman: 'Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims'

September 8, 2006

'Hot Muslim Chick' Pick Of The Week
'Persistent Vegitative States' And The 'Culture Of Death' - More Evidence That They're 'Dead Wrong'
More 'Root causes': 9/11 hijackers vow on video to avenge ... Bosnia
Are The Gloves Coming Off On Iran?
Iraqi Government Closes Al Aribiya - A Symptom?
On Refusal To Assimilate - 'Female Muslim Teacher In Netherlands Dismissed For RefusIng To Shake Hands With Men'
So You Think You Know Everything About The Recent War In Lebanon?
Hugh Hewitt's ''Why Does the Left Hate "The Path to 9/11"?'' - And Other Things The Left Doesn't Want You To Know
It's Fascism -- And It's Islamic
Our Weakness is Iran's Strength

September 7, 2006

Sandy Berger Is Not Telling The Truth - Again!
Two Die In Fire On Russian Nuclear Sub
Test predicts chemotherapy benefit for lung cancer
Human heads dumped in Mexico bar
What is Wrong with Islam? Let me Count the Ways...
''Bush And Lincoln'' - Echoes Of The Past In Today's Strategic Mistakes
On Teaching About 9/11
Just Another Average 'Peace'- ful Day Of Islamic Fascism Around The World
''Before And After Every War, A 'Peace' Process Is Forced On Israel''
CAIR's Extremist Makeover
European Elites Cowed by Radical Islamists

September 6, 2006

Deranged Democrat Watch
Concerns Over ABC's 'The Path to 9/11'
Ahmadinejad Issues 'Veiled Threat" Against President Bush
Hezbollah Objects To German Troops: How dare they actually enforce UNSCR 1701!
About Those Opinion Polls
Pro-Abortion Advocates Vandalize Catholic Church Pro-Life Display
CNN's Campaign of Negativity and Defeatism: The Unrelenting Brainwashing of America by the Liberal Elite Media
Pakistan Cedes North Waziristan To Taliban (Update)
Hezbollah Operating Openly In Venezuela

September 5, 2006

Islam Today
Ahmadinejad Wants Liberal And Secular Teachers Purged
Muslims can wear hospital 'inter-faith gown'
Terror Suspects Arrested In Denmark - A Harbinger And A Clue
While We Wait!
On Learning From Mistakes In Iraq

September 4, 2006

Influential Iranian Ayotollah: 'Islamic Republic of Iran Is The Only Legitimate Nation On Earth'
Soy Extract Helps Some Prostate Cancer Patients
Dems' Instructions To Their Faithful: 'Vote Early, Vote Often, Protest Much When Losing'
Washington Post Continues To Whitewash Radical Islam (As does most of the MSM)
Plamegate: The Shoe Is Now On The Other Foot And There's Some Interesting Questions That Should Be Answered
Omar Bakri Mohammed Detained in Lebanon, 3 al-Muhajiroun Arrested
Annan Accomplished Absolutely Nothing In Iran - And Other Iran Items Deserving A Rant
'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin Killed (Updated)
Scientists Map 'New Frontier' Deep Within Ocean

September 3, 2006

Taking stock on a global scale: A Perspective On A Violent Summer

September 2, 2006

On The "Azzam" Threat As A Prelude To Future Jihad in America
On Feder's Top 10 Reasons Islam Might Not Be a Religion of Peace
Palestinian Captors Of Centanni And Wiig Threaten More Kidnapping, Murder, And Forced Concersions
Sometimes A Little Bitchslapping Is In Order
What Defines 'Cojones' And 'Chutzpah' All In One?

September 1, 2006

About the latest documentary about President Bush's so wanted assassination!
Have You Heard About Maywood, California? Perhaps You Should!
The media's war against America
An Exclamation Point On The Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson Sic Joke On The American Public
Kofi Assigns Fox To Watch Hen House
Bush's 'assassination' as entertainment
Gene Therapy Halts Two Cases Of Melanoma