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August 1, 2006

What You Really Need To Know About Qana

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Richard ( a different Richard) at EU Referendum reminds us that there are two wars being played out in the Middle East. One is a shooting war, where soldiers fight, where aircraft drop bombs and civilians die - on both sides. But the other war, where no one dies, is probably more important. That is the propaganda war:

... where the losses or gains of any one side can be negated by a deft photo-call and where the outcome of a campaign can be determined not by force of arms but by international politicians who can - if they so desire - impose a settlement that awards the fruits of victory to whomsoever the please.

In this second war, the shock troops are the journalists, photographers and television crews. They supply the raw material - the bullets, if you like - which shapes opinions and gives substance to the debate. We cannot all be there ourselves, so we rely on them for information. We need this because we are not there, becasue we haven't smelled the death and the terror, because we have not seen the corpses with out own eyes. And since this is the material that will shape our opinions and, through us the opinions of our politicians, we are entitled to ask whether the information we are being given is accurate and unbiased. That we are not there does not disbar us from asking - it makes the asking all that more neceesary (Continue reading here).

With Richard's piece as an introduction, click over to Michele Malkin at Hot Air (click on image below) and you'll gain more insight to the ghost called truth in this media circus we are being dealt from the likes of the BBC, CNN (Cafferty being one of the most outlandish talking airheads), and MSNBC. (HT - Jawa Report)


One of the several outstanding points that Michelle makes is that all of the deaths from the collapsed building were women and children. Had all of the men simply abandoned their family, or were they otherwise occupied - fighting in civilian clothes (HT- The Big Pharoah)?

Hezbollah In Civilian Clothes.jpg

And Bluto at Jawa Report has got to be wrong about the ammo can in this image, surely it was being used by a Hezbollah terrorist as a lunchbox, after all, no Hezbollah "fighter" would expose civilians to anything such as weapons and ammunition:

Ammo can.jpg

And just what is it that you really need to know about Qana?

Everything you see and hear from the media is not necessarily the truth, at least within the context that it is presented. We in the West are being fed a steady diet of Hezbollah propaganda through a sympathetic (to what sells - misery, horror, trauma, dispair, and an anti-semetic agenda) media.

All human suffering is tragic, and especially the suffering of children and the elderly. But the suffering is being endured by all sides in this conflict, and the sooner that it's really over, really over, the quicker the world can get back to taking care of the needs of the less fortunate among us. Dollars are much better applied to education in science, technology, mathmatics and in providing for health and social services, than wasted in war. However, this war against the forces of radical Islam in general and in Lebanon on which we are herein focused, has been forced upon the West and Israel by the radical Islamists of Hezbollah through its terror master, Iran. It is both unnecessary and without precedent. The world has never before faced a plaque such as radical Islam, and all of us are equally at risk - including moderate Muslims.

For all our friends in the world that haven't quite awakened to the fact that all freedom-loving, tolerant, peace-loving people of all faiths are indeed engaged in a battle with the dark plague of radical Islam for the survival of civilization as we now know it, as imperfect as it is, and that believe as do the rest of us "wide awakes" that war is wrong and that the battle going on in Lebanon now should cease, I ask you to consider the futility of a ceasefire without a solution that brings about a lasting peace. If you believe, as the rest of us do, that this war is a terrible tragedy, think about the near-term war to follow and how tragic it will be when Israel and the West is facing a Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria with nukes.

If you believe that the deaths in Qana are a terrible tragidy, and who among us doesn't, then just imagine an entire civilization of women and children that will suffer from Iran's promised "holocost or the caliphate" scenario. We either solve this thing now, all the way to Tehran, or the short term peace that the anti-war crowd is calling for, along with the Jimmy Carters of the world, will most certainly result in a very different kind of "Final Solution," one in which in retrospect, at least in the minds of those few that survive it, will wish to God the world had addressed the problem when it was still addressable.

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Posted by Richard at August 1, 2006 12:13 PM

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