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August 1, 2006

The Demise of Castro: A Joy Tinged with Bittersweet Elation...

Topics: International News

The eventual passing of Fidel Castro and the subsequent eminent fall of the tyranny of his "Revolution" after half a century of a reign of terror, opression, hunger, and misery, will be met with much elation in Cuba, in Miami by the Cuban-American community, and from every corner of the world where Cuban refugees have been forced to flee for decades to escape the despotism of this hated dictator! But the elation will be tinged with much bittersweetness.

Wether at the present time or in the near future, the end of this monster is at hand and inevitable, as time takes its toll, and nature runs its course and triumphs where so many others have given their lives in vain only to fail throughout the years! In the end, Fidel was not so much a "revolutionary," or a "communist," as a "Fidelista"- Fidel always first - as proven by the billions of dollars he has stashed away in Swiss bank accounts, that Forbes recently made public to the world, while his people literally starve!

What is sad and supremely unjust is that this old devil will die sitting on his "throne" (apparently literally due to his present gastrointestinal ailments) and or even mercifully under "anesthesia," after all the death, misery, and destruction he has authored, and that he has brought, not only upon his nation, or on the American continent with all the "revolutions" and the blodshed he has incited, supported, and fostered, but indeed the world - as with his past "meddling" in Africa and his present "cozy" relations with nuclear aspiring Iran and the Islamist extremists, whom, we must remember, he welcomed in Cuba back in the 70s whenever they hijacked a plane!!!

Though his demise will be cheerfully welcomed, yet there will still remain the bitter taste of much vile that will remain in the mouths of many:

Families have been broken, who now after generations are but strangers to each other dwelling in different lands! Countless people left to never again see their loved ones! Too many lie in the unmarked watery graves of the Gulf ,who have died an excruciating death in the agony of thirst and delirium, while fleeing from his iron fist! Too many have wasted away in his jails only to die in them, or come out broken zombies.... but shadow of their former selves! Too many tears have been shed and too much hunger unnecessarily endured when this monster would export most of the food Cuba produced, and wasted the entire Gross National product of the nation buying weapons and bullets with which to cement his regime and undertake his "Napoleonic," "tin-pot dictator" dreams of "grandeur" and "conquest" while the people starve and the children cry at night the plaint of their empty stomachs - if the Cuban people could only eat bullets, what a feast they would have!!!

Generations have been born in exile who never knew the beautiful land of their ancestors, who will never come to know the Cuba that once was! Too many exiles who had dreamed of one day returning to their homeland lay buried in other soils all throughout the world...never to return! The fabric of Cuban society has been irrevocably broken and may possibly never be made whole again! Those that once left their beloved Cuba, would now only return to find an "alien" nation, more akin culturally, socially, and ethnically to Haiti or the poorest countries of Africa, than to the once beautiful "Pearl of the Antilles" which was the "Pride of the Spanish Crown" that they had left behind!!!

After "raping" Cuba for half a century, Castro will leave in the wake of his passing such malaise and destruction as no hurricane, however fierce, could have ever possibly done! The once beautiful "Colonial" buildings in the narrow streets of "La Habana Vieja" lay in rubble and ruins, shells of their former selves, falling apart under the effects of decades of weathering and neglect! The infrastructure of the island lays in ruins, no foreign "bombing" attack could have ever more corrosively eroded more pervasively all the water mains and sewers, all the electrical lines and generating facilities, all the roads and bridges, all that in civil engineering is necessary to run and maintain a country, than fifty years of lack of maintenance and repairs prompted by "other," "military," priorities! The once affluent island nation, the playground of Hollywood Stars and Industrial Magnates, the "Monaco of the Antilles," is now but a "Third World Country" steeped in poverty and misery. It would take decades of back-braking labor and billions of dollars in investments for Cuba to ever again be a ghost of its former self!

Yes, there will be an outcry of joy at the death of this tyrant as will reach to the very heavens, and with his passing that monstrous evil child of his creation, "the Revolution," will finally come to an end to open up the future to "new beginnings" for the Cuban people, indeed a "brave new world"! But the haunting memories will linger...

Yes Fidel, your days are numbered by a natural force you cannot subdue; its will you will not break as you did that of the Cuban people. You may die "peacefully" but indeed a "Judgement" awaits you by a "Higher Power"; you, who long ago, along with all your "henchmen," should have been strung - much like it was with Mussolini in Italy - and hung from the tallest "palmera" and left to rot for the crows and the vultures to have their fill, even as the world has had its revolting fill of you!

All those whose life you have taken or destroyed; whose futures you took away from them; whose dreams you trampled under the boots of your militarism and your "Revolution;" those whom you cast out upon the world "men without a country" - taking away their citizenship and their birthright even as you took away my Cuban citizenship and my birthright as a child when fleeing the country with my parents and one of your lackeys stamped my Cuban Passport with the bold word: "NULO," "nulled." - they all condemn you!!!

Now I am a citizen of a far better, nobler, country Fidel, but I too remember, and I too condemn you! May you rot in HELL!!!

Posted by Althor at August 1, 2006 8:17 PM

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